As Maria gets used to Dan’s addiction, Priya raises the bar – Cure for My Ass Addiction

“I just simply love tasting you like this,” I moaned as I pushed my tongue deep inside Maria’s pussy from behind and lapped up her juices.

It’s been a week since we almost broke up and Maria decided to surrender her body to me. Every day since then we’ve made passionate love, and I’ve pushed her boundaries further and further. Our boring missionary positioned ten minute sex act was a distant memory as we spent an hour or two exploring each others’ naked body every evening.

Apart from exploring Maria’s intimate parts from behind, this week has consisted of me introducing Maria to spooning, throat fucking, taking her from behind, and inserting more than one finger inside her backdoor.

As usual, without breaking the contact my tongue had on her pussy lips, I inserted my thumb deep inside her asshole with the help of some saliva. She had become very comfortable with me bending her down and spreading those beautiful cheeks and sniffing and poking that gorgeous asshole with my nose, tongue and fingers. In fact I have a sneaky suspicion that she has begun to enjoy being probed there! I realised I was awakening a beast in Maria and if this continues she may even take the lead on our sex life very soon.

Although I’ve been tempted to suggest anal sex more than once, I have resisted for two reasons. Firstly, I sensed that Maria was not ready for a cock in her backdoor just as yet, and I did not want the first time to be a horrible experience for her. Secondly, I was coming to enjoy the idea of waiting to take her anal virginity, which in turn was just making the wait more enjoyable.

I crouched up and lined my cock on to the entrance of her pussy. However, just before pushing it in I inserted my other thumb inside her tight anus. As she yelped in surprise I quickly pushed myself balls deep inside her wet twat.

As I started to move my hips, both my thumbs started stretching her tight back door to a level she was now accustomed to. She was so turned on she started meeting my thrusts by pushing her ass back on to my cock.

Her vocals were getting louder and louder as I started increasing my pace.

“Ahhhhhhh mpfhhhh,” she started screaming before pushing her face on to the pillow trying in vain to muffle her screams as she came hard on my cock.

Finally, as she started to come down from her orgasm I pulled my cock out completely and pushed it all the way in.

“Urgh!!” she stopped all pretence of trying to be quiet and let out an ear splitting scream as my new movements triggered another explosive orgasm in her.

Then she surprised me by reached behind and opening up bother asscheeks which enabled me to go deeper in to her pussy. Maria lying face down with her hands spreading her asscheeks was too much for me as I started smashing her pussy with all my strength.

We both had no doubt the whole neighbourhood could hear us fucking, let alone Priya, but by this point I had gone past caring as I started grunting with each stroke as I fucked Maria hard.

“I’m gonna cum in your tight pussy!!” I yelled as I felt my balls tighten. With sweat dripping from my body and my arms aching from just gripping Maria I knew this orgasm was going to be huge. As my balls tightened I felt my cock expand inside Maria’s hot tunnel. She wailed as the first gob of cum coated her inner pussy wall. I pulled my cock out almost completely and pushed it all the way in a few more times as my cock spat out copious amount of sperm.

Finally as our orgasms ended, Maria’s knees gave up and she plopped on to her stomach taking me with her before I dislodged and moved next to her. We were both panting like race horsys and our bodies were glistening with sweat. I ran my eyes over her body and felt a bit guilty looking at the red finger print marks around her hips.

By : dansouthwest

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