Blackmailed by my own student

I’am currently being blackmailed, by my student. I m 46, happily married (my loving husband is 50). I m a senior teacher here in Singapore.

Short description about myself. I am 1. 8m (about 5feet 10inches) tall, am a Chinese Singaporean, a bit on the plus size. I have perfectly straight long jet black hair. A lot of my colleagues told me I look exactly like an asian version of Emma Butt.

It began one day, when a student who is only 19 filmed me in the school ladies toilet doing my business. It was a Saturday and there was not many students around. This boy is a trouble maker in school, and is one of the most difficult to handle. He is quite popular though, always with similar – like friends smoking and hanging outside the school.

When he showed me the video, I was stunned. I gave him a tight slap, and that was a mistake. He said he will WhatsApp the video to all his friends. I begged him not to. He told me he has plans for me. I was never humiliated this way before.

I told my husband about it at home, and he was very upset. We begged this very naughty boy, to delete the video, but he refused. He even asked my husband, to take nude pictures of myself. My husband had no choice but to do just that.

We were very distressed, I couldn t believe that I, someone who is old enough to be this boy s mother n twice his height is being blackmailed this way.

My peril doesn t end there. Just two days after that, the boy ordered me to go over his place, and to bring my husband along. To add to my embarrassment, he gave me a red dress (or is it just mere fabric?) for me to wear. Coupled that with a six – inch heels. We almost cried seeing that outfit. It barely covered me! The dress ended almost as high as my waist with a plunging neckline. Insulting.

When we went over to his place, I found out it was in a bad neighborhood, the flats there are rental flats, meant for the needy. It s certainly far from the rich life that I and my husband shared, we lived in a big landed house with a full time maid and a personal driver. It was noon, and the sun was scorching.

Our driver alighted us from our Mercedes, and we went up to the block. The lift wasn t working (and anyway it reeked of urine, alcohol, etc). He stayed on the 5th floor. We had no choice but to go up the stairs, in my ridiculously tall shoes. The boy met us at the landing, smiling away. We were so mad at him!

“Where are you bringing us?” my husband asked.

He told us to follow him. When we reached up, both of us were sweating and panting heavily, but the boy was so fit it doesn t, bother him. My husband is obese, is diabetic and has heart problems. He looked like he might collapse.

Me too, though I am very tall (I m 1. 78 m tall), is on the plus size. As both of us hold on to the railings to catch our breath, from the corner of my thick glasses (I m almost blind without them) I saw a group of young punks waiting for us, all giving high fives to each other. They were his friends, though not my students.

I told the boy, “I thought it was only u Jeremy!” in between my huffing and puffing… he just laughed it off and told me to enter the stinky house. My ordeal had just begun…

My husband and Me were so nervous and scared when we entered the unit. It was small, and filthy. Full of empty beer bottles, syringes n cigarettes. The boys were giving me woof whistles when we entered.

“Is this the place you reside, Jeremy?” I asked the boy. “Where are your parents?”

Jeremy laughed and told me to shut up. They made us sit on a dirty couch. Needless to say my dress rode up all the way to my hips when I sat down, so, I quickly crossed my long legs to prevent the boys from seeing my panties.

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