Angie and Rod succumb to voyueristic inspired cravings

Rod and Angie had been married seven years. They had been struggling financially the entire seven years as Rod had worked two and sometimes three jobs trying to accumulate enough money to start an auto repair shop. Everyone came to him when they had car problems and were happy to pay him to fix their cars. They knew he was honest and wouldn’t gouge them. He was also understanding of their financial problems and more than once fixed someone’s car at his own expense until they could pay him. He was well liked in their small town.

They wanted to start a family once they had secured a financial future. Rod was a good man and he would make an excellent father. He worked hard and had finally bought a 10 acre plot of land with a building in which to start his own auto repair business. It had taken a few years to get established and pay off much of his equipment but his reputation for doing good work at reasonable prices had his business growing and he seldom worked on the side anymore to survive. He often heard many of his customers complain of the twenty minute drive to Hawthorne to purchase fuel but it had always been that way so everyone accepted it. One day Angie was complaining she was low on gas and might be calling him if she run out before reaching Hawthorne and she asked, “Why the hell can’t you have pumps at the shop Rod? I bet everyone would buy gas there and it might bring in some business that’s going to Hawthorne now”. That sounded like a good idea and he began investigating what he would have to do to accomplish it.

It took a couple of months to draw up a business plan and get together all the info to apply for a bank loan but when he had everything he went to the bank to apply for a loan to do it. The bank manager heard what he was doing and personally arranged the loan saying, “About time someone took the initiative to give this community their own gas. Be damn nice to be able to stop at your place on my way to work instead of wasting our time on the weekend to plan a trip to Hawthorne. I reckon a whole lot of people will feel the same Rod so I’m not worried at all about your ability to repay this loan. So with his personal recommendation the loan was actually approved that day. Within two months he was pumping gas to a bunch of smiling townspeople. The increased traffic was beginning to show on the bottom line. The pumps had added enough income that for the first time he had a good year and his business was flourishing. They were thinking about having a child. But then he realized his business was too good. He had work backing up and a few customers complained and he realized his business required more help. He finally had to tell Angie he needed to hire a mechanic and a guy to pump gas and help out cleaning and running for parts etc.. He just couldn’t keep up and business was picking up more as people learned they could get gas at his shop.

Jake, the mechanic he hired, was a tall powerfully built Black man that had recently lost his job in Hawthorne. He said it was due to Rod’s shop opening and the lost gas sales where he had been employed. He was highly respected as a good mechanic and Rod was glad he could hire him. His previous employer gave him a very good reference with the disclaimer, “That is if you can tolerate his back room antics. It never interfered with his work so I ignored it and it might be wise for you to also, he’s a good worker and always at work.” He wouldn’t explain what he meant only saying, “It won’t take long for you to understand what I mean, trust me”.

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