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Nicolette started her last year in boarding college. She just turned 18. It was an all-girls school her parents had insisted she attend. She had been there for 4 years, only going home on term breaks. The seniors had larger rooms, two girls per room, and also had a separate bathroom. Her roommate was Tiffany. The second week they shared the room Nicolette woke to hear Tiffany moaning quietly. “Are you ok Tiff?” Nicolette asked and then realised what the moaning sounds meant. She was masturbating. Nicolette got out of bed and went to Tiffany. Nicolette was no stranger to “assisting” girls to get their pleasure. “Let me help you and you can help me” whispered Nicolette.

For a couple of weeks it became a nightly ritual. Both girls would engage in mutual masturbation. One night, in the height of ecstasy, the door opened. “What are you girls doing?” demanded Sister Maria. She had caught them in bed together, naked and enjoying each other. “Nicolette, get out of bed and pack your stuff. I am moving you” demanded Sister Maria. Nicolette quickly packed all her clothes and followed Sister Maria down the hall. “You will go into that room and take a shower” she was told. Nicolette was quick to comply. Under the watchful eye of Sister Maria she rushed into the bathroom and had a shower. She came out and was shocked to find Sister Maria sitting on the edge of the room’s double bed naked. “Now young lady” Sister Maria said as she stood up “let’s see what you have learned” and kissed Nicolette on the lips. Nicolette moaned as Sister Maria began to rub her between her legs. So began a year of constant enjoyment as Sister Maria visited her almost every night. It was there that she first experienced oral sex. She loved it, receiving AND giving.

Her parents came to her graduation. Henry, her father, and Margaret, her mother arrived in the family car. They had a driver. For as long as she could remember August drove. She looked up to see a guy standing by the car as they approached. “Where is August?” Nicolette asked. “He retired honey” said her mother “this is Walter but we call him BBC”. Nicolette looked at the new driver. He is black, maybe 30yo, over 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and a broader smile. “Hello Missy” he said. They got into the car. Henry in the front and Nicolette and her mum in the back. “Tell me all about college” her mum asked. Nicolette wasn’t about to tell everything. Just about her studies. “You didn’t make any friends?” her mum asked. “Oh one or two I suppose” Nicolette said.

Back home Walter carried in Nicolette’s suitcase. She didn’t have much as the college had a uniform which had to be worn at all times. “There you are Missy” he said. Nicolette looked at him “you will address me as Miss Nicolette” she said. “Oh sorry Miss Nicolette. Thank you. You can call me BBC”. Nicolette laughed “what sort of name is that?” she asked. “That is what people call me Miss Nicolette” he replied. He turned to leave and stopped “I will address you as Miss Nicolette” he said “what do I undress you as?” and he left the room laughing. Nicolette smiled “you will never know” she said under her breath. She unpacked her meagre belongings and wander into the sitting room. Her parents were there. She looked around. Nothing ever changed. She sat down staring out of the folding glass doors.

Her father was a senior Public Servant. The job paid very well. Her mother busied herself with a couple of charity organisations. Although she was officially a volunteer she did earn a sum of money for her work. The house they lived in was two stories. Nicolette’s bedroom was on the ground floor. Her parents slept upstairs. It was getting late she Nicolette said she was tired and went to her room. It had its own bathroom. She showered, put on her nightdress and got into bed. She slept soundly until her mother woke her. Come on dear. Time to talk. Her mother asked what was she going to do? What course at University would she take? “I think I will take a year off and then decide” said Nicolette. “Good idea honey” her mother said “now come on. Breakfast is ready”.

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