Auntie, Are you sure

At seventeen I joined the Navy on the delayed program, which meant I wouldn’t actually leave until I was eighteen after graduation. But, I couldn’t wait to get the clean cut sailor look. With a wash board tummy, ripping muscles and tight jeans. I drove the older women crazy, once at one of my mothers parties and after a few drinks. One of my mothers friends cupped my nut sack and told me if I wasn’t my mother’s son she would screw my cock off. I just smiled as I watch her walk off as she turned a corner she looked back and winked. This even happened to me in the library, this really hot older woman came up to me, patted me on the butt as she walked by. She was the librarian, long salt and pepper hair, big full breasts, small waist, nice hips and long leg. She motioned me to the back room and she was my first older woman conquest. That was one of the best fucks I ever had and I fucked her up until I left for the Navy. But, that’s another story. Things like the the librarian happened all summer long, but, I never thought my really fine Aunt had a thing for me. I always walked around my Mother and her sister in nothing but, my boxers. A couple of times my penis would be semi-hard and would hang out on my way to the bathroom. My Mom would always tell me to cover up, but, I never thought nothing of it. They are my Mom and my Aunt. About a month before I was getting ready to ship out my Aunt offered to throw me a going away bar-b-q. The night before I had to go over my Aunts to help set up and so, she could take me shopping to get all my favorite foods. My aunt who’s name is Sheila picked me up and we hit the grocery store first. Sheila is a pretty young aunt, since my mother had me at twenty. Sheila was thirteen when I was born, now at age thirty. Sheila was successful, unmarried with no kids, she worked out rigorously. Moms, says she does that for lack of sex and they laugh about it. She stands five feet nine, long jet black hair, coco butter skin, nice round tits, shapely hips and ass. Which I was gazing at as we enter the store, she asked me to get a basket. I did as she went off to get some things, while retrieving a cart. I was mugged by the librarian. Her body felt good pressed agnist mine. I became realy hard when I heard my name being called out. I brook the lock to see my aunt standing there in disbelief. What are you doing to my nephew, she qustioned the librarian. Turning totally professional she turn to explained I was one of her favorite students and she was giving me a good by hug.Turning back to me shook my hand and told me good luck while winking at me. My aunt wasn’t fooled and I caught her eyes focused on my still hard prick. I broke the trance by asking Sheila what she wanted me to get. She told me to go get the meat, as I went to get the meat. I thought to myself, man, aunt was stun by my throbbing dick. Naw, thats just my imagination, she’s to hot to be checking her nephew out. By the time I found her again my cock had went back to normal and the flush look on her face was gone as well. But, I swore I caught her eyes darting every now and again at my stuff.Once we got to her luxjuries home she finally asked me about the librarian. I told her, she was my teacher. Don’t lie to me I’m your aunt, not your mother and I can tell when a woman is coming on to you. Just tell me the truth, I won’t judge you, she explained. I dropped my head in shame and told my Aunt that I was doing her. Doing her, she repeated? A look of doubt came over her face, then confussion, followed by a look lust. Your not going to tell my parents are you? No, but, I hope your protecting your self. I am, I assureed her as I unloaded the car. Sheila told me, to get out the mop, broom and vaccum cleaner while she change. I did as she asked, as I began to clean I looked up to she her in a tank top and a pair of tight fitting shorts. I never seen my Aunt like this before and she was extra hot as she cleaned. I could barely concintrate as her sexy body parts shook while she did her thing. Her sexy smooth legs, her round firm ass and her bouncing tits. She didn’t have on a bra and her long nipples stood erect just like my prick. Lets go, get to cleaning, when she caught me staring.By the time we finished I was so horny, my pants could barly contain me. Whew……we are finally done, she proclaimed. Thats when she got sight of my super hard on. I tried to turn away, but, she placed her hands on my sholders to stop my turn. Her eyes fixxed on my jumping dick, my, my nephew. What do we have here, she questioned? I got even hornier as she watched my cock jump. Never in my life had I been so aroused, it was like she was a snake charmer and my cock the snake. The more her breathing became erotic the more my cock jumped. Just when I thought I was going to nut, she let me go and went to her room. Moments later I heard the shower going as I began to settle down. I went to the other bathroom and got into a very cold shower. The sweat and the excitement of the day circle the drain, but, the thought of my hot Aunt sent pleasure down my spine. The shower did the job and I returned to my senses as I turn the water off. I towled my self dry,put on the right guard and coco butter my skin. I wrapped a towl around my waist and went into the bed room when…………..I stopped dead in my tracks. Mouth wide open as I took in the view, Aunt Sheila spread eagle on the bed. Fingering what looked like a nice trimmed, wet pussy. She gasped every few moments from the pleasure her finger was giving her swollen clit. We stared at one another with out saying a word. By this time my dick rose to full erection. The throbbing of my hard pole worked the towl loose while I watched her tweak her nipples. I stood naked and ready before her as she teased me as she stoked her body. The room became intimate as her gasps turned to moans and pre-cum oozed out of one eyed bandit. I never seen a sexy woman please her self before and my Aunt totally was hot. Her hair flowed over her sholders,her eyes seductive, her lips moist, her breasts full topped by her long erect nipples, her shapley legs spread. Her pussy inviteing, wet, clit swoll.Even with her naked and spread eagle on the bed. I had to ask, Auntie, are you sure?Her lips parted and she hissed yessssssss. The rug finally let my feet go and before I knew it. I was between my Aunts sexy thighs. I caught her by surprise her with my eagerness as half my cockwas in her before she wanted it. Her squeal……then her hands pushing at my chest, forcing my to back my jumping prick out of her tight cunt. Listen, it’s been awhile for me. So, go slow, she commanded. I had to force myself not to cumm, easying out of her good pusssy.She slowly release the preasure on my chest. Allowing the head of my pole to slip past her pussy lips. We gasped together as her tight wet pussy engulfed the tip of my cock. My cock throbbed as her cunt pulsed from the pleasure. The more she relaxed the deeper I sank into her brown sugar walls. Mmmmm…… your dick is long, hard and thick, she purred. The pleasure was so wonderful I couldn’t speak. This was by far the tightest and wettest pussy I ever been in. i fought not to cumm with all I had. Just as my my balls were about to nestle on her ass, Shelia tossed her head from side to side. Gooooood, young dick. Goooooood, phat cock as she exploded on my prick. Her pussy squeezed and released my penis in waves as the climax overwhelmed her. Damm… your cock is good she said. Slowly moving her hips my Aunt began to ride my dick as I slowly pumped her coochie. In and out, in and out, I fucked her wet cunt as she worked her hips. I found her erect nipple with my lipsand softly kissed it. Her body jerked cause me to sink hard into her pussy. I flicked my tongue on her nipple, again her body jerk and she moaned. I enclosed my mouth over her nipple and Shelia buck her hips up to meet my push. I sank even deeper into het wet, tight pussy. Dammmmm….Auntie, this is the best pussy…..I moaned. Shelia met my every thrust putting that plush pussy on my rod. With my rod deep in her she would swing her hips causing my rodto stroke the folds of her pussy and clit. Locking her legs around mine, locking us in this position. She swung her self into orgasm after orgasm as her pussy creamed my pole. My tongue caressed her nipple making her hips go crazy. Shelia reaches between us and dip her fingers in her juices. I was really shocked when she put her fingers in her mouth. Mmmmmmm…..that taste soooooooo….gooooooood. My dick throbbed as I witness the freaky act. Wild eyed, Shelia asked, had I ever tasted pussy juice before? Shaking my head no, she qickly coatedher fingers in her juices then placed them in my mouth. I don’t know what I expected, but, I was pleasently surprised. The nectar delighted my tongue and shifted my hips into overdrive. That slapping sound rang out as I pound my Aunts pussy. You know that sound when you and your partner aren’t making love any longer, but, has moved on to fucking. Aunt Shelia worked her hips to meet each plung as she held me tight, legs still locked behind mine as she fucked me. With sweet pussy juice dancing in my mouth, her erect nipples rubing my chest, her soft, wet tight pussy squeezing my cock and every muscle in my body straining. I was fucking Aunt Shelia sexy pussy, nearing my first climax. I can’t hold back any longer I yelled….. me too. I heard her say as I shot my hot jism deep in my Aunts cunt. Her pussy went in to convulsions, gripping and releaseing my penis as she yelled I’m cummmmmmmmmming. She went limp as I colapsed on top of her, my prick still jerking in her. Panting and sucking for air, my mind was reeling
from the best fuck I ever had, on top of that it came from my Aunt Shelia. I regained my composure with my cock still hard and my Aunts pussy still sucking it. Your still hard, my goodness, she realized? Can I keep doing you, I asked her? Yeah , but, go slow this time, she cautioned.

The Navy is good to me, I’ve grown into a fine officer and a well rounded man. I hate to use this saying, but, I have a woman in every port. Africa, Francs, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Philippians and Australia. In the Navy we work hard and play even harder. Even with all the women of the world in my play ground. My mind would always return to Aunt Shelia and that last summer I spent at home. It’s been four years since that hot summer, the summer that my Aunt showed me how to become a great lover. I keep in touch and she always ask, when will I be home? Good question, I have thirty days leave coming up. Which is the military equivalent to vacation.

I was stationed in Trieste, Italy, I caught a military hop to Greece and from there I got a commercial flight home. My Moms met me at the airport, after the tears and my baby is home. Which lasted about fifteen minutes, I asked were my father was. She clamed her self and with a matter of fact look. she told me that they are separated, they didn’t tell me because they didn’t want to worry me. I took it with a grain of salt and asked where Aunt Shelia was. Oh, she’s parking the car with her friend Lynn. They should be here any minute. She then looked at me with this wicked smile and said, I know. Totally clueless, I said, know what? Don’t try and play your Mother, I carried you for nine months boy!!!

Just then Aunt Shelia and her friend Lynn walked up holding hands. Lynn is a hottie, shorter than Aunt Shelia and very thick. She has huge breast, a small waist, shapely hips, that ran down to sexy calf’s, a phat ass and long flowing hair. I got a bonner just looking at her. Just then Shelia hugged and kissed me, is that for me or my girlfriend she whispered. After her wicked comment, she started with the tears. Here we go again with the tears, I said. This got Mom started again as I pushed them both towards the luggage bin. We got my sea bag and luggage on our way to the SUV. Lynn drove so Mom and Shelia could focus on me. Once they settled down and I told them everything I could remember. They finally gave me a minute to breath. I took a long look at Shelia, still fit and hot as ever. Hi Lynn, I’m Michael. I know who you are, I feel like your my nephew, I know so much about you. These two women do nothing but, talk about there son, Michael. Well, I’m sorry if they bored you with the likes of me. Don’t be silly were family.

The rest of the ride was full of small talk about what Mom and Shelia had been up to. The two sister grew a lot closer since Dad and her split. From what I could gather Mom and Dad just grew apart, but, they were better friends now. They were much happier this way. Aunt Shelia took over her company and was thinking about having a baby. Her and Lynn moved in together she’s your Aunt’s protégée, Mom announced.

We arrived at Moms house and everyone grabbed a bag. Moms had this huge dinner spread. She told me to get settled and freshen up as they prepare things. The door bell rang, Dad in the house I heard him yell. Let me look at you as he reached for my hand. Shook it firmly then gave me a big hug. Mom started crying again as we all sat down to eat. Aunt Shelia sat next to me, father at the head of the table and Lynn and Mom sat next to one another. I noticed as Shelia sat she hiked up het skirt, ware I could see her panties. But, no one else could, white satin panties such a turn on. My cock almost jumped out my pants, good thing we were sitting down. Shelia caught a glimpse of my dick and whispered in my ear, you like what you see, don’t you?? I had to adjust my prick so I wouldn’t hurt myself. No whispering Mother insisted as we bowed our heads to give thanks and reached for our favorites. The small talk started, but, I couldn’t help focusing on my Aunt Shelia’s panties. I wished I could drop down, spread her thighs and burry my face in her hot cunt. My dick was throbbing at this point and Shelia could see it. With one hand she reached over and stroked my dick through my pants. Just a few nice strokes, then she unzipped my pants as father was telling us how proud I made them. My cock sprang out and hit Shelia’s hand. It surprised her, but, she quickly played it off. She started playing with the butter, pretending to butter up a roll. But, she got more butter on her hands than she did the roll. I thought she was reaching for her napkin, but, instead you grabbed my penis. With her butter covered hand she began to jack my dick. Right there with everyone clueless to the fact. The butter provided an excellent lubrication and it took all I had not to show any emotion. She was working my cock like a pro, up and down my shaft, pulling my prick by the base while she pumped my dick. I had to reach over and touch her hot twat. She jumped as my hand glided over her thigh and rubbed her cunt through her panties. The heat and the softness of her pussy made me throb even more. I could tell that the massage I was giving her pussy was getting to her. Her voice cracked and she could hardly keep her eyes open. Her panties became moist as she tightend her grip on my pole. Her strokes became slower as she workered my prick. Just then Mom sugguested we move to the family room, the look on my face must of been priceless. As I took my hand away from Aunt Shelia’s coochie. Mom’s don’t miss a thing, Micheal, you alright, she inquired. I had to clear my throat to answer her. Sure Mom, I’m good while Shelia picked up the pace on my cock. The pleasure and the torture was asome, I caught my breath when she finally released me. I couldn’t get up because my dick was out and hard as a rock. Aunt Shelia covered for me thou, telling me to sit and relex. I’ll get those for you as she smiled and winked at me. This gave me some time to let my cock get soft so I could put it back in my pants. A couple of spoonse fell on the floor and Lynn bent to pick them up. She had a clear view of my throbbing dick, I heard her say oh, my, as she stumbled to pick up the silver ware. I thought I would be getting soft, but, knowing Lynn was looking at my hard penis made me more excited. She stood to her feet all wide eyed and giddy. She could barely look at me as she figure out what went on.

In four years thing haden changed much, Mom and Dad fussed over which move to watch. Which was really funny. Dad was into the drama’s and love stories. Mom was really into the action and comedies. While they fussed Shelia and Lynn jockey to sit next to me. The family room is a nice size room. Big screen T.V. along each wall was three long very plush couches. In the middle of the room was a very large and comfortable bean bag. Everyone knew that was Mom and Dad’s spot. I always like the sofa in the rear, best sound quality. Aunt Shelia usually relaxes on the sofa to the left of the tube. Things got settled quickly when Mom gave in and agreed to watch the Seat Filler and Lynn told Aunt shelia, you had him at dinner. With that Lynn grabbed a blanket that Mom kept all over the room and sat next to me. I give Shelia a look, she just hunched her shoulders and settle on her sofa. Mom and Dad got into there favorite position on the bean bag. Trying to be funny I cleared my throat, excuse me, excuse me, and asked, aren’t you two separated?? They just told me to mind my business as the movie was starting.

The opening credits were still rolling when I felt Lynn grabbing at my prick. I looked over at Shelia who just watched as Lynn got my prick out. She pumped it a few times then covered it with the blanket. Shelia was laying on her side not really paying to much attention to the movie. She watched Lynn stroke my cock under the blanket. Her hand slipped under her skirt and between her legs as Lynn fondled my nut sack. The light finally went off in my head that this will be my first two women experience. My cock rose to the attention as I pulled free Lynn’s very firm 38 DD’s. Wow, I thought, I would of never guessed she was packing like this. Both of my hands were full of soft firm breast. Her nipples are long and erect, I can’t wait to put my mouth on those breast. I had to look under the blanket to see the most perfect breast I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t take my hand off her tits as she stroked my long cock. Lynn pulled back the blanket to show my Aunt my fully erect dick. Shelia’s eyes got wide as she saw what Lynn had in her hands. About that time my parents excused themselves just like usual. You kids enjoy the movie, Mom told us. The last we heard from her was when she squealed, ooooh when Dad popped her on the behind. As soon as we heard the door to Mom’s room shut.

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