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I was driving from home from college for the weekend and had to cross 3 states to do so. It was the middle of my junior year and I had not been with a guy for about a month so the drive had me daydreaming and very horny. I had left right after work (I work at a bar off campus) so I had on a relatively short skirt and a low cut blouse (the outfit definitely increases tips). Oh; I am average looking I guess, I have a nice body I wear a size 4 but have a 34DD bust line (thanks to my mom). I have had a couple of love affairs in college, but most of the sex has been what I consider “casual” and usually has come about after meeting someone during work.
Anyway after a few hours of driving and more than a couple of times of running my finger up inside my panties, I had to pee and stopped at a rest area. It was not one of those nice stops; it was a “welcoming center” for some county. I guess the welcoming center got its name because there was a big map on a piece of wood outside the vending machines. When I drove up I almost left as it looked like a dump, but it had bathrooms that weren’t made of plastic (though not much better). I walked into the ladies room and there were two stalls. I took out a toilet protector from the dispenser above the toilet. It was the last one and when I took it out there was a hole in the wall that looked like it had held something before the dispenser. The hole wasn’t very big (but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a camera or something you read about) and when I looked in the hole I was looking down to a toilet that I figured must be in the men’s room. I realized quickly that the hole was angled so I look down but if a man was on the other side he would just be looking up toward the top of the wall. I figured I was safe and sat down and did my business. While sitting there I was thinking it would be neat to spy on guys peeing, but then realized there were probably urinals in the men’s room and all I would see is the back of some guy’s back- oh well.
I was done and about to leave the stall when heard the springs and then the shut of a door. I was curious and looked through the hole. I could see an orange tee shirt and a pair of jeans. The guy was facing me and I backed away a little from the hole but could still see fine. The guy unzipped his pants and I was waiting for him to turn around, I thought I might get a look at his ass when he sat down, but he didn’t. He undid the button on his jeans and then reached down inside his pants further than I would have thought, and when his hand came back up he brought up this huge dick. He plopped it down and the thing must have been at least a foot long if not longer. He let it just hang there. It was limp and wider than some guys I have been with when they are hard. He was circumcised and the head alone was a couple of inches. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. All of sudden he started to pee, it came out with great force- and even with the wall I could here it hitting the water. He finished – shook it a few times and loaded it back into his pants.
I had to have that dick. I ran out of the stall quickly washed my hands and pushed through the door. I walked around the building and there he was walking toward the vending machines. I didn’t have a plan, but was glad that he hadn’t just hoped in car as I wouldn’t have known what to do. I followed him to the machines.
When I finally got a look at his face he was much older than I had hopped for. He must have been in his late 50’s- maybe 60. The oldest guy I had been with was 30 and this guy could be twice his age, but I was after his dick not his face. He wasn’t bad looking or fat or anything, just old.
He gave me a once over look and I smiled back, still with no idea what I was doing. He spoke first and says “missy, you must be coming home from a date dressed all nice and everything?” Great, I said to myself the guy is a hick. – I told him I was just coming home from work and had been driving for a couple of hours and had to stop before I fell asleep. We both bought a soda and I was trying to figure out what to say- I mean I’m not shy, but I could not think of how to start the conversation. Every time I looked at him he was looking at me and I gave him this dumb smile.
He finally says “you know it’s dangerous to drive when you are falling a sleep.” He then goes on to tell me that he stopped to take a quick nap himself.” I told him that napping in a Mustang isn’t too comfortable and he says “well I have that big sleeper rig over there if you want comfort.” BINGO!
I must have looked at him too long without saying anything as he had just solved the problem as he then says, “I didn’t mean nothing by it missy, it’s been a long time since I tried anything with a young lady.” I felt guilty at that point, and said “I didn’t mean anything by not answering and that maybe a couple of hours of sleep wasn’t a bad idea” and tried to give him a little bit of a sexy smile.
We walked over to his truck and he told me where he was from and where he was going and stuff. We got to his truck and I couldn’t believe how high it was. I saw that I was going to have climb into this thing, I quickly pulled up on my thong panties so my strap was inside my labia just in case he was behind me. This little tug sent a warm chill up my spine; I was getting very turned on. He unlocked the door and turned to me- climb on in. I looked at him and asked how. He showed me where to step, I am not that tall, so I told him it was ok if he needed to he could give me a push. I started up the step on the side of the cab and then the next one was at the base of the door. I looked back and saw his eyes were focused right where I hoped they would be. I swung my other leg out a little to give him a better look before finding the next foot hold. I pretended to be stuck and asked him for a push. He planted his hands on my two bare cheeks and gave me a push. That got me into the truck and hopefully got him turned on a little.
When I got into the cab I was amazed at the size. Between the two seats was a pathway to the sleeper part. I moved off the seat to let him up and walked into the back. There was like a full size mattress on the floor and shelves along the wall. When I was sitting on the bed I looked at the shelves and there was a microwave, a lamp and a TV and DVD player. By the DVD player were like 50 DVDs and holding them in place was the player on one side and the biggest bottle pump bottle of Vaseline hand cream I ever saw on the other. I looked at the names of the films and they were all porn. I smiled when I got the meaning of the Vaseline and paper towels next to the bottle. At this point the driver had joined me in the little room and said “oh, I guess I should have covered them up.” I told him it was his truck; he didn’t need to cover them up. I said innocently- “these are all porn, huh?” He just nodded, I told him I had never seen one because I never wanted to get caught by my parents or roommate (I had seen a few- but he didn’t need to know). He responded, well if you want to watch one before you take your nap just pick one out. I looked at him and said OK. I then looked at the titles trying to find the one that would help me out here. Finally one caught my eye. I pulled “young women that crave huge cranks” I asked if we could watch this one. He told me sure. I then went on to say “I was with this guy once who had a really big one, I was like in a trance the entire time I was with him, I would look at his thing and just did anything he wanted , as long as it had to do with his ‘thing’ and if you think that size doesn’t matter to girl, then she’s lying” I continued “oh, I’m sorry I don’t know why I told you all that, maybe the picture of these big ones is doing the trance thing again” He told me it was fine and loaded the DVD into the player. At the same time he asked casually asked me how big the guy I was with had been and I told him it must have been at least 8 or 9 inches. He just nodded.

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