Being seen by another, unplanned and Kent’s admission – Tanning to Entertain

I began to wonder if I could keep Kent interested. I was almost 40, and knowing younger women and girls, with firm bodies were going to be attracting his attention.

I began doing step-ups, leg lifts, abdominal crunches, and other exercises. After a couple of days began to see a VERY slight difference. I started walking the neighborhood in the evenings, lifting somewhat weighty things in the garage, and paying more attention to what I ate.

I thought about updating my lingerie, I visited a few shops in our area who had bra and panties sets that would accommodate my bosom. My boobs had always been a problem when searching for combinations. I chose a white, black and red sets, the sexiest, I could find.

Kent hadn’t been able to come by without Mike at home. His job had kept him busier than usual. I thought about taking a self-photo and sending it to him but leery of someone else finding it. Maybe later.

I thought about our initial coupling as I worked out and would be dripping when I finished. I was actually proud of my efforts.

I took another afternoon off to work on my tan. I really didn’t think Kent or Mike were going to be coming by, so without makeup, I laid on the deck. I wasn’t wearing anything, just the tanning oil, and a wine cooler as my companions.

I dozed off, as I often did with the warmth of the sun and was unaware of anything or anyone approaching. Something woke me and I saw a figure behind the screen door. I sat up, smiled and waved them to come out.

Oh, shit!

It was Jason. A friend of both Kent and Mike. Not at all who I expected. I immediately rolled over on my stomach. I told him Mike wasn’t home and I really didn’t know when to expect him.

He stood there, gawking, from what he had seen. I must have broken his heart when I told him he should leave so I could go up and shower. I stayed glued to my position until I head a car start and drive away. Finally, I got up and went into the house to get a couple of towels to be able to coverup if I needed.

I didn’t mention Jason coming by until Mike came home the next day, Actually, I wasn’t the one mentioning it at all. Mike was getting a drink out of the refrigerator when he said Jason told him he had come by the house. I froze. Either Mike didn’t get the full story or Jason didn’t mention seeing me.

Kent came by a couple of days later. Late enough to be sure I was alone. I greeted him in the den. I was so glad to see him I gave him a long, hot kiss. I was wearing an old tank top and a pair of running, lol, walking, shorts.

I raised my arms so he could remove the top, and then lowered them quickly so I could work getting his shorts off. I had him undressed in a few seconds. His penis was growing by the seconds but being impatient, I leaned over and kissed the tip. I was surprised as he pulled a manly move of laying his had on my head and keeping it there.

Tonguing him, licking the length of his shaft, and beginning to perform one of my expert blow jobs, I knelt and watched his eyes as I took him further in my mouth and throat. He stood there and allowed me to take his seed in my mouth. I stood and led him upstairs to my bed.

We laid down, me on my back, with him on his side. I took his hand and placed it on my boobs told him to massage my breasts. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of his touch. He began lightly but I whispered I wanted him to massage them firmly. I had always enjoyed a firmer touch on my boobs and wanted to teach him properly. Well, at least to what I desired. As his fingers began to center on my nipples, I squeezed his thumb and forefinger together. Signaling, I wanted pinching instead of slight pressure.

After several minutes, I removed his hand and moved it to my pubes. He understood my motive and began to open me with a couple of fingers. I placed my fingers on his and took his middle finger and guided it to my clitoris. ‘Right there’ I told him with a whisper. Telling him to move his finger slowly.

I enjoyed his manipulation for a couple of minutes and then began to kiss him.

Again, I whispered ‘a little harder’. He looked at me and smiled. His exploration of my body and my urgings was allowing him to further understand my needs. I could see he enjoyed bringing me to the edge of orgasm.

I didn’t stop him but selfishly allowed him to manipulate my body to a hard orgasm.

After I recovered, we laid and talked. About us, how much we enjoyed each other and learning each others ‘wants’.

I was shocked when he asked if I had ever ‘taken it in the butt’? That question would shock any women, especially from a young man.

I had had anal sex several times, and actually enjoyed it, but not in the recent past. I hesitated in answering. Finally, I did.

‘That’s something I think we should use at a special time’, I told him. And then asked if he had? No, was his response. Thank goodness!

I had to ask the question that was running rapid in my thoughts. I asked if he had seen Jason recently? He said he had. Asking what had they talked about, I could tell by his tone he didn’t want the conversation to go further. I wasn’t going to stop there. Inquiring if he mentioned he had come by to see Mike. Kent didn’t respond quickly enough for my pleasure.

I sat up.

Pointedly I asked, what did he say? Kent finally admitted Jason bragged about seeing me. Quickly, I pried on. I wanted to know their conversation and exactly what was said.

Replying he told me Jason found me ‘naked’ on the deck and how ‘hot’ I was. I said ‘go on’. He smiled and said Jason said he liked to fuck me.

I didn’t know what to say. Finally, I admitted to being on the deck, but not there to be seen, just to tan.

Then it hit me. WHAT the hell did Kent say to Jason? When I asked, Kent said he told him he had seen me a couple of times but I hadn’t seemed to be alarmed to be found naked. What else? He said Jason thought I was a good looking woman and hoped to see me again.

Had he told Jason we were having sex was to be the next question. I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to know the truth.

I got up and moved quickly into the shower. I got in and allowed the cold water to wake me to the truth. I thought Kent was ‘different’ from other young men. He hadn’t admitted to telling Jason about our sex, but why shouldn’t he want to brag about it?

I waited until the water warmed, cleaned myself and got out. I told Kent to come and shower.

I left the water on, and when he got in, I stepped back in. I guess he could tell I was upset, but wisely he waited for me to start.

I wanted to know if he had told Jason about our sex? He didn’t answer. So I knew he had. I was shaking when I asked for the follow-up. Did he expect me to have sex with Jason?

Thankfully, he said ‘no’ Adding we were special to each other. He wanted me to be his. HIS.

I got out, dressed in a tee-shirt and panties and waited for him downstairs.

I kissed him and admitted I was upset. I wanted him, not anyone else. I hoped he didn’t want me to be the ‘local slut mom’ for his friends.

I knew I was harsh with my comment. I think he understood. I damn hoped he did.

He dressed and left.

Now I was so uncertain about what the future would hold.

Was I being betrayed? Did I expect too much from Kent?

Only time would tell.

I returned to my routine of working out. Believing it was a positive for my mind and body.

It was time to deal with Jimmy and our marriage. I called him and told him I felt it was best for both of us to realize we had grown apart and it was time go our separate ways. The talk was civil and not threatening. I asked if he wanted me to move out? He said no and I could buy his portion. He asked if I would wait a month or so to file for the divorce, etc.. I told him I would.

Telling Mike was easy. He and Jimmy had never been that close. They did a few things together. Hugging him, I told him it was time to begin our new lives and hopefully a better one.

Mike brought Kent over a few days later. They were going to ‘shoot some baskets’ I was told. Mike went up to put on some more comfortable clothes, leaving Kent and me alone.

He made the first move much to my astonishment. He walked over and kissed me. I was so relieved to see we were still in each other’s thoughts. I returned his kiss with one more deeply. As my tongue slide into his mouth, I pulled him closer. We broke only when we heard my son bounding down the stairs.

I told them I would grill burgers when they got home.

I prepared the fixings and went upstairs to shower. My thoughts, of course, was of Kent. As I dressed, I picked out the black bra and panties, black short shorts, and a red blouse. I left enough of the blouse unbuttoned to show my cleavage. Just enough makeup to highlight my eyes and light lipstick.

They returned as I was sitting on the deck, with a glass of wine, and enjoying the sunset. Kent came out first, apparently approving of my look, and dragged a chair over close to me.

‘Like?’ I asked.

His eyes went to my boobs. He said I looked ‘hot’.

Mike came out, having picked up the burgers and fixings. I told the guys to go get themselves beers if they wished. The shorts were too tight to be comfortable and I pondered going back upstairs and changing. The hem of the shorts was giving me a very tight ‘camel toe’.

After eating, I asked if they were going out again. Stumbling over each other with their answers, I found they were. Taking Kent’s vehicle, they decided to see if anyone was ‘hangin’ at one of the mall parking lots. I knew that meant trying to pick up girls.

Laughing, I told them, if they struck out, they could always come back and we could see if we could find something to do. Immediately I considered what I had said. More porn, more masturbation? Both guys knew what I had insinuated.

As they were leaving I cleaned up the mess before going upstairs to get out of the shorts. Relieved of them, I took off all my clothing as sat nude on my vanity chair.

I knew I was going to be alone, with only Mike, and hopefully, Kent, in going forward. I still had my work, and in my supervisory position, very positive evaluations from the company, money wouldn’t be a problem. Not wanting to think about finding a new residence just yet, my thoughts returned to later that night.

I chose to wear a short robe with a thong. Again, I put on makeup and looked at myself in the mirror. My exercise regime had started to show promise. I was firming up. My breasts were showing gravity was lowering them, but the fullness had remained. My nipples, still light in tone, remained thick and upturned. I still was wearing a ‘D’ cup and filling it well.

I heard Kent and Mike returning. And other voices mingled in. I hadn’t bargained for more than the two. I stayed upstairs when they came in. Not knowing what to expect, I called Mike upstairs.

I questioningly looked at him when he came into my room. He told me only a couple of the guys wanted to stop by before going home and he thought I wouldn’t mind.

WOULDN”T MIND? What in the hell did he think they were going to do to amuse themselves? Knowing there was no way I could go downstairs dressed in the robe, I got out shorts and blouse and put them on.

When I finally went down all of them were in the den. I saw no evidence of alcohol or its use. Good damn thing!

Mike had opened some chips and dip and they were watching some comedy on the television. I stayed in the kitchen for a short while and then, with a glass of wine, I went out onto the deck.

Frustrated, I stood at the rail until Mike came out. He asked what was wrong. I told him I hadn’t planned for ALL the company. I told him to go back in and have fun.

I sat on one of the chairs, and my point got through. Using the excuse I wasn’t feeling well, he told the two new comers they should leave.

Once I heard the door shut, I went into the den. Telling Mike he needed to tell me if he was bringing home more than I had planned for. Kent sat silent. I decided it was time to get somethings out in the open.

I sat on the couch, Mike a flew feet away in one recliner and Kent in the other. I asked what Jason had said about his visit. Neither said anything. Firmly, I told them they owed me the truth. Mike was first to speak. Telling me Jason told him about coming by, saw me on the deck, naked, and how hot I looked.

I turned to Kent. And you, I questioned. He reintegrated the story he had told me earlier, leaving out everything else.

Nothing was said for a couple of minutes. Finally, I started. I let them know I was disappointed with them. Mike hung his head, Kent turned away. Telling them I thought they both were mature enough to understand me tanning nude on the deck, teasing them with the masturbation and how I needed the sexual release as much as I had anticipated they did. Thankfully, or at least I hope, Mike was ignorant of the sex Kent and I had.

Aiming my next statement at Mike, I wanted him to know I knew I had allowed my own ‘wants’ to become an outlet I should have never stepped into.

I left it there and finished with ‘I’m sorry’.

When I got no response, I got up and went upstairs. I closed my door and wondered where things were going to go now.

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