Best Friends Share

Lisa and Patrice are best friends, have been for years. They have shared there lives, family, friends, desires and feelings for quite some time now. But, Lisa was about to see how far Patrice was willing to go.

Lisa sat nervously as she waited for Patrice to arrive. You see Lisa has kept an sexual relationship from her and to day she was going to tell her all about it. In fact she was going to ask her to join in, at the request of her partner. Even thou Lisa had fantasized about the same thing her self.

But, when her lover brought it up her pussy almost exploded. They were in the middle of a hot romp, her legs were up and he was sliding very slowly into her tight, wet pussy.

Inch by inch he pushed, Lisa watched his face. She watched as he fought to control his urge to slam his cock deep and hard into her. It felt so good; she loved when he slowly fucked her like this.
She enjoyed every inch of his nine inch cock.

He was half way in her wet pussy, slowly inching into to her. When his eyes popped open and he looked into her lovely eyes, is it good to you, he hissed? Yesssssssssssss……it is, she moaned back. I love it when you slow dick me, she told him.

Just a few months ago you thought this was sick. You didn’t want to fuck a young man, thought it wasn’t right. Didn’t think I could make your phat pussy do this as he slammed the rest of his cock into her. Lisa squealed as the thrust ripped through her wanting body.

Breathlessly she told him, no I didn’t…..nooooooo…..I-I-I…
didnnnnnnnnnnnnit while her body shook and her pussy squeezed his thick cock. He still kept slowly dicking her spastic pussy. When she regained her sense, she finished her sentence. I never thought fucking my young son would be this good.

Yes, Lisa lover for about two months now was her young son Tyson. She remembered the day very well, when Tyson wanted to talk to her about sex. At first Lisa thought it was good, she needed to school her son on the birds and bee’s.

But, when they sat down the conversation took a strange turn. Tyson started off asking her what incest was. It took Lisa A moment to digest the question. Once it registered in her head she answered her son the best she could.

It’s when family members have sex and it’s forbidden, Lisa stressed. Way is it so wrong, Tyson questioned? Because, God says it’s wrong, Lisa told him. Why are you interested, she asked him?
Well, Mom, I would tell you, but, I don’t want to get in trouble.

Son, you should know you won’t get in trouble if it’s an honest mistake. Tyson paused for a moment and while he did Lisa saw him in a whole new light. A Man was asking her these questions, not a little boy. She looked over his muscular body, his handsome face and, wait, does he have a bonner? Yes, her son was standing before her discussing sex and he has a hard on.

Lisa became flushed and her pussy woke up as she couldn’t take her eyes off his large cock. Then Tyson spoke, well I have been watching you and Thelia shower. This brought Lisa back to reality, you have done what, she questioned?

Mom, you said, if it was an honest mistake I wouldn’t get into trouble. Lisa calmed her self and remembered her promise. Then her pussy twitched again once the pictured formed in her mind.

Her handsome some watching her lather up, run the soap over her breast, down her flat tummy, around her shapely hips, her firm thighs and her phat pussy. Lisa squeezed her thighs together to try and stop her pussy from throbbing.

How long have you been spying on us, She asked? You know your sister is only sixteen years old! Mom, if I tell you something else will you stay calm, Tyson asked? Now what, are you fucking your baby sister, she demanded?

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