Blackmailed into pleasing my stepdaughter – Blackmail stepdaughter

I had been married to Carol for nearly eight years and life was good, until I screwed things up. We had got together after both going through messy and difficult divorces. After falling for each other we were soon married and made a fresh start by moving in to a new house.

Carol had a daughter Tina who was eleven years old when we married. It took a year or so for Tina to except me as her Mum’s new partner but eventually we became fairly close and got on well.

As the years went by we all settled into a happy comfortable life together. Carol worked as a Carer, more of a vocation than a job, she loved it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I had worked for an accountancy firm since leaving school and was quite content. Tina of course was at school and intended to go on to University when the time came.

Looking back now I can see the problem began when I was made redundant and lost my job. I wasn’t too worried at the time, I’d been toying with the idea of freelance work anyway so was looking as this as the push I needed. The problem was I was left with too much time to fill which led to my big mistake.

Tina was almost nineteen now and having her A levels under her belt was also left with time on her hands as she awaited her new life at University. This meant we were seeing a lot of each other. Carol was working long hours and never seemed to be home just lately.

We had a computer work station in the corner of the lounge which we all used from time to time, although Tina had her own Laptop she often used it because of the bigger screen. On the day that I now refer to as Black Monday, while I was sat in the lounge reading the paper Tina sat at the computer…

“OH, MY, GOD!” Tina suddenly cried.

Startled I looked up, “What’s up?” I asked.

“I Don’t Believe This…This is Me isn’t it!” she said.

“What’s You?” I asked wondering what she was talking about.

“This Story, It’s Me isn’t it?” she said.

My heart sank as I realised what she had found. Having so much time to fill I had began searching the internet more and more lately and I happened upon a sight that caught my eye. With Carol working so much our sex life had suffered and I have to admit I was looking at ways to satisfy myself. I’d found a rather good site that published erotic stories and after reading a few began to wonder!

The site was named ‘Literotica’ and I signed up as a member. I decided to see if I could write a story of my own, but what I could I write I wondered. After reading a story on the website about a stepdaughter my thoughts turned to Tina and I began seeing her as the sexy young woman she had become.

Tina was indeed a very desirable young woman. Standing about five feet two tall, black shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, she was far from a super model as she carried a little weight but she certainly wouldn’t have any problem attracting interest.

As my imagination ran riot I soon began fantasising more and more about Tina, and to my shame became very aroused at the thought. From then on whenever I was in her company I would study her body in more detail which fuelled my fantasy even more.

So that is how my story took shape and I ended up writing an erotic storyline involving Me and Tina in a sexual relationship, the story Tina had somehow found on the computer and was now reading…

“This Is Disgusting…You Are Disgusting!” Tina exclaimed with venom in her tone.

“I’m sorry T,” I wasn’t given the chance to finish as Tina interrupted.

“You Just Wait Till I Tell Mum…You Pervert!” she said but didn’t look up from the screen as she kept reading.

By : storyfella

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