Are you Circumcised?

These events happened in the 1980s when I worked for a bank in India. In those years women were very conservative and did not know much about sex. I used to work in the loans department along with two other women. I was in my early thirties and they were in their late twenties. Our boss was in his late forties and because we were short staffed he would most of the time be looking after another department and was usually not around. Our department was located in a loft area of the branch so we were pretty much secluded from the rest of the branch.
One nice sunny Monday, my two colleagues Anita and Padma were discussing something in the local language which I was not very fluent in. I could tell that they were contemplating asking me something but were hesitant. This went on all morning and continued through the afternoon. I was curious as to what they were discussing. Finally towards closing time Anita found the courage to ask me.
Padma had received a loan application from a customer who wanted Rs.5,000 to get his son circumcised. I guess she had heard what circumcision was and was explaining it to Anita who was rather taken aback by the explanation.

She asked me, “Robert, do you know what circumcision is.” “Yes, why do you ask.”
“Padma here has received a loan application from a customer who wants to have his son circumcised. We Hindu’s do not do this. What exactly is it?”
The question took me by surprise, but it also excited me as I got a chance to talk to these two beautiful colleagues about the male genitalia. I explained to them that just like their husbands penis’ there is foreskin covering the head of the penis. Some religions mandate that this skin must be removed as it harbours bacteria specially if the penis is not cleaned on a regular basis. There are also some studies that suggest it is healthier to have a circumcised penis. It is considered a very minor operation.
“Are you circumcised Robert?.”
“Yes, as a matter of fact I am.”
“Do you mind if we can see your circumcised penis. We are curious what it looks like because we have only see our husbands.”
My cock began to stir in my pants and I had no other option but to put my hand down to my crotch and adjust my quickly growing erection.
The bank was closing and at that moment the branch manager came upstairs and asked us if we were staying late to work. I said yes maybe for a couple of hours, so he asked me to lock the doors from inside and he would be back at 7.00 p.m. to lock the branch.
When I returned from locking the doors Padma and Anita had this shy looks on their faces. “Sorry, I asked you this question Robert. We better be leaving now.”
“Don’t you want to see my circumcised penis.”
“Yes, but…..oh my God, its so beautiful and ……big.”
Before she could answer I had unzipped my zipper and with some difficulty taken out my cock which was now jutting out of my pants . It was a good five inches and very thick with its proud red head protruding forward.
Anita and Padma were mesmerized by my cock. “Wow, it is beautiful, can we touch it?” Padma asked.
“I don’t know about that, because it will become even bigger then.”
“Really, please let us touch it Robert.”
“Okay then, if you insist.” Padma got up from her seat and pulled up a chair next to Anita and I moved forward. First Padma circled my cock with her hands. I found out that they had never sucked on cock before. I had to guide them.
“Stroke it up and down Padma and you will see that it will become bigger.” She began to stroke it while I took Anita’s hands and got her to play with my low hanging balls. My cock began to grow bigger with every stroke and soon it was at its full length of seven inches. Anita now took over the stroking of my cock while Padma squeezed my balls.
I was in heaven, looking down at these two beautiful goddesses stroking my manhood. I now had to see if I could get them to suck on my cock.
“Have you ladies ever sucked your husband’s cock.”
“I can’t blame you because uncircumcised cock is not very nice to suck on, but if you want you can suck my cock.”
“Here let me show you how.”
With that I asked Padma to close her eyes and open her mouth. I edged forward and slipped my cock into her mouth and instinctively she closed her mouth on my cock. I then began to lightly fuck her mouth and she got the message and began to move her head back and forth. I allowed her to suck my cock for a minute before taking it out and placing it in Anita’s mouth. And then again after some time I switched to Padma.
“Now lick my cock with your tongue from the base right up to the top. There you go, that’s it.”
This was the greatest moment of my life; looking down to see these two beautiful women playing with my cock.
Padma and Anita began to discuss something again in their native tongue.
“Robert, we want you to fuck us, right now and right here.”
Upon hearing this my mind went into overdrive and my cock began to twitch violently.
“I would love to fuck you both. Both of you lie down on this table side by side.”
With both Padma and Anita on the table I lifted up their legs and quickly slipped off their panties under their saris. Their lovely bushy vaginas came into full view. I began to lick Anita’s pussy.
“Robert, what are you doing.”
“Just relax Anita and enjoy yourself.”
I continued to lick her pussy and I could see that she had never been licked before. I licked and sucked on her clitoris and she began to moan. Padma was watching intently with her eyes wide open. I could tell that she had also never been licked before. I now switched to Padma’s pussy which was prettier than Anita’s. Padma began to moan and groan.
After a while I switched back to Anita who began to really get into things. Both women, because they had never experienced anything like this before, came quickly in succession.
“Oh, Robert. That was the most thrilling feeling in the world. This is the first time I have experience orgasm,” Padma said and Anita agreed.
“Okay ladies, now it is time for me to enjoy.”
With that I placed the head of my rock hard manhood at the entrance to Padma’s pussy. I rubbed it up and down a few times to coat the head off my cock with her juices. I made Padma spit on my hand and rubbed her spit on my cock. I guided my cock to her pussy lips and slowly began to enter her. Her wetness made my entry easy and soon I was fucking her on the office table with Anita’s pussy beside her.
Fucking Padma with her sari on was amazing. She had undone her blouse and exposed her breasts for me to play with as I was fucking her. I fucked her for five minutes before exiting and moving over to Anita. Anita’s pussy was also inviting, easy entry. I began to fuck her with long, rhythmic strokes. Anita had her eyes closed and was enjoying my fucking.
I detached myself from Anita and went over to Padma. I got her off the table and made her bend down. I lifted up her sari which had fallen down as she got off the table. Her shapely bottom was open for me to use. I entered her from behind and began to fuck her.
“Robert I love your fucking me from behind. It is a very different and nice feeling, my husband does not fuck me from behind.”
“It is called Rockygy-style,” I told her. She laughed.
I began fucking her hard and the slapping sounds of our fucking echoed in the loft. Anita in the meantime had got off the table and was now offering herself Rockygy-style. I went over to Anita and began to fuck her.
I began to feel myself reaching the point of no return. My sperm was aching to come out. I made Padma remain in the Rockygy position while I fucked Anita hard. And then it happened. I began to ejaculate inside Anita. After about ten spurts I quickly took out my cock and shoved it into Padma and deposited the remainder of my sperm inside Padma. There was a streak of spunk across both Anita and Padma’s butt as a result of my switching from Anita to Padma.
I took out my cock from Padma and watched as both their pussy’s dripped cum. Padma and Anita pulled up their panties.
“Thanks for showing us your circumcised penis Robert, and we hope to see more of it,” Anita said. Padma nodded in agreement.
“You can bet on it ladies.”

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