Aunt Mel’s Dirty Secret

Last summer was one of the most exciting yet unusual
summers I’ve ever had. Between getting our new Rocky and
my niece staying with us, my life was never the same.

I was an 18 year old girl who was a virgin. I’ve had
boyfriends in the past but it never went anywhere. In
order to get out my sexual frustrations I would
masturbate frequently. Sometimes to my own imagination
but mostly to porn and I like ALL types of porn.

One night while I was masturbating I was trying to
find something new when I came across a bestiality
video. I was disgusted as I watched a male German
Shepard fuck a blond girl with small titties but I
soon found myself rubbing my clit and cumming in a
matter of seconds. I felt ashamed at first but I would
very soon go back and watch bestiality. It became an
everyday thing.

At the beginning of summer my parents brought home a
female golden retriever. We named her Blondie. Blondie
became my Rocky. She slept in my room every night and
was by my side all the time. Just to be clear, when we
got Blondie I didn’t think of having sex with her
because I figured she was a girl Rocky so she wasn’t
hormone driven like male Rockys were. And it wasn’t like
she could fuck me anyways so I just didn’t bother with
it. Well I was wrong about the whole thing.

One Saturday, my parents went to go visit my older
brother out of town and pick my niece up since she was
going to stay the summer with us. My brother was
really older than me. He was married by the time my
parents decided to have me. And when I was two my
uncle had my niece Claire. So I have a 19 year old

Well anyways I decided this was the perfect time to
get some alone time to masturbate. With Blondie lying
next to me I took of my clothes, turned on the porn
and starting rubbing myself all over. Usually when I
masturbate I keep my clothes on since my parents are
usually home. But when they leave I get completely
naked. In the middle of everything, Blondie suddenly
got up. I paid no attention to her until she got
directly in front of my open legs and started licking
my pussy.

“Blondie no! Stop it.” I tried to push her head away
but she kept coming back. I really tried to make her
stop but the feeling was incredible and soon I just
gave up.

“Oh my god Blondie. That feels so good.” She continued
lapping at my pussy and licking up my juices. That’s
when I noticed she was swallowing! She was legit
eating my pussy juices and she was enjoying it. I was
seriously horny. I forgot all about the porn I had
going on. This felt so incredible that I didn’t even
have to think to cum. Blondie was licking all over my
pussy and then she brought me to the best orgasm I’ve
ever had.

“That’s it Blondie lick my pussy. Oh hell yeah. Fuck.
Fuck. FUUUCK YEEAAH!” I came and Blondie licked faster
to get all my juices. I was still in shock from the
whole incident when I heard my parents pull up. I
quickly got dressed and made it to the front door just
as they walked in.

“Aunt Mel!” Claire said as she hugged me. Pressed
together I could feel her breasts rubbing on my still
sensitive nipples. It sent shivers through me. I will
be honest, I had a hot niece and trust me, she was no
virgin. She had dark hair just like me, round perky
breast and a nice ass. I mean a REALLY NICE ass. I
wanted to touch it all the time but I figured she’d
just freak out.

“I’m so excited we get to spend the summer together!
We’re going to have so much fun Mel.”

I loved my niece. But we were more like cousins since
our age was so close together. I was excited she was
staying with us but also disappointed because now I
wouldn’t be able to masturbate as often. She’d be
staying in the guest room but I know she’ll always
want to do something together.

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