Big Bang Theory Bernadette’s experimentation.

Bernadette was facing a week alone, Howard was attending an engineering symposium in Chicago, and she was horny as all hell. Damn, her sex fever was at an all time high, and he was a couple of thousand miles away, and it was only the first day. When Penny and Amy had suggested they do a pub night, she had eagerly agreed. Leonard was attending a 5 day conference in Seattle, and Sheldon was in his element at a week long conference of theoretical physicists in San Francisco, no doubt pointing out to all the other physicists that they were wrong, and he was right. It was time for the ladies to let their hair down.

As usual, it didn’t take long for Penny to get loose and let her hair down, and she regaled Amy and Bernadette with the wonders of her newest sex toy, the “Satisfyer 2”, and how great it felt when she also employed her 8 inch dildo. The way she talked, it sounded like Penny had tried several types before this one.

Swaying in her seat, a tipsy Penny purred, “You’ll just love it. Amy, you know how difficult it is for Sheldon. Remember how he took care of you when you were sick? The thrill you got when he applied Vapo-Rub to your chest? And how you faked being sick for a longer time, and actually had him help you into a hot bath? And he found out, and gave you a spanking as punishment, damn, girl, you haven’t even got to second base yet, and yet he’s seen you naked, and spanked you, so kinky! Remember how you told us about your cure for the frustrated lady? An electric toothbrush, and you even call yours Gerard! I’ll bet Gerard got one hell of a workout after that! How long will you need Gerard to stand in for Sheldon?”

Amy was agreeing in her mind. Her childhood and teens had been such a lonely time, everyone calling her nerd girl, taunting her with cruel comments, making her the butt of jokes, just because she was so much smarter than they were. She had responded by becoming a female version of Sheldon, robotic, with high, impenetrable walls, shutting out the outside world. In her mind, it existed only to make her a clown, the butt of every joke. She felt a small measure of satisfaction when she had soared past all the ones who had taunted her, and advanced to university at 14, having blown by all the future bottle washers and button sorters. University was a much better place, she could apply her brain power to the challenging field of neuro-biololgy, although she was no longer seen as a nerd, or a joke, she avoided friendships, lest the taunting and the cruel remarks start up again. It had been almost a matter of course before she had her PhD, and was Doctor Amy Farrah Fowler. She had taken a big chance when she saw Sheldon’s online profile on the dating site. True, Raj and Howard had set him up, but it was the first time in her life she had ever met someone with the intention of possibly starting a longer term relationship.

Her life now, being around Penny and Bernadette, she felt for the first time the warmth of true friendship, offered as a genuine article. She could feel the inner Amy, the one who now had friends, wanting to bust out, explore and enjoy, eager to emerge. With her affections trained on Sheldon, she wanted real, physical contact, Sheldon’s attention to her during her sickness had just intensified the need. Like a teaser, it left her wanting it all. Sheldon may call it coitus, but I call it fucking. Thinking of that word both shocked and thrilled her. She really needed to get Sheldon into bed, and remove both their virginities.

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