Bob stops at a familiar road side motel on the ride home from an out of state visit. His neighbors make things interesting

It had been a long day. I was driving back from visiting family in New York. If I pushed it a bit the first day I could sleep late and have a more leisurely drive the second day. I’d been making this drive for years, but at 60 I wasn’t sure how many more times I could do it. I preferred driving to flying. None of the hassles of the airport, my own car to drive around, and the solitude of the road.

I’d pulled in at my usual roadside motel. It was clean, generally quiet, and I stayed often enough that they usually were able to give me a room around the side that avoided the traffic noise. The middle-aged man at the desk greeted me by name and offered me my usual room 133.

“Here you go, Mr. Foster. Let me know if it’s too noisy and I can move you. Looks like a younger couple was assigned the room next to yours.”

“No problem Bob, once I’m asleep my snoring will be keeping them up.” I gathered up my card, license, and room key and drove around to my room. I saw a sporty convertible parked next door. Nice. I unloaded my bag and cooler. A 6 pack to help unwind after seven hours behind the wheel. I was sitting outside my room on a folding chair enjoying a beer when the room next door opened. I looked over, then up, slowly. Maybe too slowly. But there was a long expanse of legs, then a very short expanse of shorts, followed by a lot of flat stomach, with a piercing at the navel. The short-cropped shirt barely covered two perky breasts whose nipples were evident in the cool air. When I finally made it up top I was met by a large smile, large brown eyes, and light brown hair falling around a cute face. She seemed to have patiently waited for me to get to her eyes,

“Well, hello.”

“Oh, uh, hi. Sorry.”

“You were checking me out!”

“I, um…” To her lesser benefit, she was met by an older man with a round belly, graying hair, and a more salt than pepper beard. I smiled and raised my shoulders. Caught. So I offered her a beer.

“Ooh, that would be nice. We forgot to pick up anything. But um, can I have one for my friend too?” Friend. Hmm. Yeah right like…

“Oh sure.” I handed them to her. “You’re both welcome to sit out and enjoy the fresh air.”

“OH sorry. Long day. We’re going to be….busy.”

“Sure, of course….oooh.” She giggled, raised the beer then turned to her room. I managed to catch her slim hips and rounded butt. Damn, that was one attractive young lady. How young? It got harder for me to tell the difference the older I got. Maybe 25 or so. Somewhere between the early 20s and 30. They all looked young to me.

I finished my beer, had a second, then went in to relax before bedtime. I changed into my usual sleepwear, gym shorts, and a large tee shirt. I was trying to find my page in a novel I’d started when there was a knock at the door. I checked and no one was there. Then I realized it was the door between the rooms. Some of these older motel rooms still had adjoining rooms for families. I furrowed my brow and unlocked and slowly opened the door. The adjoining door was also open and I was met by my neighbor.

“Hi. This may seem weird to you, so just close the door if you want but my friend and I are going to have some fun. And, well, we like to be watched.” From the bathroom, I heard another voice.

“You like to be watched.” Another female voice. A moment later another head popped around the door. Shorter by a few inches than my dark-haired friend she had short-cropped hair in a sandy blonde color. She looked at me, “hmm.” I got the feeling her taller friend was more interested. I offered,

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