Anal and oral fun between to hot sissy cross-dressing sluts

Today I was feeling particularly horny and decided it was time to get some action again…! I jumped online and setup an online account with adult friend finder!

With my online account setup under my assumed identity I tentatively chose some revealing photos to upload… It didn’t take more than a couple of hours before my pictures were up for all to see and a flood of contacts started to flow thru to my inbox, “hopefully one of these can help fill my ‘other’ box, I thought to myself”.

After chatting with a few of the contacts, a girl named Louise, asked if I was keen to catch-up… I said that I was keen but apprehensive at meeting sight unseen… She suggested we have a video chat first to ease the tension, and I agreed immediately…

After connecting with Louise, we quickly loosened up and began to show each other our assets! As we quickly gathered steam, I began to imagine Louise sliding her cock inside my mouth and then fucking my boi hole hard and fast…!

As I was picturing this in mind, Louise sent me a message stating that she “liked what she saw, and she wanted me to be a good girl and cum over a suck her cock, and spread my legs for a good hard pounding…!”

By this time I was frantically rubbing my hard panty clad cock, and I was in quite a state, so without thinking I replied, “I can’t wait to drop to my knees and feel your smooth un-cut cock grow hard in my mouth, and then spread my legs and feel it pound my tight boi hole…!

Within minutes Louise, sent me her address details…! I quickly changed my soiled black satin panties, for a pair of black lace, open back, ruffles panties! I then pulled a matching bra over my size D breast forms! Next came a black garter and a pair of thigh high stockings with red bows at the top. I then chose a tight black calvin klein singlet and put it on too! I then put on a pair of tight women’s black guess jeans, and a pair of red 6” pumps. I quickly pulled my long brown wig on, threw on a splash of makeup and I was ready to go!

I jumped in the car and headed off to Louise’s place… Upon arrival I was greeted by a stunning Louise dressed in black high heeled shoes, thigh high stockings, a short black and white zebra mini skirt and white satin blouse…

Louise quickly ushered me inside and guided me to the couch… A quick scan of the area revealed a large plasma screen playing porn which showed to lesbian hotties fucking each other with a purple strapon!

With the porn playing it was a short time before we were both excited and Louise put her arms around me and drew me into her warm embrace…

We started to passionately kiss as we began to explore each others feminized bodies. I felt a warm surge flush through my entire body as I tentatively grazed my long nails across the thin lace barrier covering her gorgeous smooth uncut cock…

I was glowing as Louise began to loosen my jeans and started playing with my own stiffened pole through my panties…

I was so hot now, that i wanted to taste Louise’s cock, so I pushed her back against the couch and lowered myself to my knees, positioning myself between her spread legs, I gently reached inside her lace panties and started stroking her smooth cock.

As she was starting to harden, I gently lowered my mouth and began giving her light licks, and swirls with my tongue! This brought about an immediate response as Louise grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth with slow deep thrusts!

As Louise continued fucking my mouth her cock grew more and more until eventually, the tight firm head popped out it’s skin inside my mouth.

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