Black Girls Get What They Want

“Can you get those invoices mailed out today?”

“Sure. Do you need me to email that proposal also?”

“Oh shit. Yes please. Thanks.”

Having someone to help with the little things was a big
help. I had gone through about five temps before I
found someone who could not only do what I needed, but
anticipate what I needed. Tonya was a good find. She
wanted to do a good job and saw this job as an
opportunity… just a bit of a different opportunity
than I anticipated.

When she arrived, I wasn’t 100% sure if she would work
out. This concern was rooted mainly in the baggage I
had from the previous temps that had not worked out. To
be honest, when I saw she was black, I somewhat
anticipated the “attitude” I had found in two of the
other temps that were also black. Not to say I was
happy with the two temps that arrived that were
white… one was only interested in texting her friends
and the other was more worried about her hair and
makeup than actually working.

Tonya and I hit it off right away. I was pleasantly
surprised with here interest to learn everything and
most of all her desire to help me. I never asked her to
bring me a cup of coffee or make sure fresh coffee was
available when we had clients visiting, but she would
just do it and wasn’t stuck on the fact that it might
be perceived as demeaning. She was confident and she
was only interested in moving forward.

“Do you need me to stay and help with your

“Tonya thanks, but I know you have a husband that is
probably expecting you home.”

“It’s ok, he’s probably out with his buddies anyway.
It’s not a problem plus I’ve been wanting to try a few
things in powerpoint that I learned.”

“Ok, Great then, let’s take our laptops and go over to
McCallister’s so we can work while we eat some dinner.”

Over dinner and our laptops, we each had two drinks and
as we finished the presentation, the discussion turned
to family. I had two son’s, she was married but had no
children. She confided in me that she was interested in
having children but wanted it to be “right.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by the term right so I
asked her to explain ‘right.’ After a long thoughtful
pause, she scooted over toward me and grabbed my hand
and held it in her hands while looking straight into my
eyes. I had no idea what she was going to say, but I
knew it was going to be heavy.

“Kevin, can I trust you?”

“If you mean can I keep a secret, then yes.

“I want more from life than what I’ve seen growing up.
More than what I had growing up.”

“That’s perfectly natural. I think most people want

“Yes, but… and this sounds terrible, but I married my
high school sweetheart and while he’s not a bad man, I
just have this sinking feeling I want more for my

“Well, like I said, I think most people want more for
their children. I don’t understand why that’s a sinking
feeling for you.”

“Ok, I’m just going to say it.” Taking a deep breath
for confidence, she blurted out her response.

“My husband is not that smart and not that motivated in
life. Success for him is paying the bills and hanging
out with his friends. I am motivated and want my
children to be motivated and intelligent. I guess what
I’m trying to say is I want my kids to come from a
better gene pool.”

“Hmmm.. I see. Well, I have heard of sperm banks that
specialize in specific traits such as intelligence,
etc. I think they charge a premium, but I think they
are available.”

“Ya, I’ve thought of that, but my husband would never
go for it. He has to ‘be the man’ if you know what I

“Ya, I can understand that.”

“I have another idea…” Taking another deep breath and
letting it out, then looking back into my eyes, she
shared her thoughts. “I want my children to have your

Shit! Was my first thought, but I held it to myself,
not breaking eye contact with her.

“Just listen to me and hear me out before you answer.”

“Ok, I’m listening.”

“Since I’ve been working with you I am just amazed at
so many things about you. I see how you work, how you
think through problems with your business and life.
I’ve seen you with your children and how wonderful you
are with them. I am afraid to say this but I love YOU.
I’m not in love with you, but I love everything about
you. And, I have had a bit if a crush on you since I
first met you. Your confidence combined with your
physical looks is hard to resist.”

My head was spinning and I had to admit, I was getting
aroused listening to this woman confess her attraction
to me. There was something very erotic about having a
woman view you as a desirable specimen.

“I’m sure you’re thinking either ‘no way’ or ‘I’m
looking for a lifetime paycheck or something’ but I’m
not. I won’t expect anything from you once I’m
pregnant. On the other hand, I’ll give you whatever you
want. If you want to know the children, you can, if you
want me to leave your company, I will. I’ll work it out
however I can make this happen. Now, tell me what you
are thinking… and be open and honest.”

I wasn’t sure where to start. Caution was my first
thought. I thought I knew her, but could she just be
setting me up to blackmail me if I say yes, or a

“First of all, I’m married and happily married. Second
of all, I’m your boss, if I say ‘sure’ I could lose my
company and my family. Third, well… I don’t know if
there is a third.”

She smiled. She knew right away I was interested. She
just had to work out the details for me.

“Let’s go back to the office and I’ll show you

I paid our tab and we headed back. I was excited but a
bit afraid of where this was going to ultimately end
up. Tonya was attractive. I’m not that familiar with
African traits, but my guess was here heritage was more
from eastern Africa where the physical features of
females seem to be more slender and athletic with more
of a cocoa skin rather than the jet black skin and
bigger bodies of many of the black women you see day to
day. She had put herself through college and was not
only a hard worker, but sharp. She had a nice trim
shape and her fun and eager personality made her even
more attractive.

Arriving at our office, she closed the door and locked

“Alright, here’s the deal. I’ll do whatever, however,
whenever you want to prove to you this is not a setup.
I’ll start by doing this.”

She handed me a video camera and told me to turn it on.
She then grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. She looked
at the camera and said “I am recording this so that if
there is ever any question of sexual harassment or
paternity issues, I want it to be known that Kevin Mack
did not sexually harass me, nor did he have sex with
me, nor is he responsible to me for any children I may

She then told me to zoom in while she wrote out the
same thing on paper and signed it.

Then she plugged it into my laptop and encrypted the
file with my public key so that only I could open it.

She then looked at me and said “What else?”

By this point, I was in, but decided I wanted to have
some fun with this as well.

“Ok, so you’re not trying to take me. If we are going
to do this, we are going to do it my way.”

“Ok, I’m fine with that.”

“Are you? I like to call the shots and I like my women
to be attentive and demure. Do you think you can do

“Yes, I can.”

“You’ll only get one chance if you want this to happen.
If you resist me or hesitate, it’s over. Are we clear
on that?”


“Ok, rule number one. When we are alone, you will
answer me as ‘yes Kevin or no Kevin. Failure to do that
will result in punishment at my discretion. Do you

“Yes Kevin.”

“Ok, then. Let’s test this out a bit and see if you are

She smiled from ear to ear like a little girl who had
just gotten her wish.

“Undress quickly and get over here on your knees.”

She began pulling her clothes off immediately and got
on her knees in front of me looking up as if to say
‘what next.’

I stood up and instructed her to undo my trousers and
show me how much she wanted me.

Smiling again, she eagerly undid my trousers letting
them fall around my feet, then pulled down my
underwear. Grabbing my cock she let out a moan of
desire as she pressed it against her cheek and nuzzled
her nose against my crotch and inhaled deeply. Exhaling
she again moaned and looked at my cock as if talking to
it and said “Your scent is so intoxicating. I’ve never
smelled a man like you before. I just want to devour

She then extended her tongue and licked from the bottom
of my balls all the way to the head of my cock while
looking deep into my eyes with a look of sexual desire.

Closing her eyes, she stuck her nose into the crevice
between my balls and my leg, twisting her face back and
forth left to right a bit to get it into my crotch.
Again she inhaled deeply, then extended her tongue to
lick the sensitive area between my balls and my ass.
Licking was followed by sucking as she began sucking
into her mouth the skin where my scrotum and my leg met
and rubbing her tongue against it. As she released her
suction, she let her teeth graze along the skin as it
exited her mouth.

This girl was hot. She knew how to please a man and I
was going to fully enjoy this.

Pressing my cock against her face and rubbing it
against both of her cheeks as well as her eyes and
forehead, she used her other hand to drag her
fingernails along the underside of my balls. I began
anticipating the feeling of her mouth on my cock and
was not disappointed as she pushed it through her lips
and slid it deep into her mouth until I could feel the
head of my cock against her throat. She pushed harder
as if to force it in, before giving a slight gag and
removing it from her mouth. Looking up at me with
watery eyes, she apologized and promised to improve.
She told me that she didn’t normally give her husband
blow jobs because she just didn’t really desire him.

She returned to sucking my cock into her mouth and
repeatedly trying to deep throat me with the same

I found her efforts and openness to be a complete turn
on. This girl wanted to please me so bad she was
choking herself with my cock in an attempt to convince
me to fuck her. While the physical act of the blowjob
was outstanding, I found the mental aspect of all of
this to be mind blowing.

Looking down at her, I pulled her mouth off my cock and
asked. “Do you have a problem with being my black sex

“If that means you’ll be my white master, then I would
gladly be your black slave girl.”

This was all too much, I knew I was going to cum and
quickly. She anticipated it and increased her efforts
to deep throat me pausing only to say “let me taste
your cum master.” And with that, I came while she
eagerly milked my cock and swallowed my cum. Looking up
with a school girl smile she said, “Thank you master,
your little black slave girl likes to taste your cum. I
can tell it’s potent and can’t wait to get more of it.”

She asked me to sit down, which I did and she took off
my shoes and socks, removed my pants from around my
ankles and began kissing my feet. She paused to look up
at me and say “A good slave girl should show her master
how important he is” then returned to kissing my feet
and licking and sucking on my toes.

As I sat back and just enjoyed the attention and the
mind fuck of having this girl do this, I noticed my
cock starting to come back to life. She also noticed
and moved her attention back to my cock. Spreading my
legs, she began licking my entire crotch. My balls, my
cock, my groin and under my balls with very wet licks,
then lifted my balls and began smothering them with wet

Looking up at me she asked “Master, can I put your cock
inside me?” I responded “I want you to convince me that
you really wanted it.”

She smiled with a naughty grin and held my cock in both
of her hands and said “Master, your little black slave
girl wants your big white cock inside of her. She wants
you to make her pregnant so her children will be just
like you.”

I smiled and thought if this was acceptable or not…

“I’ll let you have my cock, but you cannot have my cum
inside you until you fulfill one more of my desires.”

Eagerly she said, “Yes master Kevin, whatever you want
your little black slave girl to do I will do, because I
really, really want it.”

“Ok, you can fuck me, but I’ll pull out and you’ll
swallow my cum. You can have my cum inside you only
after you bring me one of your friends. You and your
friend need to be willing to do whatever I ask.”

She paused for a second, then responded “I don’t know
who, but yes, I will make it happen for you master.”

She then stood up with a bit of a dazed look on her
face and approached me to position herself over my
cock. I stopped her and said “Are you ok?”

“Ya, I’m ok. I just have never been with another girl,
so I don’t have any friends like that, but I’ll figure
it out.”

“I know you will. Now, bring me your breasts.” She
leaned forward and fed her breasts to me. They were
very nice sized and firm with the darkest nipples I’ve
seen that made a nice contrast to her cocoa skin. She
reached down and positioned my cock at her opening and
lowered herself with a moan.

Her pussy was so hot and surprisingly tight. I guess I
assumed her husband was hung like a horsy and she would
be all stretched out, but that wasn’t the case. She was
hot, tight and so so wet.

I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back,
kissing her neck and ear, then whispering to her “you
understand that you are mine now. Not just until I get
you pregnant but until I am done with you.”

“Yes master I understand I am your little black slave
girl. I’ll be a good slave girl and I’ll have as many
babies as you’ll let me have for you. Thank you for
giving me your cum master.”

With that I lost it. I pulled out quickly and she dove
onto my cock sucking and milking it for all it had to
yield. She then looked up at me smiling and said, “what
else can I do for you.”

“Clean my cock off with your tongue.”

She eagerly began licking my cock and balls to remove
all of her juices from me. I then told her to get
dressed while I did the same and I kissed her and told
her that both our lives were going to change for the

The next day, nothing was said and it was business as
usual. I sent her an email and told her that she should
plan to arrive one hour early each morning to give me a
blowjob. Also that she should keep me posted on her
task of finding another girl for me.

The next morning I made a point to grab my wife and
give her a quick fuck when I got out of the shower,
then purposely didn’t clean up before getting dressed
and leaving for work. Arriving at work, I found Tonya
at the office with coffee made and waiting with a fresh
cup for me. I sat down to drink my coffee while Tonya
locked the door to my office before returning to the
floor in front of me and opening my pants. I stood up
to let her lower my pants and underwear and as expected
I still had the smell the sex from my wife.

Tonya grabbed my cock and noticed the base of my cock
still held my wife’s juices. She looked up at me and I
just smiled and said “I usually fuck my wife in the
morning, it’s nice to have a slave girl to clean me up
with a blowjob. Is that a problem?”

She looked deep into my eyes and said “No Master. My
master deserves many women and I’ll gladly clean you
up.” Then she began licking the base of my cock and
balls until they were clean of my wife’s sex, then she
began sucking me deep into her throat. Again, she began
pushing her face down onto my cock forcing it into her
throat resulting in her gag reflex being triggered, yet
she continued.

Finally, I felt as though I was going to cum and I
grabbed her head and pushed it deep into her throat,
then pulled back as I came. The first shots landing on
her face before she could recover and engulf my cock
again. She swallowed and milked my cock with her hands
until I went limp again. Looking up at me with a big
grin I noticed some cum on her cheek. I reached down
and scooped it with my finger and placed it on her nose
and rubbed it in around her nose and told her “you will
not wash that off your face, I want you to be able to
smell my cum all day.”

“Yes master, I like to smell your seed.”

This went on for two weeks with my ego and my cock
being stroked every morning and occasionally an after
work session before she surprised me one morning by
saying. “Master, I have a treat for you!”

“Yes, what would that be?”

“I have a friend that wants to meet you.”

Instantly I became hard. The moment wasn’t lost as
Tonya began deep-throating my cock until I came. After
I came I asked her when her friend was available to
meet me and she said simply “at your command master.”

She went on to tell me that she confided in a close
friend of hers from college that she was looking for a
girl that was bisexual. She ended up explaining the
details of our arrangement with her friend and her
friend thought her idea was interesting. She said her
friend thought it would be fun to help her out since
she had never been with a girl or a white guy and was
interested to see what her friend found so enticing
about me.

I told her to tell her husband she would be attending a
software training class out of town for two days next
week. I then instructed her to book a nice room
downtown and I would take a last minute business trip
to meet her and her friend at the Hotel.

I was so turned on by what was happening, didn’t know
if I could wait another week. Tonya seemed equally
turned on and our evening sex that day resulting in me
bending her over and taking her virgin ass roughly. She
told me her husband always wanted to fuck her ass, but
she wouldn’t let him. She said she was afraid it would
hurt, but wanted to give it to me. I took it relishing
in the sight of my white cock disappearing into her
black ass. This combined with her initial cries of pain
spurred me to orgasm as I filled her ass with my cum.

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