Aunt Carol Incestuous Sexual Awakening

Aunt Carol is mom’s younger sister. She is five years younger and is built like Jessica Simpson, if Jessica was tall with long, beautiful legs. Aunt Carol stands at 5’9” and is all legs. She had always been my favorite. As a kid growing up, she was always willing to spend time with us kids, always taking time to play games and ask us about school and our friends. I walked around with an perpetual hard-on, as I started noticing girls. To me, Aunt Carol was a beauty queen and I started noticing her tight clothing that showed off her hot body. Unlike the girls at school, aunt Carol has real big beautiful tits that fill out the tight blouses she likes wearing.

As I grew older, I got into Playboys (this obviously took place several years ago) and my admiration for all parts of a woman’s anatomy increased. The pictures would emphasize a woman’s tits, ass, tight body, hips and legs. Plus, all the women were made up to look completely gorgeous. To me, that become the idea of the perfect woman. What I also discovered was that aunt Carol could easily have been a Playboy model. She has a gorgeous face; not cute, gorgeous, elegant. Britney Spears is cute, but Nicole Kidman is elegant. She is tall with long legs, nice hips with a slim waist and a rack that is just as big as the women in Playboy. At the time I knew nothing about sizes, all I knew is that they were big and perfect. Her ass was a work of art. Similar to Jessica Simpson, only slightly bigger but tight and full. She looked like a goddess in whatever she wore – jeans, shorts or bikini. The shorts and bikinis best showed off her best feature – her long, smooth legs. Needless to say, I walked around with a hard-on whenever she was around.

So, when my mom asked if I would join them on the 4-day adults-only cruise they were scheduled for in a week, where I would be aunt Carol’s “date”, I immediately said “YES!” I am not sure if I was a bit too loud and too excited, but I really didn’t care. Dad, mom, aunt Carol and her fiancé had been planning the cruise for several months. She had originally called to tell her that she and Brad had broken off their engagement due to him cheating on her with a lady from work. We would later find out out that the lady was the office tramp. She had nothing on aunt Carol, but his loss would be my gain. She was calling to cancel, saying she was not in the mood and did not want to be a third-wheel with mom and dad on the trip. Mom convinced her to go as planned, volunteering me as her “date”….and that is how I ended up tagging along on the cruise.

I had not see Aunt Carol for close to two years. She had moved four hours away for a job that paid her very well and it was the kind of job she had always dreamed of. As difficult as it was, she moved away with most of the family still in town. She was unable to visit often, but the two times she did, I was out of town.

A kid can grow up significantly in two years. I had recently graduated from high school and I was sixteen when I last saw her in person. When I first walked out through the back door, I was pleasantly surprised. She was just as hot as always, laying out by the pool with mom and a glass of wine in her hand. She immediately got up to hug me and I realized that I was now taller than her (I had grown to 6′ tall from the last time I saw her) and that she felt great in my arms with her tits pressed tight against my chest. The bikini she was wearing certainly added to her hotness.

She started yelling, checking me out up and down, excitedly telling me how much I had grown and how handsome I looked. I certainly could not argue with her on that point. For the past four years I was on the wrestling team and I had obviously been weight lifting to give me a competitive advantage. She asked if I had a girlfriend, saying that the girls must be fighting with each other to be with me. I told her that I had broken up with my girlfriend recently and was not ready to start anything new with anyone anytime soon. Mom got up to refill their wine glasses while I sat there talking to aunt Carol about the last two years and my plans for college. Mom was gone for about fifteen minutes, enough time for me to sneak a peak at all of aunt Carol’s body. Thankfully mom came back, telling me to give them some privacy, saying I would have plenty of time to speak with my aunt on the cruise.

We were due to check in the next day for the cruise, so we decided to order a pizza for dinner and go to bed early. While the pizza arrived, both mom and aunt Carol jumped in the shower, separately. They came out dressed in regular shorts and a t-shirt. I was hoping she would have stayed in her bikini. Oh well. After dinner, we watched TV and soon my mom and dad left for bed, reminding us not to stay up late as tomorrow was a busy day and we needed to get up early. We didn’t stay up much later before I told her I was going to bed. She followed me down the hall and hugged good night prior to walking over to the guest room. Again, her tits felt nice pressed against my body. After being in bed for a few minutes, she knocked lightly on my door prior to walking into my room dressed a pair of tight shorts and a tight crop top that showed her hard nipples poking through her shirt, tight stomach and long legs. Damn!

She explained that she had not packed her phone charger and was hoping I had and extra cord. I jumped out of bed to see if I could help her. I was only wearing a pair of boxers, but I was not thinking. I found the extra cord that she was looking for and gave it to her. After I was in bed, I started thinking about what had just happened and realized she had been checking me out, in a not so casual way. I also realized that there was a tent in my boxers. I have a nice 7” cock that my two ex-girlfriends have complemented me on. So, I am sure she saw it. I kept tossing and turning in bed, worried she would mention something to my parents in the morning. Not knowing what to do, I started jacking off, fantasizing about her in the bikini I had seen her in when I first got home. I made a bigger mess than normal, but it certainly helped me to fall asleep.

The torture continued the next morning. As usual, we were all in a hurry when the shuttle arrived to take us to the port to board the ship. She was wearing a halter top with spaghetti strings that made her tits look amazing. Her tits were holding it place just fine that the strings were not necessary. She as wearing short shorts with high-heel sandals, making her legs look delicious. Once again, I felt a hard on coming on. With all commotion of loading up the luggage and checking that I had everything I wanted to take with me, it helped bring it down. I loaded a couple of books, a deck of cards, my iPad and other items that I might need. We jumped into the van and the four of us were on our way.

We dealt with the expected crowd at check-in and that was when we discovered the oversight of only two rooms. My dad offered to share a room with me, so the two sisters could share a room. She immediately protested, saying she was not going to ruin the trip for them and that she and I would figure it out. She grabbed her room key from my dad and we all agreed to meet by the pool bar in an hour. I turned to dad, shrugged my shoulders and followed her to our room. We unloaded our luggage, laid down on the bed for a few minutes before she walked into the bathroom to change. She came out wearing a hat, sunglasses, and her bikini with a sarong tightly wrapped around her ass. I had changed while she was in there, so I grabbed my cap and sunglasses and we headed to the bar. She put her hand in my arm, reminding me that I was her date and from that point I needed start acting like it. I chuckeled and asked her what that involved. She said I would need to act like a boyfriend, fetching drinks, applying suntan lotion, and pretty much anything else that would make her happy. Also, I would need to stop calling her aunt Carol. I could call her Carol, honey, or babe. I told her I would be the best boyfriend she ever had. We both laughed as we were arriving at the bar.

My parents were already there, with a drink each in their hand. They also had a wine waiting for her and Coke waiting for me. We sat a the bar for a few drinks before deciding to find some lounge chairs to hang out by the pool. Mom and dad walked ahead of us, as I walked over to Aunt Carol to offer my arm. She looked up at me and gave me a happy smile. We lucked out, finding four empty lounge chairs. They were laid out with two in front and two in back. Dad and I took the two rear ones and mom and her sister taking the two in front. By now, they were in several drinks and feeling no pain. Me? I was completely sober with 4 Cokes. Mom and her sister got up to go to the restroom and I discovered something that had been under my nose the whole time. Mom looked fucking hot in her bikini. She always wore a one-piece at home, but I suppose she bought a two-piece for the cruise, thinking it was going to be my aunt’s fiancé coming and not me. Her ass looked just as tight as her sister’s with the bikini that look a size too small on her tight, sweet ass. Why had I never noticed? As they walked away, my dad asked “So, who do you think had a nicer ass?”

“Mmm, I don’t know”

“Your mom’s not bad for a 40 year old sexy lady, huh?”

“No. It’s…it’s…uh…nice.”

We stayed quiet while staring at them while they walked away. Both Carol and mom were fucking sexy in their bikinis with slim waists and tight butt’s as they walked away. Looking around, I could see several other guys checking them out. They soon returned and took their seats with a fresh glass of wine in their hands. Dad got up to us the restroom and I decided to stay behind. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun while mom and Carol gossiped about people on the ship. They soon started talking about Brad and how she had found out and what a pathetic loser he was. That was also when aunt Carol mentioned that he had not been fulfilling his duties for the past several months and that she was very horny. They must have forgotten I was there. I almost gave myself away when I heard Carol say “I am so horny, I might even take advantage of your son.” My mom’s reply was certainly not expected “Go ahead, I’m sure he would enjoy that.” They both laughed with my mom continuing “The way he was undressing you with his eyes last night by the pool, I’m sure he would be up for the challenge.” They soon went back to mocking the people around us and dad had made his way back, explaining he had gotten lost.

We went to grab some lunch. While at lunch, it was announced that a Calypso band would be playing on the top deck. Mom and dad both passed, but Carol said she wanted to go check it out. It sounded like fun so I grabbed her hand and took her with me. We heard the band from far away and let our ears help us find them. We were dancing and having fun, with me watching my sexy aunt shake her ass. She is absolutely a beauty! I allowed myself to fantasize and to think of her as my girlfriend. I grabbed her and took the lead. I reached around her and put my hand on the small of her back while keeping her tight against me body as we danced. She felt great in my arms against my body. I had a chubby that I was able to control from becoming a full erection.

We decided to return to our room and take a nap before dinner. She’d had too much wine and the sun had also played a part in getting her tired. While we walked back to our room, my fantasy continued, with her putting her hand in mine. To anyone else, we looked like a couple. She asked if I minded her holding my hand, perhaps I did not want to be seen with an old woman. I told her that I certainly did not mind. I looked at her and told her she was only 35 and beautiful! I also meantioned the fact that she did not look her age, she looked more to be in her mid 20’s. I was the lucky one to have her holding my hand. She smiled at me and said that complements like that would get me far. We arrived at our room and we both jumped on the bed. I was lying on my back when she decided to cuddle up to me, throwing her arm around my chest and her leg over my leg. Once again her tits were pressed against me. How I managed to fall asleep with an erection, I’ll never know.

By the time I woke up, Carol was already in the shower getting ready for dinner. When she walked out, I was once again tortured. She walked with her hair wrapped in a towel and a small towel wrapped around her body that covered her tits and barely came below her butt cheeks. I was definitely trying my hardest to remove that towel with my eyes. She smiled at me flirtatiously and told me to jump in the shower. She explained that she was going to get dressed while I showered.

When we walked out of our cabin, I was standing tall and proud holding my dates hand. She looked amazing in her little black dress. She went from Jessica Simpson to Jessica Rabbit. Checking out her ass, I noticed there weren’t any panty lines. That alone drove me crazy. I got a little brave and said to her “Come on babe, I can’t wait to show you off.” She laughed and asked if I really liked what she was wearing. My answer was “Oh yeah. You look very sexy.” “I’m glad you approve.” she responded. We walked in silence, hand in hand, the rest of the way. We found my parents at the restaurant and walked up the host to be seated.

It was the nicest restaurant on board, with everyone dressed up nicely, enjoying the fine dining. The food was excellent. We were in international waters and I was able to order any alcoholic beverage of my choice. I ordered a long island iced-tea, determined that I would only be ordering one, assuming Carol would not want a sloppy drunk as her date. The conversation was good and they certainly had more than one drink at dinner. They got louder and funnier and I was having a blast. Who knew my parents could be so much fun? The plan for the night was dinner and a dance.

It was a combination of a restaurant and dance floor. They had both live music and a DJ. The live music was made up of a big band that played anything from Sinatra, Bennett and Martin to fast beat swing music. Unbeknownst to my aunt, my ex and I had taken dance lessons on a dare, so she was pretty impressed when I lead her around the dance floor. Mom and dad joined us, but were nowhere near as good as us. When we sat down, there were several people both men and women, that came over to complement us, telling me my girlfriend and I looked great out there. Carol heard this and teased me a bit about it, which I loved.

“So, am I your girlfriend now?”

Remembering their conversation earlier about her maybe taking advantage of me and still feeling a buzz from my drink earlier, I was bit cocky with my answer. “I don’t think you could handle being my girlfriend.”

With I shocked look on her face, her response was “Why don’t you try me, you little cocky fucker?” We both laughed it off as I heard my favorite song from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy play. It was one of the songs my ex and I had actually practiced to while learning to dance. I grabbed her and walked to the dance floor. As I kept spinning her and then bringing her back to me, it felt like she was pressing her big breasts hard into my chest. I was loving the feeling and continued, trying my best to impress my date. When the song was over, she asked if she was good enough to be my girlfriend. I laughed and nodded my head. She quickly put one hand behind my head and gave me a peck directly on my lips, something a girlfriend would do. Was she claiming me to keep the other ladies away? As a virile 18 year old, I somehow made my way back to the table, struggling with my hard on, as she pulled me my hand.

A slow song came on and all four of us got up onto the dance floor. My parents were certainly enjoying their cruise. They starting lightly kissing with one of my dad’s hands on her beautiful ass. Around the house, they had always shown physical attraction towards each other, up to the point of my dad joking that he wanted to take my mom back to their bedroom. When I looked over to see them, it made me happy that they were having fun. Holding my hot aunt with a killer body in my hands, there was so much I wanted to do to her, but also knew I shouldn’t. I certaintly held her tight against me, feelign her breast against my chest. When I started feeling my dick getting hard, I loosened my grip on her, hoping she had not felt it. “Johnny, hold me again how you were holding me, that felt nice” she whispered in my ear. Reluctantly, I did as she asked. When her crotch came into contact with mine, I heard her give off a soft moan. That song was followed by another slow song that only prolonged my embarrassment. Here I am, holding my mom’s sister while she is feeling the biggest hard on I have ever had push up against her pussy. WTF! The song ended and once again she reached behind my head to gently pull my head down for another peck. This peck was slower and I felt her tongue come out to sensually slide across my lips. Holy shit, was she serious about what she told mom earlier today out by the pool? Had mom been serious about giving her permission? Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!!! “Am I being a good girlfriend?” she asked in a very seductive voice, bringing me back to reality. “Uh huh” was all I could say while nodding my head.

We all hung out and had a blast dancing and drinking. On several occasion she would rest her hand on my lap as I rested my arm around her on the chairs back. To anyone else in the restaurant, we were definitely a couple. The whole time I kept thinking what that kiss meant and what would happen once we got back to our cabin. On several occasions she would look over and squeeze my thigh while winking at me with a very sexy look. Eventually, the night came to an end and we had to return to our cabin. With my dad struggling a bit, we first walked them to their cabin before heading to ours.

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