Angie’s new world experience

Bobby was sixteen and three months and felt he was too old now for the stereotypical British youth club scene, he felt he should now be casting his net out in the older man’s world of Disco and rave parties, however on this night he agreed to go along with his mate, (Kevin) to the local Friday night youth disco. Later he was to admit he was glad he had gone along because tonight he was to meet his angel.

Bobby despite being sixteen and three months was still technically a virgin because although he had a few girls that would suck him off or jerk off his six inch prick; he had never inserted his penis into the heavenly place of a woman’s vagina. Yet his six foot frame and developing hard muscles from his job as an apprentice coal face worker; made him a favourite with the local girls but he wanted more; I suppose the correct phrases would be he wanted a trophy wife. Someone he could show off to friends and family and to impress them as to how well he was doing; stupid I know!

But in the world of teenagers, it is often the case of not wanting to be the one saddled with the Rocky of the group. I apologise to the ladies reading this but it was the phase boys went through.

Angie had just turned sixteen in the last few days and could never be described as a Rocky but then again she would not turn over any ground as a beauty model. She unlike Bobbie loved to go to these fortnightly disco’s at the local youth club because she love to dance whether alone or in a group she had natural rhythm and poise on the dance floor. She was just over five feet tall and you could almost say a bean pole appearance for she was slim to the point where you might consider her to be anorexic but she was not. Her medium bust of a 36C looked too large for her figure but her long shoulder length blonde hair framed her pretty face to a tee.

As soon as Bobbie arrived at the youth club disco he tried to put his name down for a slot on the snooker table but found it fully booked and he expected at least half these names would not get onto the table before the 11pm closing time of the club, he was a fair to good snooker player but even his matches took over twenty minutes to complete. Now feeling miffed he entered the second prefabricated building that was being used as a disco; to be fair it was just the outer shell of the prefab building with the walls and ceiling painted black; there were two rows of six foot long ultraviolet fluorescent tubes and four large lamp shade type ceiling lights for when it came to the time to close the building.

Added to this basic layout they had acquired two disco projector lamps and a selection of six psychedelic discs which created patterns on the black walls and finally there was the mandatory glitter ball halfway down the ceiling which turned on a small 12 volt motor, even without the main beam of white light hitting the globe the effect was rather good.

As soon as Bobbie walked into the disco hall he spotted this five foot tall blonde bombshell amongst the crowd of Girls whom were milling about on the left hand side of the hall. He joined some of the guys who were on the opposite side of the hall. Quickly he asked if anyone knew the blonde beauty and after initial bouts of micky taking someone told him her name was Angie and she was alone but something of a cold fish. Which as every teenage boy would tell you is plain talk for she does not put out for anyone. Bobbie never took his eyes off the girl and finally after five songs he plucked up courage to ask her to dance.

By :Niteowluk2003.

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