Ben and Emily

Ben and Emily had grown up together since Emily had moved next door when Ben was in 3rd grade. Ben always had a crush on her, but never had the courage to tell her. They were both freshmen in high school now and were excited to start the next four years together.

On the first day of school, Ben was up early to make sure he was on time. After he got dressed, he glanced out the window and saw into Emily’s room. The houses were close enough together that the two used to talk to each other from their rooms in elementary school, but Emily must have forgot that Ben could see her. Ben didn’t think anything of it until he noticed that Emily was getting dressed. He only saw her ass, but it was amazing. It was round and bouncy, and the perfect size. It wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t too small. It was that kind you want to bury your face in and just lay there all day. Of course, Ben was rock hard. Luckily, he woke up early enough that he could jack off before school. He woke up early every day after that just to see her get dressed. He even told his best friend Dylan about it. Dylan, knowing how much Ben liked Emily, wanted him to ask her on a date.

Finally, by October, Ben had enough courage to ask her out. It was the regular dinner and movie, nothing special. He was surprised she said yes, because he thought she was already in his friend zone. When they got home, she gave Ben a kiss on the cheek and went inside. It was the happiest Ben had felt in a long time. He had to text Dylan about it.

Ben: Just got back from the movies

Dylan: How was it?

Ben: She gave me a kiss on the cheek

Dylan: That’s it? I thought it would at least be on the lips.

Ben: Maybe next time.

The next week, Ben and Emily scheduled another date for Friday. This time, it was at Emily’s house. Her parents were good friends with Ben’s parents, and they would be at the lake house for the weekend. Emily had made dinner and they watched romantic movies and held hands until midnight. Eventually, the hand holding turned to making out. Her tongue slipped into Ben’s mouth, and he did everything he could to hide his raging boner. After about five minutes of passionate kissing, Emily asks, “Do you wanna see my room?”

“Of course,” Ben told her. They went upstairs and continued making out on the bed, sitting down, Ben’s warm hand on Emily’s thigh. Emily slips Ben’s shirt off and he does the same to her. Her boobs are perfect. They’re big and round. He unhooks her bra and sees her nipples that are just as perfect as her boobs. She lays him down and takes off his pants. She can obviously see the boner through his underwear now. She takes off her skirt and lets him pull off her underwear and exposes her smooth, shaved pussy. He feels the perfect ass that he looked at every morning and always dreamed of touching. Now it was finally happening. She slowly slips off his underwear and his 5 ½ inch penis sticks straight up. He also shaved in case this happened. He knew he wanted her to be shaved, so he figured she probably wanted him to be shaved. Ben is lying on his back on the bed, and Emily is straddling his legs. She slowly and gently slides her hands up his legs and puts them as close to his butt as she can without shoving her hands in between his cheeks and the bed. She kisses his balls and between his balls and butt crack. He loves it, and Emily knows it. She starts licking and it feels even better. She slowly puts his penis into her mouth and starts to give him head. Her lips go all the way to the base of his penis, and every time she gets to the bottom, she licks his balls. She puts one hand on his balls and plays with them gently as she sucks his penis. When he starts to cum, she lightly squeezes his balls. He is in so much pleasure that his butt comes off of the bed. She swallows everything and kisses around his penis for almost 20 minutes. Finally, he says it’s her turn. She gets on the bed and lays on her back, and he gets on top of her and kisses her. He moves down to her boobs and starts kissing them. Finally, he slides his penis into her vagina. She puts her hands on his butt. His butt is as perfect as hers. It’s muscular, but not so muscular that it’s rock hard. It’s soft and almost as wide as hers. As she’s rubbing his butt, his hands are hugging her tightly, her boobs pressing against his chest, her nipples poking his. His penis slides in and out for a while. He lasts a long time because he just came. Finally, after 25 minutes of pleasuring her, he finally cums. She squeezes his butt, and it makes him cum even harder. After cumming, he moves down to her shave pussy and kisses it. It’s beautiful and soft. He starts licking it and it tastes great. He licks for a good 10 minutes until she cums again.

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