Blindfold, video recording & wife sharing to clear financial debts

I am 31 years old and my wife is 28 years old. We got married 10 years ago. We are enjoying a very good sex life and have been gifted with 2 kids. The younger one is 3 months old now. When we got married, my wife’s statistics were 30b:26:28, but now she is 40dd:32:36. The first part which will attract any male towards her body will be her massive breasts. I am proud to be her breast worshipper.

I would like to share our different sex drive which is happening for last 3 years. It started when we both lost our interest towards sex due to work pressure and financial problems. Then, we explored google and found that bondage and BDSM sex attracted our interest. We bought some bdsm toys online. I ordered nipple rings from aliexpress and gifted them to her on her birthday. We live in Chennai and found a piercing & tattoo Salon to do that. She was very happy.

Then we started to play blindfold and bdsm games weekly once. We play card games during the nights with onion peel rule where the loser has to peel off his/her dress one by one. First, saree will be removed, then her petticoat, then her blouse, then her bra, then her panty & similarly with me. The one who become naked first will be loser and need to obey the orders of the winner.

We live on the 10th floor of our apartment. It’s the tallest in our area. Only 2 flats on each floor. We occupy one and another is occupied by a college student.

I started cheating her in the card games and win most of time. I blindfold her, tie her hands, tie her breast with rope to make it more protruding. Then take her to the terrace for a naked walk and open sex. I will focus emergency lamp towards her to have good view of her body in the dark.

On one such night, that college student recorded all our play on his mobile cam without our knowledge. Luckily my wife’s face was totally covered due to blindfold game. Next day, I received that video from him with a note that we will have to make a deal else it will be published on the internet. After watching that video, I had a kinky feeling seeing that video recording and watching also aroused my sex drive.

I went for the deal to avoid further issues. He demanded that he wants to play and suck my wife’s breast. I said no fucking allowed. We both mutually agreed. With this gentleman’s agreement, he deleted the video from his mobile. I assured that I will arrange in a week’s time.

I installed HD spy cam in our bedroom and during next blindfold play, I informed him to join me. He joined and enjoyed her tits for an hour. My wife doesn’t know of the spycam and had a good time that night.

After that he had not demanded anything from me. We became good friends in the last 3yrs. Due to some bad habits (drinking) and gambling, I have a huge financial loss and around 10 lakhs debts to repay. I was struggling hard to survive and last month that college guy suggested one thing looking at my financial crisis. First, I was totally angry with him but later understood that its no harm to do that.

He suggested that currently he is in the final year and he knows a few friends who have not seen real big breasts and longing to play with it at any cost. Also he knows few guys who believe sex is a spiritual activity like worship. So he drafted a business plan which will earn minimum 50k per month.

The plan is:

Big breast party: He will book my wife’s breast for 3 weeks and is ready to pay 15k for this. One session per week, each session is 3 hours. 3 participants per session with 1 host (himself) and 1 boucher(me). 3 game cards will be given per participant. 1 wild, 1 hard & 1 soft game card. Additional cards can be bought during play. Per card rate is 500 Rupees. The host will be given 3 free cards.

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