Best Friends Share

Lisa and Patrice are best friends, have been for years. They have shared there lives, family, friends, desires and feelings for quite some time now. But, Lisa was about to see how far Patrice was willing to go.

Lisa sat nervously as she waited for Patrice to arrive. You see Lisa has kept an sexual relationship from her and to day she was going to tell her all about it. In fact she was going to ask her to join in, at the request of her partner. Even thou Lisa had fantasized about the same thing her self.

But, when her lover brought it up her pussy almost exploded. They were in the middle of a hot romp, her legs were up and he was sliding very slowly into her tight, wet pussy.

Inch by inch he pushed, Lisa watched his face. She watched as he fought to control his urge to slam his cock deep and hard into her. It felt so good; she loved when he slowly fucked her like this.
She enjoyed every inch of his nine inch cock.

He was half way in her wet pussy, slowly inching into to her. When his eyes popped open and he looked into her lovely eyes, is it good to you, he hissed? Yesssssssssssss……it is, she moaned back. I love it when you slow dick me, she told him.

Just a few months ago you thought this was sick. You didn’t want to fuck a young man, thought it wasn’t right. Didn’t think I could make your phat pussy do this as he slammed the rest of his cock into her. Lisa squealed as the thrust ripped through her wanting body.

Breathlessly she told him, no I didn’t…..nooooooo…..I-I-I…
didnnnnnnnnnnnnit while her body shook and her pussy squeezed his thick cock. He still kept slowly dicking her spastic pussy. When she regained her sense, she finished her sentence. I never thought fucking my young son would be this good.

Yes, Lisa lover for about two months now was her young son Tyson. She remembered the day very well, when Tyson wanted to talk to her about sex. At first Lisa thought it was good, she needed to school her son on the birds and bee’s.

But, when they sat down the conversation took a strange turn. Tyson started off asking her what incest was. It took Lisa A moment to digest the question. Once it registered in her head she answered her son the best she could.

It’s when family members have sex and it’s forbidden, Lisa stressed. Way is it so wrong, Tyson questioned? Because, God says it’s wrong, Lisa told him. Why are you interested, she asked him?
Well, Mom, I would tell you, but, I don’t want to get in trouble.

Son, you should know you won’t get in trouble if it’s an honest mistake. Tyson paused for a moment and while he did Lisa saw him in a whole new light. A Man was asking her these questions, not a little boy. She looked over his muscular body, his handsome face and, wait, does he have a bonner? Yes, her son was standing before her discussing sex and he has a hard on.

Lisa became flushed and her pussy woke up as she couldn’t take her eyes off his large cock. Then Tyson spoke, well I have been watching you and Thelia shower. This brought Lisa back to reality, you have done what, she questioned?

Mom, you said, if it was an honest mistake I wouldn’t get into trouble. Lisa calmed her self and remembered her promise. Then her pussy twitched again once the pictured formed in her mind.

Her handsome some watching her lather up, run the soap over her breast, down her flat tummy, around her shapely hips, her firm thighs and her phat pussy. Lisa squeezed her thighs together to try and stop her pussy from throbbing.

How long have you been spying on us, She asked? You know your sister is only sixteen years old! Mom, if I tell you something else will you stay calm, Tyson asked? Now what, are you fucking your baby sister, she demanded?

He dropped his head and said, no. But, she has let me finger her pussy, he said. Lisa couldn’t believe what she was hearing and feeling. Her mind wanted to lash out, but, her pussy was dripping.
The perverted side of her was really flooding her mind.

Tyson looked up to see why he wasn’t being scolded. But, he looked into his Mother’s eyes. He saw that look before, it’s the same look his sister has when he fingers her young pussy. His Mother was ready; he knew her pussy was wet and probably twitching.

At that moment Tyson became bold; he stood tall and pulled down his pants. Lisa was still fighting her urges when she looked around and saw her son’s huge cock. She hadn’t seen his weewee as they use to call it when he was younger.

But, her son didn’t have a weewee any longer; he had a long, thick, throbbing cock. When it bobbed in the air Lisa lost her mind. She couldn’t take her eyes off his big dig, her pussy ached for it. So, many things flooded her mind.

The large dick in front of her, her son finger fucking her sixteen year old daughter, her nipples were pulsating and her clit tingled. It had almost been a year since Lisa had any dick. She couldn’t take it any longer as she saw her self reach for her son’s cock.

It felt hard, it felt good; it was ready to fuck her drenched pussy. As she marveled at the texture and its vigor, Tyson quickly stripped of his Mother’s clothes. He was finally touching what he wanted for the past few months.

Mother and son stood face to face as they ran there hands over each others body, her sweet nectar running down her leg and his hard cock thumping her thigh.
Tyson wasted no time, while his Mother was still in a daze he pushed her onto the couch. He parted her thighs and sank his throbbing cock into his Mothers wet pussy. He was rough, inexperienced and eager which cause Lisa to squeal.

While he push pasted her wet pussy lips and grazed over her swollen clit. He filled her pussy quickly, taking her breathe away. They stayed locked in that position for a few moments, her pussy quivering and his cock throbbing.

The Tyson kicked it into gear; he began to pound his Mother’s pussy long and hard. Lisa just pulled up her legs and held on tight. She came after just a few minutes as her son huffed, puffed and pumped her pussy.

Lisa never came so much in her life, not even his Father the love of her life. His cock touched her in spots no other man had. His dick had a left up curve that rocked her world.

Lisa let him fuck her for hours, no technique or gentleness, just mind blowing raw fucking. She lost count of how many times she climaxed. Fucking her son is a nightly duty now. His technique is getting better by the fuck and he has her wrapped around his finger.

That was a few months ago and her son is so much adventures now, which brings her to this moment with her best friend and Tyson god mother. Her mind went back and fourth, was her son’s dick that good. That she had to risk the friendship of her best friend.
Just when she was about to get up and walk away Patrice got her attention as she walked up. Hey, gurl, Patrice send as she walked up. What’s up, was Lisa’s response.

Patrice got settle and wanted to know what was so important. What couldn’t wait or be discussed over the phone. First I want you to promise me something, Lisa started off. Patrice paused then said, ok.

Hear me out all the way before you answer or say anything, promise me, please. Ok, Lisa, I promise. Well you know how bad my sex life has been. You found some one, good for you Lisa, Patrice gushed.

Patrice you promised, Lisa reminded her. Okay, okay, Patrice said as she did a fake buttoning of he lips. Any way Lisa continued, he’s younger; he’s been right under my nose for years. Patrice he makes me cumm like a faucet, he has a nine inch thick dick and he fucks all night.

Dayummm, Patrice tried to say quietly. Yeah and girl I get weak just talking about that sweet dick. We have only been fucking a few months now. A few months and I’m just now hearing about him, Patrice interrupted.

Well we wanted to get right with things before I wanted anyone to know. Do I know him, Patrice asked? Yes, you do, Lisa told her. Hold on let me finish, you promise, Lisa reminded her again. You right, you right, Patrice surrendered.

This part is hard for me so let me get through this. Patrice did the locking of lips thing again as Lisa continued. He has eye on you for awhile, Patrice didn’t say anything. In facts he wants to fuck you, Patrice was still silent. She bit her lip when Lisa said, that he wanted to fuck them at the same time.

Lisa fell silent as they were in there own minds for a minute. Patrice still couldn’t figure out who she was talking about. The sex sounds good, she thought. At the same time was something new, but, she had always fantasized about what it would be like to have a threesome.

Lisa couldn’t believe she told her best friend all of this and when she finds out who it is. Well, she will loose her best friend over some good hard dick. Her pussy twitched as she thought of Tyson fucking her. Lisa was hopefully hooked on her own son’s cock.

Patrice broke her trance when she ask, who are you talking about?? Lisa took a few deep breathes and looked at her best friend. Patrice could see the turmoil her friend was in. Then the tears that formed in her eyes.

Patrice rushed to comfort, telling her everything will be alright. They will work what ever it is out together. Lisa felt a little better after she heard those words from her best friend.

Lisa choked back her emotions and told Patrice for three months now she has been fucking Tyson. What, Patrice blurted out? Lisa dropped her head and said it again softly.
Patrice was stun; she didn’t know what to say. All kinds of things ran through her mind. Her body was aroused and she couldn’t believe that. Is it good, Patrice couldn’t believe she was asking? His dick is so good he got me asking you to join us.

You did take a big chance, I could of turned you in, Patrice told her. I need a drink, I’m buying, lets go Patrice ordered. They went to there favorite bar and ordered. A few drinks later then began to loosen up.

He is a good looking kid, Patrice said. You haven’t seen his cock yet, that will make him gorgeous, Lisa told her. If I we do this no one and I mean NO ONE must know, Patrice demanded. You know I know, Lisa said as she sipped from her drink. Wow, Lisa how did this start, Patrice asked?

Gurl, I thought we were going to have that Mother son talk about sex. He asked about incest, the question totally caught me off guard and it turned me on. I guess he sensed it and pulled out his big pretty dick. You know how cock crazy I am.

Yeah, I do, Patrice offered. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Next thing I know I was touching it, caressing it and sucking it. I heard him moan and it throbbed in my mouth. Patrice, I almost came right there and then.

My clit was throbbing, my pussy was soaking wet. When he pushed me back onto the bed opened my legs and parted my slippery pussy lips. I was powerless to stop him, I knew it was wrong. But, gurrrrrrrrrrrl, it felt soooooooooo….goooooooood.
I let him have his way; he pounded my pussy like long, deep and hard. Most grown men haven’t fucked my pussy like that. Patrice could tell Lisa was getting turned on just talking about it. In fact, she was becoming aroused as she listened.

Her words and sounds peeked her interested, her nipples became erect and her clit quiver. Okay, okay, enough, Patrice had to stop her. Well you do it, Lisa pleaded. I want to keep on fucking him and if I tell him you will do it. It will make him so happy.

You really are hooked aren’t you, Patrice confirmed? Lisa dropped her head and softly said, yes. He has me right where he wants me and I’m doing things I know I shouldn’t be doing, Lisa admitted. But, when he fucks me he takes me places I don’t want to ever return from. It’s been such a long time since any one has made me feel this way.

Well, at least you know it’s wrong, the power of his young cock will ware off and we can put all this behind us. You will do it, Lisa perked up? Yeah, Gurl, you got my pussy throbbing and those drinks got me horny, let’s see what he got, Patrice told her.

Lisa and Patrice had one more drink and head for Lisa house. Lisa thanked and told Patrice what a wonderful friend she was all the way to her house. My daughter is spending the night at her friends and Tyson should be here, she told her as the entered the house.

Why don’t you fix a couple of drinks while I go find Tyson and get comfortable. I need a shower, Patrice told her. Okay, I will go
and get the shower ready for you and off she went.

Patrice fixed her and Lisa a stiff drink. She couldn’t believe she couldn’t believe she told Lisa she would be apart of this. Even thou it made her hot as hell, it was still incest for her and statutory rape for her. The more she thought about it the hotter she became.

A young long hard cock that could fuck her silly…… ooooooooh….her body tingled at the thought of it all. But, there was a small part of her that was telling her not to do it. The alcohol was dulling that sense.

Lisa found Tyson in his room listening to music. All he had on was some tightie whities, she could see the outline of his long cock. She shuttered at its sight. Tyson she called so she could get his attention. He lifted the earphones off his ears.

What’s up Mom? She’s here, Lisa said with a big smile. She is, did she agree to let me fuck her, he asked eagerly? Yes she did , his Mother said as she rubbed the front of his under pants. Let’s go Mom, Tyson demanded.

Slow down son, remember what I told you. Women like it sloe and sensual. Give her time to settle down, she wants to take a shower and get ready for you. I need time to get ready as well. When we are ready I will be back to get you.

Lisa went to her room got the shower ready and lit some candles. Found her a sheer short night gown for her and a short robe for Patrice. She called Patrice up and showed her to the shower, the robe and the towels. She began to sip on the drink Patrice brought up.

She heard Patrice finishing up in the shower and she put on some slow jazz. Patrice came and took a sip and said she was ready. She took a seat on the bed and sipped on her drink. Lisa told her she would be right back.

Lisa walked in Tyson’s room and asked are you ready. He was, when he stood up, his cock was hard as a rock. Lisa grabbed him by his cock and lead him to her room. Before they entered her room she pulled down his under pants and opened the door for him.

It was like Tyson’s coming out party and she was showing him off. When he entered, Patrice jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe how he grown and how handsome he look. Her pussy twitched when she saw his tool.

She could see why Lisa was fucking her son. He is good looking, safe and his cock is a good ten inches. No beer belly or complaining he’s to tired. Patrice could feel her clit swell and her pussy become damp as he walked towards her.

Patrice got off the bed and got on her knee’s, she was face to face with the biggest cock she ever saw. Lisa joined her on the floor and at the same time they placed there mouths on the shaft of his penis.
Tyson closed his eyes as the sensation flowed through him. Lisa grabbed the base of his cock while Patrice cupped and fondled his nut sack. Patrice engulfed the head of his dick and Lisa licked his shaft. They were all over his dick, one would take the shaft the other the balls.

Tyson was in heaven as they worked his stick over. He was close to cumming while those soft lips massaged his cock. These women knew what they were doing and eased off. Not wanting him to cumm yet.

They got him to the bed with his dick sticking straight up in the air. Which one you want first, the nice cock or the hot mouth, Lisa asked? Patrice was still licking her lips from his tasty dick. I’ll tell you what, since you’re my guess. You take the dick first and I’ll take the mouth as they disrobe.

The room was filled with a WOW… the clothes hit the floor. You two side by side are HOT, Tyson gushed. I can’t believe I’m about to fuck you two sexy women, as his dick danced in the air and his eyes looked over there gorgeous bodies.

Lisa was first to take her position, lowering her self down onto his mouth. Lisa ooooooooohed and Tyson lapped at his Mothers wet pussy. She began to moan softly as the pleasure took over her body. Wet sounds filled the as Lisa grinded her phat pussy into her son’s face.

Patrice became soaked as she watched Mother and son get it
on. She took her time getting into position; it has been awhile since she took a cock this size. She graded his cock by the base as her drenched pussy hovered oven his ten inch dick.

Slowly she started to descend onto his penis; his cock immediately parted her plush pussy lips. Patrice let the head of his dick slip in, but, because his cock was so huge she paused for a moment.

He throbbed; she quivered as the slurping sounds of him sucking his Mothers pussy filled the room. Patrice trembled with pleasure while her wet pussy slipped down the cock of this young goodie. Her mind was numb with lust and desirer.

Lisa was so right, her sons cock was delicious, Patrice thought and she was only half way down. The hardness the throbbing and the width were driving her towards climax.

Lisa was already moaning and fucking her son’s hot mouth. Patrice never knew Lisa could become so wanton. She was well on her way to orgasm. Patrice watched for a moment because three quarters of this young dick was the deepest of her life. He was on the way of busting through her cervix.

Lisa was right again, grown men hadn’t been this deep or filled her pussy like this. Patrice was overwhelmed with delight. Her hands found her erect nipples and she pinched and twists them. Dayummmmm…..she moaned. This is some gooooooood young dick!!

I told you….I told you, Lisa said as she grinded her pussy into her son’s mouth. Just wait until he slides that monster in and out of your wet pussy, she insisted.

Patrice slid another inch and her climax was let loose. Her head spun and her heart pounded. Pleasure engulfed her as her pussy clamped and released his long thick cock. He shoved his hips up, forcing the rest of his penis into her.

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