Black wife submits to husband’s White boss

I opened the door and to my surprise, my boss Mr. Gibson was sprawled out on my living room couch with his hands behind his head. His eyes were closed. I realized, much in the way that one wakes from a deep sleep, that Mr. Gibson wasn’t wearing any clothes. His white, hairy, muscular legs were spread wide, and my gorgeous black wife was struggling to take his impossibly thick white cock deeper into her mouth. A beautifully manicured brown hand was lovingly cradling his furry goose egg sized balls. Even as my anger swelled in my chest, I curiously thought that my wife had never looked sexier than at that moment, with her full dark red lips obscenely stretched around my boss’ white horsy cock. They still hadn’t noticed me standing only ten feet away. Sheila was making gulping noises as Mr. Gibson held her by her long dark hair and forcefully fucked her pretty mouth. Sheila gagged and coughed, trying to pull away from the suffocating tree trunk lodged deep in her throat. But, My boss would have none of that. He was as hard on my wife, as he was on his employees. He growled “you’d better suck this cock,” and held Sheila’s head down on his cock until she stopped struggling. Sheila’s big 38DDD breast swung back and forth pendulously, as Mr. Gibson began to fuck her mouth vigorously. “That’s it baby” he said. “You ready for your dinner? You want Daddy’s cum in your mouth?” Sheila’s muffled reply was “mmmh mmmh.”

“Here it comes gal, eat my white cum… ahhhhhh.” Mr. Gibson’s body arched up off the couch, impaling Sheila’s face on his beer can thick cock. Sheila gulped greedily, swallowing the seed of the white man who signs my pay check. She kneaded his big nuts, milking them, with his big rapidly softening cock still in her mouth.

How had she hidden the fact that she was a cock hungry slut. She had never treated me to the kind of oral worship that she’d just given my Boss. She rarely wanted to suck my black seven inch cock at all. She only gave it to me when I did something that especially please her. But there she was, on her knees with her big jiggly round booty up in the air, leaning across my Boss’ lap. Her huge brown breast mashed against his thigh.

Sheila let his heavy limp cock slip from her mouth. It lolled on his thigh, It was so large, that even flaccid and shiny with my wife’s saliva, it hung down onto the couch. His cock was the size of a shampoo bottle. Sheila began to submissively lick the head which was as fat and swollen as a small apple. Then Mr. Gibson opened his eyes.

He was looking right at me. I was snapped out of my trance like state. For some reason, I was filed with fear and apprehension. But why? Mr. Gibson was no where near my equal in size and strength. At 6′ 6″ tall and 265lb, I presented an intimidating sight. “What the fuck is this shit” I bellowed! “Get up off the floor Sheila”! She was startled into inaction. My wife just sat there, naked, on her knees in front of my boss. She looked terrified.

Mr. Gibson got to his feet, buck naked. His huge cock swinging. “Jones,” he said, “what we have here is a sticky situation.”

“Situation!” I yelled, lunging for him. He backed up putting his hands up to ward off my attack. “Jackson, you prick, if you lay a hand on me, I’ll see to it that you spend the next 20 years in prison.” I instantly froze in my tracks. I was already on probation for assault, resulting from a drunken fight at a Football game. I was terrified but I didn’t want to show it, especially in front of my wayward wife. Mr. Gibson must have realized that he had me under his thumb. “I see you aren’t the dumb black bastard that I thought you were Jenkins. Do you have any idea how connected I am in this town? One phone call to the District attorney, and I could have you halled into jail, do you fucking understand me?” I stood silently, shaking with rage. “I said do you understand me? If you still give a shit about your job, car, or this house, you’ll speak up.” I was trapped. If I lost my job, I’d lose everything. “Yes,” I said, tight lipped. “Yes who,” snapped Mr. Gibson. Tears of impotent rage were running down my face, as I replied, “yes sir.”

By : Cuckolded_BlK_Male

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