Being seen by another, unplanned and Kent’s admission – Tanning to Entertain

I began to wonder if I could keep Kent interested. I was almost 40, and knowing younger women and girls, with firm bodies were going to be attracting his attention.

I began doing step-ups, leg lifts, abdominal crunches, and other exercises. After a couple of days began to see a VERY slight difference. I started walking the neighborhood in the evenings, lifting somewhat weighty things in the garage, and paying more attention to what I ate.

I thought about updating my lingerie, I visited a few shops in our area who had bra and panties sets that would accommodate my bosom. My boobs had always been a problem when searching for combinations. I chose a white, black and red sets, the sexiest, I could find.

Kent hadn’t been able to come by without Mike at home. His job had kept him busier than usual. I thought about taking a self-photo and sending it to him but leery of someone else finding it. Maybe later.

I thought about our initial coupling as I worked out and would be dripping when I finished. I was actually proud of my efforts.

I took another afternoon off to work on my tan. I really didn’t think Kent or Mike were going to be coming by, so without makeup, I laid on the deck. I wasn’t wearing anything, just the tanning oil, and a wine cooler as my companions.

I dozed off, as I often did with the warmth of the sun and was unaware of anything or anyone approaching. Something woke me and I saw a figure behind the screen door. I sat up, smiled and waved them to come out.

Oh, shit!

It was Jason. A friend of both Kent and Mike. Not at all who I expected. I immediately rolled over on my stomach. I told him Mike wasn’t home and I really didn’t know when to expect him.

He stood there, gawking, from what he had seen. I must have broken his heart when I told him he should leave so I could go up and shower. I stayed glued to my position until I head a car start and drive away. Finally, I got up and went into the house to get a couple of towels to be able to coverup if I needed.

I didn’t mention Jason coming by until Mike came home the next day, Actually, I wasn’t the one mentioning it at all. Mike was getting a drink out of the refrigerator when he said Jason told him he had come by the house. I froze. Either Mike didn’t get the full story or Jason didn’t mention seeing me.

Kent came by a couple of days later. Late enough to be sure I was alone. I greeted him in the den. I was so glad to see him I gave him a long, hot kiss. I was wearing an old tank top and a pair of running, lol, walking, shorts.

I raised my arms so he could remove the top, and then lowered them quickly so I could work getting his shorts off. I had him undressed in a few seconds. His penis was growing by the seconds but being impatient, I leaned over and kissed the tip. I was surprised as he pulled a manly move of laying his had on my head and keeping it there.

Tonguing him, licking the length of his shaft, and beginning to perform one of my expert blow jobs, I knelt and watched his eyes as I took him further in my mouth and throat. He stood there and allowed me to take his seed in my mouth. I stood and led him upstairs to my bed.

We laid down, me on my back, with him on his side. I took his hand and placed it on my boobs told him to massage my breasts. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of his touch. He began lightly but I whispered I wanted him to massage them firmly. I had always enjoyed a firmer touch on my boobs and wanted to teach him properly. Well, at least to what I desired. As his fingers began to center on my nipples, I squeezed his thumb and forefinger together. Signaling, I wanted pinching instead of slight pressure.

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