Asha With Our Servant

Hi All this is another experience of Asha my wife and me. Asha as you all now know is my horny wife in her late thirties. She has saggy but big breasts like giant mangoes shaped really nicely, quite large and her nipples, sexy nipples always erect. Her areolas are wide and as big as my palm. Her nipples are dark brown and when excited stands out a good 2 inches.

I love sucking on those mammoth aerolas and sexy big nipples. She now keeps arm pit hair and hardly removes them. It has enhanced her sexiness and she loves to be licked there. She gets really horny when I lap up her arm pits and finger fuck her ever wet and hot cunt. Her pussy is out of this world and just the way I like-really wet, hot inside and juiced up all the time. It is really hairy and smells all the time.

No matter how many times she washes her cunt but due to her horniness; remains wet all the time and mixed with her urine, increases the pungent smell of her moist cunt. I love to lick her hairy pussy and she also really enjoys me going down on her. Basically her weak points are almost every part of her body. Her cunt, her arm pits, her nipples and her stomach.

What a stomach she has smooth and chubby, fat at the right areas, love handles on the side and her navel ever so deep and sexy. This story is one of her initial experience and it happened about 2 years ago. We have a house help, his name is Mani kaka and he is about 50 years of age. He is dark and hairy around his chest. He is not the weak types as he kept himself fit due to his physical activities. He did all the household chores, everything basically.
One find day when my wife came back in the afternoon from her shopping she saw that Mani kaka was sleeping on his cot in the courtyard. He was wearing a lungi and had not worn his underwear. Asha saw a thick black cock inside the lungi. It was not even erect but looked really big already. Asha got wet seeing that and she told me later in the night that she wanted to get that long thick cock inside her horny pussy.

This made both of us horny and we had wild sex and she was imagining that it was Mani kaka’s cock ramming her pussy. We did a little role play where I was wearing a lungi and was sleeping exposing my cock. She came up to me and took the cock in her hand and started stroking it slowly, she said Mani kaka, aapka lund choosna hain aapka lodha bahut bada hain, mujhe coosne do please.

She then sucked my cock for a real long time till I shot my load inside her mouth. After that she made me lick her cunt for half an hour and came several times and each time she came she shouted aaahhhhh, Mani Kaka, chooso, aaahhhhh and I wonder if kaka heard all this but it was really amazing and sexy.
For the next few days she wanted to expose herself to Mani kaka whenever possible and was always trying to find ways of getting a glimpse of his big lund. She wore her saris even deeper now exposing much of her navel and stomach. No bras underneath her blouse and keeping her pallu sideways all the time giving him a view of her wonderful cleavage and nipples. This must have had an effect on Mani kaka also as he was always looking at my wife and stealing glances.
He was always trying to help her in the kitchen and in the bathroom and around the house. One day when kakaji was sweeping the floor Asha pretended to clean the fan. She stood on a low stool and had to raise her hands high to reach for the fan. She was wearing a transparent sari and a see through blouse with no bra. Her stomach was completely exposed as both her hands were raised.

Kakaji stopped sweeping and stared at her and was pressing his cock through his lungi. Asha was acting very casual. She grabbed her pallu and wiped her face with it and this was exposing her entire blouse and stomach to Mani Kaka. It was a really beautiful sight. She then took a chance and called kakaji to help her with a cloth. Kakaji got the cloth and stood right in front of Asha. My wife then raised both her hands and started cleaning the fan again.
Her entire stomach was right in front of kakaji now. Her navel was really close to his mouth. He stood like that for a few seconds and then suddenly took his tongue out and licked the sweat of my wife’s navel. My wife moaned softly aaaaaahhh then acted surprised and scolded him. Kakaji said sorry and started saying he could not control it then Asha softly said Phir se karo Kakaji.

Mani kaka was stunned and he could not say a thing, Asha had to say again, Phir se karo aise kakaji then Mani Kaka licked her stomach and navel all over he grabbed the sides of her stomach and licked her navel and stomach again and again all over. He even put his tongue inside my wife’s deep navel and licked the insides and this made my wife moan loudly.

She then told him she wanted to hold his cock and play with it. He helped her get down the stool and pulled his lungi up. He was wearing underwear today. My wife took her sari off and petticoat and was in her blouse and thin panties which hardly covered her pussy. Seeing this Mani Kaka was about to grab her boobs to which Asha said, not here kakaji, Bahar garden mein, chatai mein masti karenge.

They both hurried to the garden and she sat on the chatai and made Mani kaka stand in front of her. She then slid the underwear down and out sprang a big and really long penis of our servant. His dick was magnificent and much longer than mine. My wife was really excited and complimented Mani kaka on the size and took his cock in her mouth. The bulbous head of the cock was what she was sucking on hungrily.

Mani kaka was moaning and really enjoying my wife’s mouth on his old but vibrant dick. She then stroked the cock with her hand and sucked on his big balls. She licked from the base of his shaft upwards to the tip and then on the knob and put the knob inside her mouth sucking on it and licking all around it. She again took his cock out of her mouth and masturbated him with her hands.

They were on with this for 15-20 minutes when Mani kaka’s moans got louder and suddenly shot his load on my wife’s face and hands. A lot of sperm came out of his cock. Guess me must have not shagged for a long time and with my wife exposing herself would have built all this sperm in his balls. My wife again took his dick in her mouth and cleaned all the sperm from his cock and knob. She then opened her blouse and lied down on the cot.

She slide her panties down and exposed her complete nude body to Kakaji. He was shocked by her sexiness. Asha was voluptuous with good amount of weight at the right areas. She then told Kakaji to lick her pussy. He squatted down on his knees and put his mouth to my wife’s moist and hairy cunt. She then whispered, Kakaji chaato meri choot ko and he put his tongue out and licked her pussy slowly at first upwards.

My wife kept on moaning and then Kakaji started to lick faster. Her legs were spread really wide and Kakaji kept licking her pussy. My wife’s moan was getting louder and louder. She told Kakaji to grab her boobs and pinch her nipples while licking her pussy. Aaahh zor se chaato aaaahhhh yes, Kakaji, chato meri choot k bahut gili hain, chaato zor se chaato aaaahhhh.

Then she came with a thunderous moan. Her body shook while her hands were on Kakaji’s head which was pushed onto her cunt after a while she told Kakaji to put his big lund into her horny and wet pussy. She raised her hands again behind her head revealing her arm pits to kaka. She told him to lick her under arm while his cock fucked her pussy. Kakaji placed his thick black cock on my wife’s cunt opening and pushed it all in ohhhhh yes Kakaji aahhhh.

He put the entire length inside her cunt and was fucking her not slow but vigorously and at the same time his mouth was on her arm pits and licking the hair and sweat from it. He would swap places with the other under arm and lick hungrily. He would also suck on her erect dark brown nipples and run his tongue on her entire aerolas. He fucked her for a good 20 minutes like this and my wife’s moans were just getting louder and louder.

She moaned loudly and said that she wanted to cum and told Kakaji to cum inside her within a few seconds, Kakaji’s fucking speed increased more and my wife’s moan increased as well matching the speed of Kakaji’s thrust inside her pussy and both came really heavily. He continued shooting his spunk inside her cunt and his body kept on shaking with each spurt and my wife’s body was no different.

Her body was going through spasms due to heavy orgasm and her cunt juices were flowing out on her thighs and onto the chatai. She then told Kakaji to dress up fast and go for an errand. This was a hint for me to come to the scene. My wife had planned this that I watched the entire scene and when the session was over I should come to her. I was really horny and was waiting desperately for her signal.

The moment I saw Kakaji leave I rushed to the spot with my cock in my hand. Then Asha told me to lick her cunt. I was surprised and was shocked with her demand but was too horny to think about anything and put my tongue and licked her wet and slippery pussy. I did not care what was coming in my mouth but all I cared about at that moment was to lick her cunt and pleasure her. She moaned again and ordered me to lick her pussy clean.

I licked her cunt for 5 minutes and then she told me to fuck her. I put my thick but not so long cock inside her hairy vagina. She told me to fuck her really fast. I just let go. I fucked her really hard and fast and kept on fucking her for 15 minutes. She wanted to cum once again and moaned really loudly now and then I let go with a huge roar and ejaculated all the sperm that was building up in my testicles deep inside her hairy cunt.

I came in huge spurts and it seemed endless at that time. My sperm was gushing out of her pussy along with the juices and along with maybe Kakaji’s sperm. It was extremely good and horny and sexually satisfied us to a great extent. She continued her fucking sessions with Kakaji a few more time without Mani kaka knowing that I was always watching till the day we told him and more to come later.

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