Aunt Kristy’s Birthday Party

“Be there at 9 pm, Tristen!” my mother said excitedly
over the phone. Apparently she, my father Stephen and my
uncle Troy all had gotten together and planned a surprise
birthday party for my 48, soon to be 49, year old Aunt
Kristy at one of the local halls here in Atlanta,

I listened closely as my mom gave me directions on where
to go and added the occasional “uh huh” to the
conversation, just so she’d know I was still paying
attention. “9 pm at the Pitino Centre, enter at the rear
of the building and park in the back.” I repeated to my
mother, feeling much like a parrot. “Yes that’s it, now I
have to get back to work but will see you there son,
don’t forget!” Before I could reply, mom had hung up the
phone on her end.

At 19 I could think of more entertaining ways to spend a
Friday night than to go to my mother’s older sister’s
birthday party where I’d doubtlessly be bored to tears.
Spending time with the Playstation, going to the mall
with my buddies or putting a porno in of Kylie Ireland
and her adventures were way more appealing. But I did
what I had to do, and if this made my folks happy, so be
it. After all my life wasn’t very difficult now. I worked
a part time job at one of the local groceries and worked
out daily to get into better shape for joining the
military in the next few months. So until I did join the
Air Force, I was just killing time.

My mind wandered to what I’d be doing there at the party.
I daydream quite a bit and so it came naturally to me. I
could picture a blonde on each arm as we made our way
around the room, smiling at family and friends of the
family, the envy of every guy there. But reality has a
tight grip on me as well and I snapped back for a minute.
Realistically I doubted I’d find any cuties there at all
and I’d be lucky not to break out in a bad case of yawns
but again, I’m the kind of guy that does what’s required
of me so I don’t say no to family or friends.

Aunt Kristy is one of my favorite aunts and has always
been. She’s got a great sense of humor and we’ve always
joked around and laughed since I was a kid. In fact, I’d
spend time at her and uncle Troy’s house playing with my
cousins Ted and Kelly when I was growing up. Now though,
Ted and Kelly have both enlisted in the Air Force and
I’ve been waiting my turn to go to.

Unfortunately both were stationed overseas now so
wouldn’t be at the party to hang out with me to alleviate
my boredom. I thought maybe I could laugh some more with
Aunt Kristy, and if nothing else, that would make the
time pass faster. That and maybe some Jack Daniels and
his buddy Coca-Cola.

It was currently 4 pm and my parents were both still at
work. I went outside and did some yard work, mowing the
lawn, trimming the hedges and weed eating. I made it back
inside at 6, shaved and showered and dabbed on the
obligatory cologne and then played some Twisted Metal on
my Playtstation until it was time for me to leave for the

During the drive I had thoughts again of the blondes from
my imagination and of Kylie Ireland and what I’d do with
her if I had a chance. Before I realized it, I was
already at the Pitino Centre where I parked the car in
the back as instructed, then sauntered inside to see what
was going on.

As I entered the building I noticed quite a few people
mingling around one another, most with cigarettes and/or
drinks in hand. Some I recognized as friends of the
family while others were complete strangers to me. I then
spotted my mom, Carolyn, who came over and introduced me
to some men and women who were near her in a semi-circle.
“Alice, Brent, Lucy, this is my son Tristen.”

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