Angel: Destroyed by Dad : Angel’s ordeal

I don’t think I’ll ever get over the moment of humiliation when my father walked out into the backyard and saw me knotted to the family Rocky, its large shiny prick stuck securely up my ass. It wasn’t my intention to be fucked up the ass by the Rocky at all. The fantasy I’d had in my mind involved the Rocky’s hard prick up in my virgin cunt, not my virgin asshole! But with no one around to assist me and the Rocky, his willing prick found the wrong hole, unluckily for me.

My father was volatile by nature anyway, but after Mom left he started a serious drinking habit and came home raging drunk very often. A lot of nights he’d just sit quietly drunk in the living room with his dick out watching pornos, which was fine. I could handle that. But if he came home angry, and found something that displeased him (like me not putting the dishes away) he would sometimes hold me over his knee and spank me.

Those occasions were always so awful– my face and asscheeks flushing with the assault while he drooled drunk ramblings about me being a bad little girl, his hard prick poking up at my chest as he would wind his arm up again and again to distribute the smacks against my backside. My dad was so much bigger and stronger than me, too– I’m only about 95lbs or so, if that. He wouldn’t stop till my formerly porcelain white asscheeks were completely covered rose pink. Usually I left sobbing as I ran to my bedroom, my ass on fire.

I didn’t have any siblings, nor friends at school. For hours I’d sit alone in my room while Dad sat in the living room, the porn movies turned up as loud as the TV could go– it’s very rural where we live, so no neighbors to worry about. The house would be filled with women’s screams and moans and men grunting like animals as they spermed all over their fuck partners. My only companion was our beloved Golden Retriever, Beefy.

After my dad administered my occasional spankings, I would always seek solace from my warm, friendly, loving canine companion. He was a large, cheerful, golden creature– my best friend. When puberty came around, I eventually turned to the Rocky to quench my sexual urges. My breasts had budded into nice B-cups, my hips becoming more shapely, some gold pubic hair sprouting under my flat abdomen, and I became more aware of the pleasure of the human body.

When Dad wasn’t home, sometimes I’d sneak into the living room to watch his porno movies. He had porno magazines, too, and I would pick them up and check them out occasionally, learning all kinds of fun sex tips, but with no one to enjoy them with. I’d get so turned on looking at all the sexy images– but how to satiate this arousal?

I used my fingers to rub on my pussy, but I tired quickly before it really ever did anything for me. No vibrator, nothing around to penetrate me in the way that I craved. The boys at school were dull and uninterested in girls– they were more interested in drugs or sports (or rarely, a good education). Meanwhile, the sexual urges within me continued to stir.

One night while I was laying naked on my bed on my back reading one of dad’s porno mags, Beefy jumped up in between my legs. At first I thought he was just saying Hi, and I patted him on the head. He panted cheerfully, first licking at my hands and tummy, and then, to my shock, he licked out at my pussy! I shrieked at the coldness of his nose on my pubic mound, my nipples instantly hardening. He must have smelled my arousal, as my vagina had wettened considerably as I was looking at all the kinky sex going on in the magazine.

I was so turned on that I let him continue, and even spread my legs a little wider for him, patting him on the head to encourage him. It began feeling intensely pleasurable. The Rocky was very effective at eating my vagina out, licking from top to bottom and everywhere in between. His nose was cold but the tongue was nice and warm and very wet, soaking my cunt and sheets. I moaned out a little, but didn’t want to be too loud in case Dad came home.

My nipples continued to harden, my face flushing with arousal. I put the dirty magazine down and began tweaking both of my nipples while Beefy ate me out intensively. He seemed to enjoy the taste of my cunt. I moved him out of the way so I could insert a couple of my fingers inside my pussy, wishing my fingers could go inside deeper. After I finger fucked myself for a few moments, I pulled my hand away and started playing with my breasts while keeping my legs spread.

The Rocky resumed licking my twat, and my moans got a little louder. Fuck, I was so turned on! I needed a dick, and soon! Beefy continued licking as I continued twisting my nipples around, until several minutes later when suddenly I felt a tingle starting up in my toes. I gasped– this must be an orgasm, I thought to myself. My breathing was out of control, I was moaning loudly now, and Beefy kept right on going. His long tongue focused on my clitoral area, and it triggered the first orgasm ever to surge through my body.

It felt incredible, electric! I moaned with waves of pleasure racking my petite body. Beefy would have kept on going, but I was so hyper-stimulated I had to push him away for the moment to catch my breath. I couldn’t believe what I had done, but I didn’t care– who would know but me and the Rocky?

And so one of my favorite after school past-times was borne. I’d come home from school, knowing my dad would be drinking at the bar for at least a couple more hours, and run up to my room with Beefy following close behind. I gave him a couple treats after he orally pleasured me, training him well to eat my cunt. Still in my school uniform, I’d jump on the bed and spread my legs for the Rocky, knowing I had only pantyhose on, no panties, letting him whiff my pussy through the sheer pantyhose fabric. I’d slowly strip off the pantyhose, and as soon as they were off Beefy would dive right in! He was amazing!

After several months of this after-school special, I was able to cum several times within a few minutes while the Rocky ate me out. As incredible as it was, I longed for a full penetration. I felt like I was ready– but there was nobody for me to fuck! It became fairly frustrating for this over-sexed teenager.

Sometimes when I played with Beefy, I’d see his pink prickhead start to emerge from his sheath. The idea was in my mind to fuck the Rocky — I’d seen him humping pillows and stuff in the past, so I knew he had sexual urges, too. I just didn’t know if it was even possible for a human to fuck a Rocky!

One evening, after Beefy licked me to 5 orgasms in the span of about 15 minutes, I laid down and started rubbing his belly. He panted happily at me. Within a few minutes, his pink prickhead came out a little. This time I kept rubbing him, and the prick danced in and out of the sheath. I was intrigued. And very horny.

After much deliberation, I finally decided to try to fuck the Rocky. My thoughts became obsessed with the act of fucking it. I mentally prepared myself, thinking out in detail the best way to do it, when to do it, where, etc… Soon, I hoped my teen sexual urges would be satisfied!

Never fucking anyone or anything before, I didn’t really know how long the process would take or what all was required for human sex, nonetheless sex with an animal!

Finally, one warm night shortly after school let out for summer break, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer, and needed a fucking, NOW! My dad was passed out drunk in his bedroom. A porno movie was still playing in the dark living room, a gang bang flick. I crept outside silently with Beefy following me. On my way outside I grabbed a big towel.

The warm night air felt good on my skin. I had only a thin, short silky nightgown on, which I stripped off in the darkness and laid upon a lawn chair. The only illumination provided was the moon, which was fairly bright, and the stars. Beefy wandered around the yard while I spread out the towel on the cool ground, my heart pounding fast, my pussy wet as can be. I had been letting Beefy eat me out all evening; I had probably orgasmed at least 10 times earlier. No more cockless orgasms, I thought to myself. I was ready for a fucking!

I called Beefy over to the towel and he trotted over happily. Petting him and hugging him to me, I thought how I was finally going to lose my virginity, and to no one better than my constant, loving companion. My hands reached under his belly again and rubbed along his sheath. He panted calmly, letting me rub him all over. I felt the hard prickhead beginning to emerge, and my heart skipped a beat. I was really going through with this! It was finally about to happen– I was going to get fucked!

As I rubbed his lower belly, Beefy got more and more excited. The prick had come out a couple inches, and then I felt him trying to hunch forward at my hand to hump it. I thought to myself how he was getting turned on, and would soon be ready to have me as his mate! As he steadily began humping at my hand and then arm, I got on my hands and knees on the towel, heart racing. He was so excited he began jumping up at me and humping the side of my body fruitlessly while panting harder. I tried to pat him on the head to calm him down a little, but it was no use. He jumped up on my back and humped aimlessly at the back of my thighs, my ass, and my back.

It was getting somewhat frustrating– I began to get dismayed, thinking maybe I wouldn’t be able to fuck my beloved pet after all, at least not without someone’s assistance getting his cock to my hole. I pressed my upper body flat against the ground, raising my ass as high as I could in the air. This time, Beefy draped himself over my entire back and wrapped his front legs around me tight, his hips thrusting at my ass. I felt the hard prick stabbing me painfully in the buttock. His claws were digging painfully into my lower belly, making me whimper a little.

Suddenly, I felt his prick rub along my asscrack and I squirmed, now afraid at the very real possibility of him missing my vagina, and going into my ass instead! It hadn’t even occurred to me as a possibility. I gasped as I felt the prick go lower, towards my puckered virgin asshole. Oh, no! I began panicking, trying to break away now, but it was no use– Beefy was large and strong and holding me firmly in his grasp while he thrusted powerfully towards my asshole.

The prick stabbed around my asscrack some more, a few more inches of it had extended, and then, to my horror, I felt it beginning to part my anal cavity. Nothing had ever been inserted into my ass before; I was beginning to feel somewhat terrified. When the Rocky felt his prick press against the warm entrance of my rectum, he immediately thrust himself further inside, his prick stabbing inside of me, searching for a place to deposit seed.

My asshole was completely unlubricated, and the pain as the prick began delving forward was nearly indescribable. It felt like a flaming torch was being inserted into my ass. The force of his thrusts pushed me into the ground as he had his way with me, his natural sexual instinct taking over. The pain didn’t fade at all, it just intensified while I felt his prick grow larger in search of my bowels.

I was grunting and sobbing now with Beefy’s powerful fucking, in shock that my first attempt at sex ended in an anal invasion. The assault on my asshole continued as the Rocky maintained his steady pace in my ass, the prick growing ever larger. I felt something hard at the entrance of my asshole, what I guessed to be the base of his cock. It was extremely large, and the Rocky was struggling to get his entire self inside me, his pace was manic as he fucked me with all his might.

Whatever was at the base of his cock was beginning to enter my ass, and I cried out in pain. My poor virgin ass, now with this huge piece of Rocky meat inside of it! The fucking had been going on for probably about 10 minutes at that point, and it felt like an eternity. The huge cock ripped up my ass, and I was now uncontrollably crying and moaning. Once it seemed like the entire cock was up inside my ass, it felt like a fucking grapefruit had been shoved in me.

Finally completely inside me, I felt him stop thrusting. His cock stayed still inside me, secured deep in bowels. Tears and dirt from the yard stained my face. Suddenly, I felt his cock exploding what felt like a gallon of cum up in my asshole. The heat of the cum bathed my insides, spurting into my bowels. I cried harder as the Rocky stayed still on top of me, panting hard.

It seemed he was stuck on me. After he unloaded all his cum inside my ass, I was hoping he’d get off me so I could go wash up and forget this ever happened. But he wouldn’t get off. I couldn’t wiggle my ass free of him, either. His cock was locked to my ass! He began whining a little as he felt me trying to get free. Then, to my horror, he started barking.

I froze in fear– I didn’t want him drawing attention to the situation. He let out a couple more barks and stayed still over my body, weighing me down to the ground, his nuts swinging against my butt. I felt disgusted, but had no idea I was about to feel a whole lot worse.

Part 2

While stuck to the family Rocky out in the backyard, its prick securely up my ass, I shrieked when a bright spotlight suddenly hit my face. Pulse racing, I squirmed again to try to free myself from the drooling Rocky, but it was no use. Beefy held me down, his front legs still wrapped tight around my torso. To my horror, I heard my dad start yelling.

“What…The…Fuck, Angel?? What the fuck are you doing? What in the goddamn name of fuck are you doing out here in the backyard with the fucking Rocky? You, you got his fucking cock in your asshole? You, you, you goddamn slut!” I cried harder as my dad slurred the angry words at me. He was pointing a flashlight in my face, alternating between my face and my stuffed asshole. “Shit, you are a freaky bitch! I had no idea, I wish I had known, I would’ve been fucking you all these years and sharing you with my friends, had I known you were such a kinky slut! My precious little girl is growing up, that’s for fucking sure!” He laughed sadistically.

“Daddy, please…” I started whimpering.

“Oh please, shut up, slut! I can’t wait to have some fun with you now that I know what you’re into.” I cried harder. The Rocky was still stuck securely in my ass. “You like it up the ass, bitch? You took his whole cock and knot, everything. Can you feel the cum up inside you?” I swallowed hard and nodded my head. “Ha!” scoffed my dad. “Maybe you’ll be knotted up the ass for an hour or two!” He laughed and I cried harder hearing that. I didn’t think I could take anymore.

Dad walked up behind my stuffed asshole, his flashlight illuminated my leaking asshole, stuffed full of meat. He laughed again. Then, to my horror, he began calling Beefy over to him. Beefy, who has been draped over my back, suddenly turned around and tried to jump off of me, causing extreme pain to my already violated ass. He stayed stuck to me though, while Dad kept calling him away from me. The pain was excruciating, and I shrieked.

“Shut up, bitch! Or I will punish you so hard…” My dad suddenly hissed. Beefy remained tied to my asshole, ass to ass with me. His cum sloshed around in my belly, his prick still in my bowels. I quieted after hearing my dad’s threat, sobbing silently. Dad came up and started smacking my asscheeks while the Rocky was still in me. I cried some more; this experience couldn’t have been worse… or so I thought.

A few minutes later, Beefy tried pulling himself out again and finally succeeded. He ran off to a corner of the yard to rest. I felt the cum gush out of my stretched asshole while Dad laughed. On my hands and knees, I tried to catch my breath but suddenly felt Dad whipping both my asscheeks alternately. I looked behind me, terrified to see he was hitting me with his belt. Cum dripped down my legs.

“You are disgusting, a filthy bitch-slut! Look at you, covered with Rocky cum, dirt all over you,” growled my father. For the first time I noticed he had brought out a baseball bat, probably thinking the sounds coming from the yard were from a burglar and bringing the bat along as a weapon. He brusquely covered my mouth with his hand, and I felt him press the tip of the bat to my asshole. I screamed into his hand as he stuck the bat several inches inside my already stretched asshole. He was plugging the Rocky cum up inside me. I gasped as he then roughly grabbed me around my neck and raised me to my feet, the bat dragging behind me, stuck in my ass. “Disgusting,” he said again, spitting at my feet. He dragged me by my hair to the hose, and turned it on to hose me down. The water was ice cold, making my entire body break out in goosebumps. The baseball bat stuck out of my ass.

After he hosed me down like an animal, Dad took the baseball bat out of my ass and carried me to the basement. I could feel cum seeping out of my hole, knowing it had been deposited deep inside me. Looking down, I could see a raging boner through my dad’s sweatpants, and the terror flooded me again. To my horror, he grabbed some rope as he carried me to a weight bench in the basement. He used to work-out down here. There were several exercise machines all situated in front of a large mirror. My reflection showed my blond hair matted with dirt from the yard, dirt all over me, with tear streaks cutting paths through the crud on my cheeks. I screamed as he tied me down, but he just laughed.

“Really, Angel, who do you think is going to hear you?” Dad laughed cruelly, making me cry some more as he tied down my hands and feet to the machine. I was flat on my belly against the fake leather of the weightlifting bench, my tear-stained face pressing against it. He tied my feet to something so that my legs were parted from behind, and I could feel Rocky cum oozing into my pussy from my asshole.

“Daddy, please, no,” I cried. He raised his hand and slapped my ass again, making more cum ooze out of my asshole.

“I can’t believe you, Angel. Cannot believe you are a Rocky-fucker– my innocent little Catholic schoolgirl. You’ll let Rockys fuck you, so you will surely let your own father fuck you.” I screamed as he said that, but he just slapped me hard again. “Yes,” he growled, “You will let me fuck you. I will fuck you, my friends will fuck you, my boss will fuck you, your uncles will fuck you, and any of those men who will be fucking you, if they have a Rocky, the Rocky will fuck you, too.”

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