Asian client becomes Black contractor’s weekend fucktoy

All of this happened when my fiancé and I bought a fixer-upper just before we got married. It needed major work, including taking down some interior walls and reconfiguring the spaces. Fortunately, my dad is a partner in an engineering firm, and he helped me design it, and got one of the contractors he works with to do the work for cheap.

Cal was the owner of the construction company. He was in his fifties, about my dad’s age, and they had worked together for a long time and were social friends. Cal and his wife came over regularly to our house for dinner, and after I turned eighteen, I began to notice his muscular body. He was thick all over, with huge arms and powerful looking thighs. When he talked to me, I would melt under his seductive personality.

There was a rocky time between my dad and Cal when Cal had had sex with one of his female clients and the husband, who was a developer and a big client of my dad’s engineering firm, found out and didn’t take it well. By that time, I was old enough that my dad talked about it in front of me, and I was fascinated to hear that Cal had a long history of extramarital affairs which concerned the other partners at my dad’s company.

By that time, I had had sex with enough guys to see Cal’s appeal. It wasn’t just that he was a physical specimen, you could tell he was a man who was going to take you hard and in the way he wanted. Apparently, he had done a number on the client’s wife and left her pretty battered physically. My dad’s firm wanted to cut all ties to Cal and his company, but my dad was loyal to Cal, even though he himself was disturbed by Cal’s actions. Part of the reason that my dad was upset was that he was a good friend of Cal’s wife, and had introduced the two of them.

As someone attracted to alpha males, I understood better than my dad what was going on. I knew Cal wasn’t a rapist, but someone who found submissive women who wanted to be taken hard. I had been with many men like him, and knew why women like me were drawn to them. But my dad didn’t see how he could continue to work with him on projects.

Somehow, my dad’s relationship with Cal survived that incident. My mom stuck up for him, and having a woman’s support went a long way for Cal. I always understood that my dad had been instrumental in making sure that Cal kept getting work from his firm, and I assumed it was for this reason that Cal had agreed to help me with my remodel on the cheap.

Cal came over to the house to look things over one Friday afternoon while I was alone. He was supposed to come later when Steven, my fiancé, was at home. Not having seen him in a while, I was struck again by how physically powerful he looked, even in his fifties. And he still gave off the air of a man you didn’t want to cross. It didn’t take long before the thought of him inside me crossed my mind. Even though I was about to get married, and was attempting to change my slutty ways, I still gave in to my compulsions every now and then.

Cal greeted me with a hug that lasted a little longer than was appropriate, I thought. Then right away, he started to suggest that he might want something in return for his help.

“I’m practically doing this job for free,” he said to me, as we talked in my kitchen. “You know that right?”

“Well, Cal, I know and I really appreciate it,” I said.

“You might think I’m doing this as a favor to your dad,” he went on. “But it’s not like we’re the best of friends.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“That there might have been other reasons I agreed to do this for you,” he said cryptically.

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