Avery is an 18 year old Domme claims her teacher as a slave

Avery Sexton wasn’t your typical 18 year old girl. Typical 18 year old girls don’t have a popular and active profile on the worlds largest website devoted to the BDSM community. They also don’t have a converted garage with a rather large selection of bondage toys and furniture. Add to those, the fact that Avery loved to dominate and be served by women and the picture isn’t that of a well rounded, typical 18 year old woman.

Avery was a high school senior, smart and studious. She dressed well, was well liked and very popular at school. She didn’t have the look of a Domme, at least not the warped, Fifty Shades of whatever idea of what a Domme should look like. Even without the popularized look though, she was definitely a Domme, and a somewhat demanding one.

She had a few on again off again play partners, who would join her in her playroom for flogging or bondage or even an occasional suspension. But there was no full time, permanent type submissive in her life. This was one situation she hoped to change within the next year or so, because in six months she would be finished with high school and enrolling in college.

She was recognized in the local BDSM community, she went to munches and play parties. She even brought sub dates to community functions, so there were women out there who wanted to be one of her girls. But still, she often found herself pouring through the Fetlife profiles in search for the slave of her dreams.

Her methodology was solid in its concept, find the girl with the hottest picture and contact her. She sometimes spent hours, exploring the lists of people in the area or nearby towns or even other parts of the state. Some profiles had no photos at all while others might have hundreds. Due to the need for anonymity most had no facial photos or at least no identifiable facial photos.

It was during one of her excursions into the depths of the fetish website that she came upon a photograph that intrigued her. The face of the woman on the photograph wasn’t visible, but what was clearly visible on Bamabisub99’s photo was an unusual tattoo on the inside of her right wrist.

It was a triskelion about two inches across. The discovery of a triskelion on a fetish website wasn’t so unusual, but this particular tattoo touched a memory in the young Domme’s mind. She was certain she had seen this very tattoo! Adding to her surprise was where she remembered seeing the image… on the right wrist of one of her high school teachers, Rachel Richey!

Searching through the profile of Bamabisub99, Avery couldn’t find any identifiable photographs, but the hometown of the profile owner was listed as Tuscaloosa. The time-line showed no activity within the last six years so the profile seemed dormant. The owner was described as bi, female, submissive and being the slave of a male whose profile described him as a Mobile resident but whose profile did show recent activity. Everything she saw tended to confirm her theory that the woman in the photo (bound, nude in a kneeling position) was Rachel Richey! She was a University of Alabama Graduate, so was her husband and about six years ago was when she would have been graduating and moving to Mobile.

Armed with this information, Avery was torn as to how to approach her teacher. Could she use the direct approach:

“Hey Teach, ever been tied up naked in front of a crowd of strangers?”

Perhaps she should be a bit more subtle:

“I love your tattoo Ms. Richey, it seems to be popular among bisexual female slaves.”

The approach she decided to take was a bit more anonymous. Avery created a throwaway email account and sent what was intended an as innocuous message to Ms. Richey’s current personal email in an effort to make contact.

By : Erotic_Writr

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