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so me my girl are having sex and she does not like getting fucked in the ass. so she was sucking my dick and i was loveing it when she turnes around. i am like hell ya i get up and slowly starte to move my dick in her ass at first i just rudded her until she got all horny and then slide my dick in her. At first she started to yell and then started to moan. she acutally liked it so i went hard and faster she was moaning so much. so was just so tight it was kind of hard to fit my whole 7 1/2 inch dick in her. she started to love it and then she got on top and started to ride me. i was getting so hard and i was about to expoled in her. i pumped and 6 or 7 loads in her before she got off.

Then she sat me down and started to suck my dick i was already hard from fuking her ass that she could bearly fit my cook in her month and suck. after a while she laid down so i could fuck her pussy. she kept on yelling to fuck that she wonted me to fuck her as hard as i could. so i ramed my dick in her to where she was screamimg.she loved me fucking her in the ass she said that we are going to fuck more now. i come twice that day one in her ass and one in her pussy.

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