Being Punished By Master

I’m 28 and teach at an all girls school. I have dark long hair and I am short and a lot of times people think I am a student instead of a teacher. Our school uniform is a short plaid skirt (and I wear tiny tong panties under it) and white blouse (a bit tight because my Master/Husband lets me wear it that way and a lace bra). Around my neck is a black collar that my Master gave me. I come home around 4 each school day to a nice house that is just for my Master and me. After a happy day at school, cause my Master lets me have a cell phone and lets me call him whenever I have time to sneak away, I hurry home to my sweet husband. Our talks always make me feel happy and I am not ashamed to say wet. Today Master told me how much He loved me and how much I mean to Him. He said He really loves my sweet little pussy and how it tastes. It made me so wet that I just had to rub it and cum. I know I shouldn’t have, because He gets mad if I play with my pussy and He isn’t around to watch. I hope He doesn’t find out.

I open the large front door hoping to meet my Husband/Master in the living room wearing only his robe and a large hard on just for me. I find Him instead in the kitchen, with a beer in his hand. This upsets me because He only drinks when he is upset. I undo the top two buttons of my blouse so my bra shows and enter the kitchen. “Hello Master.”

He turns and looks at me up and down. “Raise your skirt baby girl.”

Grabbing the hem of my school skirt, I pull it up and show Him my panties. He comes and stands in front of me and reaches forward and cups His hand on my pussy mound. “Just as I thought. You have been fingering yourself again against your Master’s orders. Am I not your Master?”

Shaking I look down at the floor still holding up my skirt. “Yes Master. My Husband/Master.”

He pulls a chain out of his pants pocket and attach’s one end to my collar and pushes pass me dragging me along with the chain. “Such a nasty dirty little slut. I will teach you to disobey. You’re nothing but a whore and I will treat you like one.” He pulls me through the house and up the stairs. I hurry to keep up with him afraid if I fall he will just drag me . As He pulls me into my bed room He stops and turns facing me. Letting go of the chain He puts both hands on the front of my blouse and pulls it open, buttons flying everywhere. Master pulls the blouse down over my shoulders which causes my arms to be pinned to my side. He reaches into His pocket again and takes out His pocket knife and grabs my bra between my titties and cuts it. My breasts with their stiff nipples now bare in full view of my Husband. He puts the knife back in His pocket and places both hands on my titties.

“Ummm, such nice tits for a girl your age (He always treats me like I’m some little girl), and big nipples. Look at them, they are stiff. You are a slut.” Master squeezes them hard, and then pinches each nipple till tears come to my eyes. I know better then to cry out unless given permission. He then grabs me by my arms lifts me and turns and throws me onto my bed. He stands at the foot of the bed looking at me. My skirt has pulled up and I know he can see my panties. I should have taken them off before coming home. He undoes his belt and pulls it off and then climbs up on the bed and on His knees moves up and over my body.

“Put out your hands you little bitch.” I reach up and holding my hands together, and Master loops the belt around my wrist and pulls the loop tight, then moving up so his ass is over my titties ties the other end of the belt to the headboard. I am unable to move. He then moves down my body till he is straddling my legs. Reaching into his pocket again, pulling out his knife He reaches for my panties and pulling the hem tight, causing the them to ride in in behind. Taking the knife and cuts my panties and bares my pussy. He tosses the knife on the nightstand.

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