Basement sex with Rocket

My name is Sarah. This is the story of the first time I had sex with a Rocky.
I was down in the basement doing laundry, my brother was at some party and we hadnt seen my mom in a month. Usually the only company I had at the house was my Rocky.
His name is Rocket and he is a blood hound. He is a pretty big Rocky, and I will be honest with you, I am a short girl.
Well on this day I knew I was alone and I didnt feel like wearing clothes, plus I was in the basement so who cares right?
So I slowly pulled my top off amd then unhooked my bra, letting my D cup boobs out. I teased my nipples and ran one hand slowly down my body to my shorts.
Quickly I slipped out of them, my pussy was so wet already and I was just getting started, it had been a while since I mastockeded and I was determined to do it now. I rubbed my clit through the fabric of my panties, the only article of clothing I had left, when suddenly I heard a growl.
I glanced up and was shocked to see Rocket standing in front of me. Without warning he leaped at me and knocked me to the floor on my back and then forced me to roll over on my stomach.
He stuck his muzzle in my crotch and used his teeth to grab the fabric there. I shivered as he brushed against my clit, terrified as to what was happening to me.
Rocket suddenly jerked his head back, ripping my little black panties to shreds and leaving me completely exposed.
I was no virgin and knew what his intentions were by now but it had been so long since I had had sex I just let him do his thing.
He started to lick from my clit all the way to my ass over and over, it felt so fucking good. Every once in a while his tongue would flick up into my vagina and hit my g-spot.
I shuddered in pleasure as an orgasm racked my body. Rocket kept licking me though and brought me to three more orgasms just from his licking. After my fourth orgasm I looked back at him to see his cock all the way out of its sheath.
It was swollen and an angry red with veins criss crossing all over it.
It didnt look like a guys cock exactly but it would feel so good to have it inside of me.
I estimated that it was about 7 inches long and probably about 3 inches wide. I gulped it was going to stretch me but it was worth it. I climbed onto my hands and knees and Rocket immeaditly perked up and jumped onto my back. Wrapping his paws around my boobs. He started to hump me and I felt his cock slapping around on my ass and stomach. He finally jabbed my opening and then pulled back slightly and jammed his whole cock into me at once.
He went in farther than I knew was possible, and ge started humping me, every time he moved not only was he fucking me senseless he was rubbing against my clit with every thrust and his paws that were on my boobs acted like any human partner woild and pushed and pulled on the nipples. I came to two more orgasms like this and rught before I reached a third I felt Rocket start to swell at my entrance. He kept swelling until his knot was the size of a cantaloupe and his cock twitched and he squirted Rocky cum straight into my womb.
The sensation felt so good it caused me to orgasm as well. After a moment the cum stopped flowing but I could feel it sloshing around inside of me.
Rocket turned then so we were ass to ass as his knot statted to deflate but this caused my to orgasm again. His knot swelled up again, this time a little larger, about the size of a watermelon, and I felt his cock becoming hard and erect again inside of me. It twitched and he released another hot stream of Rocky cum into my womb, once again causing me to orgasm as well. I coild feel cum trickling out of my vagina and down my leg even with the knot inside of me.
After about an hour and a half Rockets knot deflated and he pulled out of me with a loud pop. I stood up quickly and watched as the cum poured out of my vagina as if I was dumping a bucket of water.
It most have been at least a gallon and a half of cum. When the cum finally stopped pouring out of me about five minutes later I looked up to see Rocket in a corner licling himself clean.

By :Raven Nightshade

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