Being sold & fucked at an upscale auction

It was broad daylight on Park Avenue, the most attractive and impressive area of New York City. Like most days in the big city, the working class went to and from their offices, the wealthy enjoyed fine dining, and tourists strolled the neighborhoods while taking pictures.

Aside from the norms of the busy neighborhood, Natalie stood naked in a barren room on the 38th floor of a luxury apartment building. She was positioned in front of a window, which was covered by a thin white curtain for privacy.

Her hands were tightly bound together above her head, attached to a black rope which hung from a hook in the ceiling.

An embellished black mask hid the top of her face, but highlighted her prominent nose and chin. It allowed the beauty of her face to show, while concealing her identity. Her long dark hair cascaded freely down her back, and her lips were accentuated by ruby red lipstick.

Silk black stockings with a seam running along the back covered her shapely legs. They made her impossibly long limbs seem even longer. Black heels completed her scant attire. Her body was on full display, in all its nude glory.

No one would deny that she was enchanting. A rare combination of strength and femininity, she appealed to men and women alike. While slender yet curvaceous in the right spots, she projected an image that her body was built for rough fuckings. At the age of 34, Natalie had come to realize that she greatly enjoyed being sexually used by others, and that was exactly what she expected today.

Not even her closest friends knew about the depraved secret she kept. Her submissive desire and craving to be used for the pleasure of others might be hard for them to understand.

Eventually, she let professionals take control in this secret place of congregation. It was an elegant setting where like-minded people of a certain class could indulge in their very naughty desires. The masks were discretionary. But for Natalie, it was an absolute must; no one could know that she allowed herself to be treated in such a scandalous manner. She was a high powered lawyer for God’s sake.

The rules were simple. Secrecy was sacrosanct. Cleanliness was non-negotiable. Respect was necessary. This was an exclusive affair and everyone came dressed accordingly.

As Natalie stood there bound and masked, she watched the female Auctioneer step into position beside her. The Auctioneer wore a purposefully revealing suit, cleavage and all, along with a gold mask to conceal her identity too. She was a tall woman with a commanding aura, which made her perfect for the job.

In a strange turn of events, Natalie had joined these taboo gatherings at the request of the Auctioneer, who incredibly was also a lawyer named Lea. They had been opposing counsels during a lengthy trial. When the case ended, Lea asked Natalie out for drinks.

“You know something,” she had said to Natalie at a private table, while they both slumped, battered and exhausted after the grueling case. “Women like us are a rare breed. We work our asses off. We’re smart. Sophisticated. Dedicated. And we both like to be fucked a certain way. I could tell what kind of woman you are the first time I saw you.”

Natalie almost spit out her drink. Was she really giving off some type of sexual vibe? How was this woman able to deduce that Natalie liked the rough stuff?

For most of Natalie’s adult life, sex had been vanilla. The usual grind was required to achieve orgasms of the minimum standard. However, in recent years, she had made a few naughty requests of her partners to spice things up. Rough fucking. Light choking. Some spanking. But most importantly, she had asked to be treated as a sexual plaything, as opposed to a romantic partner. Only when these conditions were met was Natalie able to achieve earth shattering orgasms.

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