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We arrived at 11.00 o’clock Sunday lunchtime. My twenty-eight year old wife Kathy wearing a sexy white number, high heels and carrying a small, leather handbag over her shoulder. She looked as good if somewhat apprehensive about the big afternoon ahead of her. A proud smile formed on my lips as she checked herself over in a pocket mirror and blew out a long breath. What a lovely woman I had. Her nerves were to be expected. Indeed, I too had butterflies in my stomach as I parked our station wagon and walked with her towards the entrance to the Lakeside hotel. The front of the building was modern with reflective glass panels and a rotating door. After five years of marriage I always had a good idea what she was feeling inside. I could see it on her face. Exchanging a look she slipped hand into mine and went in first.

This was a big deal for Kathy. For both of us. It was the first time we had been invited to watch one a ‘Black Breeding Session’ first hand and the two of us where naturally nervous about meeting Vikki and her husband Bob for the first time. Both my wife and I had been following their adventures for nearly six months. Fascinated and equally turned on by their desire as a white couple to have a black baby. It had begun as a typical cuckold arrangement. Bob liked to watch Vikki having sex with black men. He made videos which he sold to an exclusive set of customers over the web. Then over time their need as a couple had grown to the point we found them in that day. I know that his treatment of my fan mail was non consequential until he saw the photos I sent him of my own wife.

Bob and Vikki’s relationship was similar if not exact to what I wanted for Kathy and myself. There was no doubt that my partner found the planned and explicit nature of the videos extremely appealing. We came from a small town and she a relatively strict upbringing. In the first three years of our marriage Kathy never had sex with another man under wedlock. Then, perhaps with a need for something daring I arranged a meet through a contact at work. There were no strings attached and a white driver by the name of Randall had the pleasure of fucking my wife several times over a two day period. I had watched on each occasion and enjoyed the experience tremendously. Since then we had taken much from the brown paper packet from Bob which dropped through our door every few weeks detailing Vikki’s latest adventure. Since contacting our new friends we had progressed along a similar train of thought. Perhaps born out of eroticism but also our small town roots where any kind of mixed race relationship was discouraged. My wife was desperate to make a good impression on ALL those concerned. It wasn’t that she wanted to try black cock.. deep down she needed too. Even if she didn’t fully understand it yet.

The cold freshness of the air conditioning met us in the hotel lobby. As with the outside it was typically grand, set with black marble floors. Kathy was wearing her best perfume as well as her favourite jewellery set. The necklace with the diamond studs, offset perfectly against her dark, shoulder length hair. She had put a lot of effort into looking her best and had all week been trying on different outfits in our bedroom. Now, despite the long drive to the hotel she looked perfectly elegant. There was a tangible silence between us as we stood hand in hand. From over by the bar a blonde haired gent in a dark blue suit walked out to meet us. He smiled with perfect teeth, introduced himself as Bob and kissed Kathy’s hand. He welcomed us and led us over to where Vikki was sitting cross-legged. It was strange to see them in person. We had both seen Vikki having sex with two and often three black men in the past. She was full-on and bubbly. Thirty one years of age with a toned, shapely figure, long blonde hair and particularly nice tits. She wore a black choker and a lovely split dinner dress that flashed her thighs. Her eyes were a light, Scandinavian blue but a tan suggestive of sunnier climates. I liked her right away. Warm and forward with a broad sense of humour.

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