Ariel Winter’s Bedtime Story

Asleep snuggly and safely in bed, Ariel Winter dreamed. It was a nice dream, she ran slowly along a small path in the woods, her dark hair flowing behind her and her wide, dark eyes glittering with glee. Suddenly she knew there were predators in the woods.

Ariel didn’t know what woke her but her eyes were open wide as they darted around her dark bedroom. She was afraid to move, sure that she would be safe beneath her bed clothes but as her eyes began to focus on a shape at the foot of the bed she suddenly realized how exposed she actually was. She was alone in her bed, alone with a strange man in dark clothes wearing a dark ski mask and watching her sleep.

Sheer fright kept Ariel from moving, her eyes locked on to the strange man’s eyes as they twinkled beneath his mask. She could tell that he was looking back at her, knew that he knew that she was awake and aware of him but he didn’t move. The dark intruder simply stood still, staring at her, his breathing steady.

Terror began to flow slowly through Ariel’s vulnerable body, first sending ice water through her spine and then out to her extremities ending in the tips of her fingers and toes. She was perfectly aware that the large man could see that her eyes were open, that she was wide awake, but in the back of her mind she was convinced that as long as she didn’t move she was safe. She repressed a shudder of fear as the man slowly began to raise his arms, a knife in one hand.

A small, pathetic squeak of fear escaped from Ariel’s mouth, her heart beating so loudly in her chest that she was sure that the dark intruder could hear it. She bit her lower lip to keep any more noise from escaping as the man removed his shirt. He movements were slow and deliberate, he was in no hurry as he pulled off his top and let it fall to the floor, the large knife still in his hand.

By the weak light of her alarm clock, Ariel could tell he was a very muscular man, enough so he could have been a body builder. In fear she studied him, his thick pectorals, his rippling abs, and his large, heavily muscled arms. She gulped in nervousness, there was no way she could struggle against a man this large, he could do anything and she would be as helpless as a kitten in his massive hands.

Ariel mewled weakly as she fearfully thought of all the things a man built like him could do to her. Light glinted on the knife that now looked so small in his hands as his chest heaved, his eyes still locked on her as he continued to stare unblinking at her. Her vision started to blur as her eyes began to fill with tears and she fought the urge to cry, she had to remain still, safely hidden under her blanket.

The dark man started to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his pants causing Ariel to whimper with fright. His skin was a uniform dark color, no tan lines visible as he exposed the V of muscle in his lower abdomen. There was no pubic hair, he was shaved completely bare as he tugged down his jeans. Slowly, deliberately, in no hurry at all, he slid his pants down his thick thighs, bending at the waist with his eyes still locked onto her own.

A small gasp escaped past Ariel’s pink lips seeming to echo through the room as the intruder stood up straight to bare his chiseled body to her. His penis was already hard, thick and throbbing, possibly the largest that she had ever seen. Her breath caught in her throat as she studied it intently, her eyes growing wide in astonishment. Being a young girl she was of course familiar with the internet and the sheer amount of porn on it but what the intruder had jutting from his body seemed more like a weapon rather than a tool for sex.

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