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“I’m coming over,” I tell you, purring into the phone. “I’ve done a little shopping. Be ready for me when I get there.”

“What did you buy?” you ask me eagerly, “And what do you mean by ‘ready’?”

I laugh, not cruelly but coolly enough that I don’t reveal that I am nearly as excited as you. “Patience. Some new toys for us to play with. You’ll see when I get there. And ‘ready’ means whatever you think it means.” Secretly I know that you cannot possibly know what I have in store for you, nor be prepared for it, although I am sure it is your deepest desire.

You greet me at the door in your robe and silk boxers, handing me a glass of dark red wine. “I was so horny waiting for you I made myself cum once already, so I’ll last longer for you,” you announce proudly, like a child with a good report card from school, practically bouncing. I cannot help but smile at your enthusiasm, cannot resist the urge to pat you on the head.

“What a good boy!” I play along. “You deserve a special treat then.” I reach into your robe, grasping your softened cock through the silk, give it a little squeeze and feel it stir as I kiss you.

Your eyes are on my shopping bag as we move into the lounge and I gesture for you to sit. I place the bag on the coffee table and slowly lay out my purchases.

A pair of latex gloves.

A clear squeeze bottle of lubricant.

One small ‘bullet’ vibrator, scarcely bigger than a finger.

Another one, slightly larger, with small bumps and ridges along the shaft.

A dildo, largest of the three, not so large as to be intimidating, with a wide base.

Finally, a black leather strap harness.

I watch your face as your eyes travel along the items at the table. You say nothing for a few moments and I see your ears and cheeks turning pink. You open your mouth and look up at me. “I…I don’t think…it’s…”

“Sshh,” I say softly, sitting next to you, a finger to your lips. As I kiss you my hand moves down to your lap. As I suspected, your hardness contradicts your attempt at protest. I know you want this and so do you. I stand up and begin unbuttoning my blouse, revealing the shiny red vinyl corset I have taken time to change into before coming. “If you’re just not interested, I can always leave,” I shrug coyly, knowing I am not going anywhere.

You smile sheepishly and reach out, running your hand up my thigh under my skirt, finding my pussy completely uncovered and wet. Thinking all afternoon of how I was going to violate your sweet ass has had me in a state of mental ecstasy since my lunch hour shopping trip in Soho. As you remove your hand I step out of my skirt, then straddle your lap. I push aside the folds of your robe so that my cunt presses against your now fully hardened cock, the silk of the boxers dampening between us. I rub my clit gently against them, creating that lovely friction as you kiss me fiercely, hungrily, your hands clutching my ass firmly. “So what do you say, baby?” I whisper, nuzzling your ear. “Am I staying or going?”

“Staying.” Your voice is quiet but certain. “You are most definitely staying.”

I smile. “I thought as much.”

I stand and take your hand, grabbing a cushion from the sofa, tossing it onto the rug and leading you over. I untie your robe and toss it aside, then crouch as I slide your boxers down your legs. Your gorgeous cock bobs in my face, and I can’t help but curl my fingers around it and give the tip a small kiss. I motion you down to the floor. I can tell that although you are excited, you are also nervous. Well, it’s hard for a straight guy to reconcile himself to the fact that what he really really wants is to get fucked in the ass, I suppose. “It’s really important that you be as relaxed as possible,” I say,” so I want you to lay comfortably and I’m just going to rub your back a bit first, okay?”

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