Bored housewife acts out sex fantasy for money

One Thursday evening, I was watching the movie “Risky Business” with my husband Jim. That is one of my favorite movies. Of course I love the scene with a young Tom Cruise dancing around in his underwear; what heterosexual woman doesn’t? But I have to admit, the part of the movie that really gets me hot is Rebecca De Mornay’s Character Lana. I am not talking about her physical beauty; although I do appreciate that. I am talking about her character; a high class call girl. Something about that concept gets me all wet and horny. The thought of having sex with a complete stranger turns me on fiercely.

I have had my share of one night stands; but the fantasy about being a call girl sounds much hotter than just having a one night stand with a man I just met at a bar. The thought of getting paid for it is what makes the fantasy so hot. I would never even consider doing that as a career; I just wanted to try doing it once or twice. Something about the idea of money changing hands gets me so hot; the fact that I would have to do a great job of pleasing a complete stranger gets me even hotter. I would want the man to get his money’s worth out of me!

“Jim, that is so hot!” I said to my husband as we watched the DVD. I was sitting on the love seat, and my husband was on the big black leather sofa.

“What is so hot, Jennifer?”

“Rebecca De Mornay!”

“Yes, she is rather attractive.” Jim replied. He appreciated her classic blonde beauty.

“No, not that. She is a high class call girl!”

“Um…yes, I suppose her character is a high class call girl. She certainly isn’t your average looking street hooker!”

“I could do that!”

“Do what?”

“Be a call girl.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Jennifer?” He answered. We have an open marriage, so he wasn’t as shocked as most husbands would be to hear their wives say they wanted to be a call girl, but he was still a bit surprised.

“Just one time, Jim. You could help me plan it out. Hey, you could be Guido, the pimp!”

“You can’t be serious, Jennifer.”

“Jim, when it comes to sexual fantasies, have you ever known me to joke around?”

“Well…no. Wow! You have a fantasy about being a call girl? How long have you fantasized about this, Jennifer?”

“For ages, but I never imagined really doing it until just now. That scene at the Drake hotel downtown, where Lana is dressed to kill, and picking up men at the hotel bar got me really hot this time. Something clicked in my head, Jim, and I thought to myself, ‘why not?'”

“Wow. When do you want to do this? It would take a lot of thinking and planning.”

“Tomorrow sounds nice!”

“Tomorrow! That is very soon. How can we plan this by tomorrow?”

“You are thinking too much, Jim. It can be spontaneous, you know. How hard can it be? You drive me down to the Drake hotel. I am dressed in a slutty yet expensive dress. You will hang out at the bar pretending having a drink and watch over me. I’ll strike up a conversation with a well dressed gentleman, and ask him if he is interested in a night of pleasure. Somehow I will have to convey to him that I am doing it for money, not just because I like him. That will be the hardest part; I am not sure how to approach the subject of money. Maybe you can help me scope out a man who looks like he has dealt with high class call girls before.”

“O.K., tell me more!”

“When we agree to a price, I will walk up to his hotel room, and…well, you know.”

“Be specific, Jennifer. You will do what, exactly?”

“You really want me to spell it out Jim?” I asked, embarrassed suddenly.

“Yes. In graphic detail.”

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