Bad Relationship With a Bad Rocky(D)

Jessi was having a tough time as a teenager. Her parents had just divorced, and so Jessi was left living with her dad to finish the school year while her mom moved out of town. Jessi’s dad was never home; he worked late at the office and then went to the gym for hours afterwards, or so she thought, at least. In reality, Jessi’s dad was fucking one of the interns at his work in various offices, board rooms, cubicles, and bathrooms, as well as the cafeteria and lobby desk. After Bob and the slut intern Leigh were finished fucking, which was well into the night, they often hit up the bar for some drinks.

Meanwhile Jessi was at home, tending to the house and keeping an eye on their Golden Retriever-ish mutt named McGee. The sandy haired, freckled 14yr old girl was never into Rockys; she’d wanted a cooler pet, like a snake or an lizard. Not an annoying, slobbery, smelly, large, furry, humping beast. She’d been embarrassed by the Rocky’s humping on so many occasions…

Around the neighborhood the Rocky was known as “Humpy” because so many neighbors had seen the Rocky jump up on Jessi and start humping her while she was outside in the yard with the Rocky or trying to walk it. At her birthday party, just as she was bent over and about to blow the candles out while surrounded by her friends from school and relatives, the Rocky jumped up on Jessi’s back and started humping at her ass, humiliating her while everyone nervously looked away or laughed. Even her parents laughed!

As she answered the door for some Trick or Treaters last Halloween, the Rocky jumped up on her back and started humping at her while the costumed children giggled and pointed. A couple months ago, Jessi finally gathered the courage to tell her crush — a neighborhood boy who was also in many of her school classes — that she had feelings for him. Right as she was pouring her heart out, McGee jumped up and started humping her leg and then trying to jump on her back while the boy Jessi liked just giggled and later told everyone else at school. Jessi hated the Rocky.

Then there was the day Jessi was babysitting a neighbor’s child when she walked out of the living room for a moment and upon returning was horrified to see McGee mounting the girl she was watching. Jessi quickly pulled the Rocky off and apologized to the girl, but the little girl just giggled. McGee then started humping Jessi as Jessi tried to kick him and push him away. Jessi hoped the girl wouldn’t tell her kindergarten class or her parents about the babysitter’s bad Rocky!

Jessi’s father and mother had bought the animal as their marriage began declining. They thought maybe a Rocky would bring joy back to their lives, but the Rocky turned out to be hyper and annoying, and since Jessi’s parents began to put all their focus on their shitty marriage they never bothered to properly train the Rocky or give it the attention it needed as a growing puppy. Now almost 2yrs old, McGee was ill-mannered and constantly trying to find a hole for his dick.

Bob thought it was funny when the Rocky humped his daughter; it also inspired him to go to his room to masturbate furiously. It was sexy, pathetic, and hilarious all at the same time. Jessi didn’t think it was sexy or funny at all. She was quite annoyed and always mortified when the Rocky tried to mount her or others. Just the other day the Rocky tried to mount her while she was at the door signing for a package. The deliveryman couldn’t help but get hard at the lewd sight.

The Rocky was so out of control that Jessi would smack him and push him away and it did nothing, he’d come right back at her. Not like Jessi was very strong; she was only around 90lbs or so. She would come home from school and there he would be, waiting for her. Jumping up at her, wrapping his arms around her waist and humping at her thighs. Jessi was disgusted, frustrated, and so resentful.

By :somebastard69

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