Anal Domination

“Is…everything okay?” My wife asked Grant over her shoulder.

Jenna was propped up on her elbows and knees, completely naked on the armless sofa. Our friend Grant had been enjoying her Rockygie-style for several minutes now while I watched eagerly from a nearby chair. Sitting adjacent to them, I had such a wonderful side-view of the whole event.

It was such a turn on watching Grant thrust relentlessly into my wife’s naked body; watching her tits sway from each impact of his pelvis against her backside; hearing her moan to the feel of another man’s cock penetrating her. But now, he had pulled out; his cock was slick with my wife’s juices.

“Everything’s fine, Jenna” he assured her.

Grant looked over at me and pointed to Jenna’s pretty pink anus questioningly. A wide grin spread across my face and I nodded my consent.

Earlier, when Jenna had taken her shower, I had made sure to have her clean herself thoroughly for anal sex. I told her that I wanted to watch Grant bang her cunt for a bit, then when he was good and done with her, I was going fuck her tight ass while he watched. She tried to protest, but I insisted.

That was my plan anyway; but now it looked as though Grant was going to beat me to it–and I had to admit, I found the idea absolutely thrilling! Jenna had never been taken by Grant in the ass before, and she definitely wasn’t expecting it now. If she didn’t want to have Grant even watch her get fucked in the ass–how would she react to him actually doing it to her?

Grant grabbed some lube from the arm of the couch and squeezed some into his hand. First he rubbed the lube on his dick, and then began applying it to her hole.

Jenna’s eyes went wide with surprise. “Wait…!” Alarm spread across her face when she felt his fingers spreading the lube on and into her rim. “Whatareyoudoing?!” She demanded, her words running together in panic.

“I am going to ass fuck you, Beautiful,” Grant stated nonchalantly.

Jenna quickly rose up on her knees. Her buttocks pressed against Grant’s groin. Now his throbbing rod was cushioned between her ass cheeks. (That certainly wasn’t going to help her case.) Grant quickly took her by the arms, holding her in place.

“No-ho,” She laughed nervously craining her neck as best she could to look back at the man hiding her. “I don’t think so. You get to fuck me, but that certainly wasn’t part of the deal,” she protested.

Part of the agreement we had made was that during Grant’s stay with us, Jenna would be the submissive, and we, her masters. That included sex with Grant, and no stipulations were made as to where, when… or how. Her protest was invalid, and she knew it. Grant firmly pushed her back down.

Jenna compliantly propped herself back up on her elbows, her hands grasping the edge of the cushions, her back arched, and her ass ready…but she continued her argument, “Grant, this isn’t part of the deal!”

“It is now,” he replied calmly, “Alec just gave me permission.”

“What…No he…Alec?” she cried looking over to me.

I nodded. “Relax, Sweetheart, it will be fun,” I stated assuringly. “This isn’t Grant’s first “rodeo”, as you well know; You’ll enjoy it, just like we do. And I’m going to really enjoy watching you get fucked in that perfect ass of yours, Baby!” I smile at my lovely naked woman about to get fucked in her ass. I knew she could hear the desire in my voice. She knew how badly I wanted to see this happen. And I knew she would do it too, if only to please me.

“That’s right, Beautiful! You are in good hands, trust me,” Grant assured her as he grabbed her ass, and pressed his head against her bud. “Get ready.”

“Grant, com’mon, I said not there!” she began to protest more vehemently.

Too late. Grant’s head penetrated her rim as he pushed his cock all the way into her body.

Jenna let out a guttural gasp as her ass took in his full length: “Ughhh!”

Her eyes went wide and her face contorted in tension and surprise.

She typically liked it when I fucked her in the ass, although, she and I usually took a little more time with it. Having more experience, Grant had just plowed right in. And by the sound Jenna had let out, and by the expression on her face, I could tell she hadn’t quite been ready to be penetrated back there.

Grant didn’t wait, and as he began thrusting away, Jenna continued to cry out further, gasping, “Ugh!…Wait!..Ugh!!”

The scene was amazing: My wife, down on her knees and elbows before him; a few locks from her slightly messy hair hung in her face; her supple breasts swayed with each impact as Grant drove himself into her…again…and again. Jenna’s back was arched downward; her lower left leg dangled off the sofa, slightly jerking with each thrust; her right leg crossed over in front of Grant’s knees so that her foot also hung over the side. Her toes curled, and her muscles tightened as she took him in repeatedly.

She let out a few more grunts as she adjusted to the sensation of Grant’s cock ramming her up the ass; The tension in her face faded as she did.

“Relax, Hon. Relax and go with it,” I said assuring her.

She obeyed. Her body relaxed as she accepted her situation. She would enjoy it more now. Jenna had given her consent to be our sex toy, but this apparently wasn’t something she had expected when she consented to the idea, at least not from Grant. As for Grant, maybe he was trying to teach me what I could do to her myself; what she was able to handle and what she would enjoy and how far she could be pushed t get to that enjoyment. Grant was always a bit more aggressive with Jenna than I. And now, she was being fucked in the ass by him; and there was nothing for her but to relax and know she was pleasing us both.

Sitting comfortably in my nearby chair, facing their profile, I watched them, my eyes-wide. The room was warm, so Grant’s balls hung nice and low. And like a pendulum swinging, they smacked Jenna’s pussy each time he thrust. His muscles rippling, he began building momentum. His thrusts became faster, more powerful. I watched my wife’s breasts continue to sway, jerking rhythmically, almost hypnotically, each time he slammed into her, pounding her ass. Jenna’s nipples occasionally graced the cushion as her breasts swayed. She moaned. Grant kept up his steady rhythm, drawing his rod almost completely out of her, then ramming himself back in; a steady pumping into her ass while his balls spanked her cunt, teasing it.

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Jenna let out a whimper. Her pussy was being denied its own satisfaction. I imagined her loins burned with desire to be fucked again. Her pussy wanted his cock back; jealous, if it could be, of the attention her ass was getting; deprived of the sensation; longing to be fucked once again.

“Alec…he’s…oh!” She said between breaths, “You’re…letting him…fuck…my ass…”

I smiled. “I know. But you loving the view. And you love it too, don’t you?” I added more as a statement than a question.

Her response came in breathy pants, as she gave in and let herself go. “Yeah!…Oh!…Yeah!…Yeah!”

Jenna couldn’t deny the pleasure she was feeling. Yearning for more still, she reached down between her legs and began fingering her clit, giving her pussy at least part of the sensation it so craved. I smiled. I knew my wife well.

In just a few seconds, Jenna began to wail with each thrust of Grant’s rod into her backside, “OH!…OH!…AH!…AH!…OH!” She was fully into it now.

Grant’s pelvis relentlessly pounded away, fucking my wife’s ass; He too was fully enjoying this. His balls continuously smacking against her wet pussy. His muscular body, like a machine, driving her firm ass. I clutched the arms of the chair, squeezing them as I watched barely breathing.

“Yes! Fuck her good!” I encouraged.

Grant gave her ass a good smack. Jenna yelped.

“You like that? Naughty girl?” Grant asked her, still thrusting.

“Mm-hmm!.. Oh!… Fuck!” She moaned breathily.

I didn’t know my Jenna liked it rough like this! Perhaps she hadn’t known until now either, I realized.

“Again!” I ordered. I wanted to fully test this.

SMACK! Her ass cheek jiggled just slightly and she yelped again.

Grant rubbed her ass while she continued to moan and wail as he fucked her.

SMACK! He smacked her other side this time. “OHH!” Jenna yelled again.

“Oh, yeah Baby. Your ass is so tight!” Grant then looked at me, “This ass is such a good ride! You just gotta break them in, know what they can handle. This one likes it rough.”

A few more thrusts then Grant let out a moan of his own. Jenna’s eyes suddenly went wide again with realization.

“Don’t cum!…Not in my ass!” she begged in between breaths.

Grant reached down and grabbing Jenna’s hair, he pulled her up onto her hands. My wife looked ever so sexy: On her hands and knees, her head was raised, her back arched downward. Her perfect, firm, naked body, vulnerable and completly in his control. Her ass was being pounded mercilessly by him.

“Nnn…no!…Grant…no-oh! She cried out hopelessly .

Suddenly, with a final powerful thrust, Grant let out a roar.

Jenna protested pointlessly, realizing it was too late. “Nooo…!”

Grant blew, pushing and holding himself further inside of her, filling her tube with his hot cum.

“Aaaaghh!!” She yelled as Grant held it deep in her ass, pressing into her as far in as he penis would go. Once again Jenna’s muscles tensed. Her cute little toes curled as Grant pressed into her butthole. Their bodies were locked in the thrall of ecstasy, like two beautifully sculpted Greek statues; Muscles taunt, from his naked body to hers. Joined from his pelvis, and by his cock, into my wife’s ass, pressed flesh to flesh.

Grant’s body relaxed slightly, then he added a few final small thrusts into her bottom, subtly rocking Jenna’s frame with each, and with each final thrust, Jenna gasped quietly.

I knew Grant’s cock must be pulsing within her, emptying its last few squirts into my Jenna’s body. A few more seconds went by of him pressing into her, her ass impailed by his spear, until finally, satisfied and empty, Grant’s body fully relaxed. He had already released her hair, his hands now placed upon her hips. I noted that Jenna relaxed now as well.

Catching their breath, still joined, her ass pressed to his lions, Grant gently traced a line down Jenna’s back with his finger; arriving at her cheeks, he gave them a good feel and began rubbing them. Jenna submissively rested back down on her elbows, no doubt enjoying the caress.

Grant had a huge smile on his face. “See? That wasn’t so bad,” he said. “You enjoy it rough, don’t you…” he told her more than asked.

Jenna grinned, “Mm-hmm.”

“I know you do. You weren’t fooling anyone.” With that he gave her ass a good smack. Jenna flinched. Then Grant began to rub and caress her cheeks softly. He turned to me, his cock still embedded in her tight ass. “You just gotta know how to push them a bit. They won’t break. You’ll get the feel of how much this one can actually handle.” He added a knowing wink.

SMACK! On her other cheek. He followed it up with more rubbing an caressing. “Good girl,” he told her.

“She’s nice and tight,” he said giving her a couple more small thrusts as he spoke the words. “And she always will be.” Then , almost reluctantly, he pulled out. “Alright now, Jenna, let’s see it.”

Jenna’s hole visibly tightened. Grant’s pearl white semen began to ooze out of her anus, trickling downward to her cunt.

“Now that’s how to leave your mark. Don’t move from that spot,” he told her. He then reached over and snatched his phone off a nearby stand. “Just going to take picture to take home to show mine.” He snapped a photo. “Oh, she’ll love this! Ah, the memories!”

Now hold that pose beautiful. Proud as could be of his “fine work”. I smiled knowing I’d do the same.

Jenna waited patiently and even posed a bit for a couple of his pictures. I however, was not feeling so patient. I was so turned on and ready to take my turn. Grant must have read my thoughts. He turned to face me, his cock still holding most of its swell.

“I know you are bursting to take her, but I was thinking: I know my Jenna wouldn’t stand for it if she knew I didn’t finish her off,” he told me reaching down to fondle Jenna’s pussy.

“Oh, I concur,” I stated with a smile. “Come here, Jenna,” I beckoned her with my finger.

Jenna stood and walked over to where I was sitting. She smiled, admiring my hard cock. “Is that for me?” She asked coyly.

I took her hand and turned her so her ass was facing me. “This,” grabbing her perfect ass, “is for me…Sit.”

She bent slowly, lowering herself toward me as she did. I positioned myself and pressed my head to her seamen slicked anus. Jenna gasped. “Again?”

“Yes. Sit.”

She obey’d impaling herself ever so slowly on my cock now. I pulled her the rest of the way down.

“Ahhh!” She let out.

I could feel the slickness of her tube. So hot and tight.

“Open your legs.”

She obeyed, spreading her thighs.

“Now this is for you,” I spoke softly into her ear.

Taking my que, Grant knelt down and buried his face in Jenna’s pussy. We soon had her bouncing on my shaft until she came with loud wailing. I too unloaded my spunk into her ass, finally getting my own wonderful release after watching this wonderful “show”.

It was anal domination. And boy was it fun.

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