Babysitter Love and fucked

Mike Wilkens moved through the throng of teenagers as he made his way down the corridor to his locker. People talked excitedly and locker doors banged as they gathered together their things before leaving for the upcoming long weekend. He nodded and spoke to a few of his fellow students, never actually stopping, but somehow finding time to joke and laugh with a few of them.

He was about five foot ten and a quarterback on the high school football team. He wasn’t the starting quarterback, but he was on the team and that’s what mattered. His jock status, combined with his short dark hair, soft brown eyes and smoldering good looks made him very popular with the ladies as well. Most of the girls halted their conversations and watched as he passed, pretending not to notice their stares. Once they believed he was out of earshot, they would start giggling and chattering again. Life was good.

He turned a corner and caught a glimpse of long blonde hair near the lockers. Jessica Harner. She was on the cheerleading squad and they had been going out for a couple of months. As he neared, he saw that she was wearing her cheerleader uniform, a short white skirt and a red sport bra type top. She was talking with Julie Sykes, a beautiful and curvaceous brunette with a great set of 34 D cups. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform as well and filled out her top very nicely!

He crept up behind Jessica, his finger to his lips so Julie wouldn’t give him away, and planted a quick kiss on her long slender neck. She jumped and spun around, surprised, then smiled. Her face literally lit up when she smiled and her emerald green eyes sparkled. Damn, she was hot! Her long hair fell over her shoulders down to the small of her back and her firm, grapefruit sized tits bounced seductively inside her top as she moved closer and leaned up to kiss him.

“Hi, Mike!” she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him.

“Hey, Jess,” he replied, giving her a gentle squeeze. They were both seventeen and had started having sex three weeks earlier. Jessica had been giving him blow jobs since the second week they had been together, but it had taken her another three weeks to go all the way with him. She hadn’t been a virgin, but her only other sexual encounter hadn’t been very satisfying for her and she wanted to make sure she was ready before trying it again. Always the perfect gentleman (well usually), he hadn’t pushed her too hard and when they finally did have sex, she was like a wild animal that had finally been freed. They had done it many times since and more often than not, it was Jessica who initiated their sexual liaisons. They’d even done it at school a couple of times at her insistence, not that he put up much of a fight.

Julie pretended to examine her nails while they embraced.

“So, are we still on for tonight?” he asked, releasing her slender body. She stood about five-foot-six and weighed about one-ten. Her face fell and she shook her head.

“I can’t,” she said in a dejected tone of voice. “I promised Mrs Drew that I’d babysit Becky tonight. Sorry, babe. I forgot all about it.”

Mike looked at her, arching one eyebrow. “Becky Drew? Isn’t she old enough to take care of herself?”

Julie interrupted. “I’m gonna take off, Jess. You better hurry or you’ll be late for practice.” She smiled at Mike. “See ya later, Mike!”

Jessica nodded. “I’ll be right there.”

Mike raised a hand as she turned and walked away, her long legs disappearing under her short white pleated skirt. “See ya, Julie.”

By :BJ Cortland

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