Audra endures even more at the hands of her cruel mistress

3 Weeks Later

Audra’s heart raced as she pondered the events that would take place the next day. She had barely passed the last 3 ‘tests’ and it was time for her ‘final exam.’ Tomorrow she would have to take everything she had learned over the past month and a half and apply it while being touched by Mistress for the first time. She had been told by Candy that Mistress tested each of her girls differently, and there was no way to predict what would tickle her fancy once she walked into her ‘office.’ The only advice she could give her was to follow every direction she was given completely and immediately. Candy, of course, didn’t really care if she passed or not. If she passed, Candy would get a new plaything to break in over the next 6 weeks; if she failed, Audra would be back to start at the beginning with her sensitivity dialed up to a point that would make cooperation impossible at first.

Audra tried to sleep as best she could, but was plagued by nightmares of what was to come. When the heavy bolt unlocking her door disengaged, her heart plunged into her stomach. Her wait was over.

The next hour or so was almost identical to every other day leading up to now. She was fed and ‘prepped’ for her day’s activities and her makeup and hair were done to perfection. She was handed a very thin set of white satin full-back panties and a thin white satin camisole with spaghetti straps. As she dutifully donned the garments, she couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable at their fit. The panties were just a shade too small, but the camisole was quite small. She shimmied her way into the lingerie and glimpsed herself in one of the many mirrors of the prep room. Her pert breasts were hugged tightly by the slinky fabric and the panties stretched to accommodate her near perfect form. Every curve of her body was plainly visible. It seemed ironic that, with all of the time she had spent naked and abused over the last 6 weeks, now that she was clothed, she was embarrassed. A polished, expensive looking pair of white stiletto heels were presented to her and she slipped them on.

One of the women who prepared her then led her down the long hallway to her final destination. A look of pity flashed in her eyes as she leaned close and spoke.

“No matter what happens, no matter how much it hurts, or how gross it seems, or how uncomfortable it makes you; do what you are told. What you’ve seen so far will seem like heaven compared to what will happen if you cross her.” The girl warned.

“O-okay.” Audra stammered.

Her mind began to race. What kind of hell could be worse than what she’d been through? A thin veil of sweat glistened on her body as she went cold. She knew that if she were to buckle today, the consequences would be worse than she would possibly imagine. It took sheer willpower to continue clicking down the hallway toward what would be, at best, a highly tense and uncomfortable day in the clutches of a sadistic fiend of a woman who would use her body as a playground; and at worst, her certain doom.

Her journey reached its end as they approached a heavy oaken door at the end of the hall. Her companion pressed the red intercom button to the right of the door.

“Yes?” a voice responded.

“M-mistress, y-your slut for today is here.” She said.

Audra flinched as she thought of herself as a slut. As if she was doing any of this willingly. As if she enjoyed even a second of it. She knew that she would have to choke down the outrage if she had a chance at success today. Were they playing games with her? Of course they were. Her thoughts were cut short.

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