Brother and sister are doing the “nasty” when their mom catches them at it

This story was written as an xxx fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

Pam Fulton and her twin brother, David, had been working
for several days now, cleaning out the downstairs
bedroom. It had belonged to Steve, their older brother.
Steve had gone off to college and Pam was eager to get
his room, since it was larger than hers and easier to
sneak back into the house if she was out too late with a

Dave did most of the heavy lifting and moving, while Pam
laid out the room’s decor. Being very close, the kids
laughed, teased and flirted a lot, arguing playfully
over the number of times things were moved. Pam was
wearing her light blue cutoffs, the ones with holes on
her ass, and every now and again Dave took great
pleasure in sliding a finger through to tickle and
fondle his sister’s tight young ass. At fifteen, Pam had
a firm, trim body, and the shorts made her ass look
round and inviting, even to her brother.

With her old room empty, Pam and David cleaned the walls
and windows, then got ready to shampoo the carpet. They
were half way through when their mother came in.

“Hey, great job, kids!” she beamed.

“Thanks Mom,” they chorused.

Karen Fulton was almost thirty-six and a mother of three
teenage children, but she looked much younger. Pam’s
friends often complimented her on it. She’d even caught
some of David’s friends staring longingly at her firm
ass or tits when they didn’t think she was looking. And
she couldn’t be sure, but Karen thought she had even
seen David ogling her once or twice.

She didn’t mind, if anything, she was flattered at the
attention. It pleased Karen to know that she could still
excite adolescent boys despite the age difference.
Regular aerobics and a strict vegetarian diet had kept
her figure just as slim, trim and appealing as the day
she married, her husband Frank.

Karen’s husband Frank, had driven Steve to college and
since it was a long trip, he’d decided to stay overnight
and return early the next day. Already, Karen wished
that Frank had taken her advice and let Steve take the
bus, but Frank wanted some time to talk to Steve so
Karen relented. She had been feeling particularly horny
all day, and now that Frank had gone she would deeply
miss his presence in her bed tonight.

Even after eighteen years of marriage they enjoyed a
regular and fulfilling sex life, but Karen found she
needed sex at least once a day or she became exceedingly
randy. On such occasions she masturbated, either with
her fingers or the vibrator Frank had bought her, but it
never really took the place of a hard throbbing cock.

Karen watched the twins work – and in her present frame
of mind – she couldn’t help notice how David’s tight
young ass nicely filled out his shorts. He had removed
his shirt and his strong chest and thigh muscles flexed
deliciously as he worked. Then, Karen noticed the
considerable bulge in the front of David’s tight pants.
Her pussy tingled and began to moisten automatically at
the alluring sight of a hard, male crotch. For some
reason, until now, she hadn’t realized what a hunk her
own son had grown into.

For a split second, Karen pictured him naked, his stiff
young cock ready for action… hot and hard and
throbbing. Just as suddenly, guilt washed over her and
Karen quickly dismissed the incestuous thought from her
mind, announcing instead that she was going to do some
shopping. It was the only thing that seemed to calm her
down when she got this horny.

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