Anal Training

It was Sunday morning, and I woke up with Jamie’s morning erection pressing against my but and I did what I had been doing recently, move mine so that his prick pushed up against my anus. I loved the feel of the velvety head of his prick massaging and pushing against my tight little hole.

More and more I had been fantasising about anal sex, reading stories online, even fantasising about double penetration when I masturbated. I had tried playing a little with it too although it was incredibly tight.

Jamie eased himself so that his prick slipped between my slit and rocked his hips against me, his prick pushing through to my clit and then out again. I did love our leisurely morning Sunday morning fucks, but I still had that growing aching little need for him to still push against my arse, I wanted him to fuck me there, and it was getting to the point I’d have to something about it.

He rolled me over, slipping his hand between my legs and rubbing my clit, “You’re nice and wet” he said kissing me, “What naughty dreams have you been thinking about, I hope my prick was in them!”

“Definately!” I said chuckling, pulling him on top of me. Thinking as he started fucking me. ‘if only you knew!’ I rubbed my clit as he fucked me, my decision made, and feeling extra sexy at the the thought. I was going get my arse ready for him, and then I was going to seduce him, I wanted his lovely meaty cock in there and the best seductions are the well-planned ones!

The next day I went on-line, and found some really helpful sites about anal sex, with lots of advice. I realised that I was going to need to get him even more involved than I thought, but I had an idea about that too. I looked at several sex toy sites and in the end bought: some anal lube; a little anal douche; an anal training kit with little anal dildos that graduated in size from very small up to bit smaller than Jamie’s prick, a see-though baby-doll neglige and finally found just the DVD I wanted, about two brothers deciding they wanted the same girl – which led up to anal and DP. They all arrived just three days later.

On Friday I took the day off, and now that he day of the seduction had arrived I was excited and nervous. In the afternoon I used some depilatory cream to take remove all my pubic hair, which he loved me doing for him. After reading the instructions I used the anal douche, which luckily had a very small nozzle, it felt real nice though, not just the feeling of pressure inside my arse, which was great, but the feeling made it all so real, that it was definitely going to happen. My pussy was so wet from the feeling, and just thinking about it, that as I had a long soak in the bath, with my favorite rose oil, I fingered myself letting the heat build until I came in the warm water imaging the evening to come.

I dressed in a clingy short dress, with no panties or bra, knowing the effect my DD tits would have on Jamie as they are still high and pert, and the dress clung to them like a second skin my nipples pushing against the material as they seemed to be constantly hard too, from all the excitement.

When Jamie came home I told him I a treat for him, and he might as well have a soak in the bath before tea, which would be about half an hour.

He came down, with that lovely damp tousled look, his boxer and t-shirt PJ’s on, and I dished him up his favourite steak with creamy sauce and mash.

“This is a great treat,” he said, digging in with gusto, “Thanks love.”

“That’s not the only one” I replied, kissing the top of his head, “I’ve planned a special night”

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