Boogie Van

Behind the wheel of my 1977 Dodge Tradesman 200 Maxi Van, I hit the road. It felt good to leave the crush of the Greater New York metro behind me, as I headed south. Now that my van’s camperisation was complete, I wanted to see what it was like.

I had bought the van at an estate sale, and the age of the van kept the bidding low. I liked the dark maroon color, I saw some good potential, and for a modest price, it was mine. I liked the idea of owning one of the well known boogie vans, a “shaggin’ wagon” if ever there was one. I contacted one of my Uncles, who was well known for his skill at restoring older vehicles, and told him what I wanted. Uncle Joe grinned, and told me not to worry, he would take care of it personally.

He checked out the engine, and told me that the 52,000 miles on the odometer was the first run through, the engine needed no more work than just a tune-up, and some minor adjustments. The inside needed more work, someone had tried to camperize it, and apparently had given up halfway through the attempt. I’d seen tents that were more welcoming than this amateurish mess.

“Not to worry Colin, once I have this baby done, it’ll be perfect. I love the boogie van era, I had my first fuck in the back of my 76 Ford boogie van, my first girlfriend and I loved to test the shocks after every date, and I have a lot of great memories of how well my Ford van paid off for me.”

When he called me down to his garage, and I got the tour of his restoration, oh man, as he had promised, it was perfect. Right behind the front Captain’s chairs was a dinette area, with a fridge and a three burner stove. A double sink and counter was on the opposite side. The inside had been carpeted in a new dark blue, the hallway led down between a large closet on the left and a bathroom, complete with a shower, on the right. In the master bedroom, the cheap cot had been tossed out, and a nice big double bed had been installed. And it was no foam rubber mattress, this was a brand new pillow-top.

“When you are out on the road, why not have the comforts of home? This new pillow-top will be perfect for sleeping…and for entertaining willing ladies. That old cot that was in here was crap.”

Being family really paid off, he just charged me for the parts, telling me that it was a labor of love to restore my van to its boogie van glory. I took him and his wife Bridget out for the best steak dinner I could find.

After driving for 6 hours, I had reached Richmond, Virginia, and I saw an RV camp just ahead. Felt like a good time to call it a day, and I pulled in, paid the fee, and got a nice spot, surrounded by big trees, with a large lake just beyond the tree line. I parked, and climbing out of my van, I stretched, working out the muscles that had not had much to do.

“Well, hello there.”

I jumped, not expecting to have someone suddenly behind me, and spun around. I looked, and then stared. A very attractive lady, with a nice smile, and lively brown eyes, was facing me. She was a well-built five foot eight inch brunette, with shoulder length curls, large, full breasts, my eyes went lower, she was voluptuous, not fat but with a solid, well formed body, a waistline that nipped in, and full, flaring hips, she had a classic hourglass figure. I realized that my eyes were locked on exactly where her pussy would be, before I yanked my eyes back up. If she had noticed me staring, she didn’t seem to mind, her eyes twinkled, and she had a small smile on her lips. I noticed her eyes dart to my crotch, before she pulled her eyes back up to mine.

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