Anal, A New Experience For Lovers

My wife Melody and I have wanted to experiment with anal sex for a while now. We would talk about it in the tense of, “We should try that again, someday.” We would even discuss how we could start out slow, perhaps a finger in her ass, and eventually, maybe even over a few weeks’ time, work our way up to true anal sex.

One evening, as I was planning on taking a shower, I suggested to my beautiful wife that she could join me for some finger play. She liked the idea and went into the bathroom ahead of me to use the cleaning kit. Once she was done, I hopped in the shower and turned it on. Waiting for her, I anticipated the soon coming fun we would have, but steeled my mind against rushing; no, instead, I would take it very slow; I would not expect anything, but would make every effort to help her relax, and thoroughly enjoy whatever came. Even if it mean we weren’t able to do any fingering that night, her comfort would be priority number one.

The curtain opened, and in stepped my beautiful naked wife. I was already erect with the shear anticipation of what we were going to try. I watched her as she wet her long brown hair down; the water cascaded over her slim, naked body.

Restraining myself, I picked up the soap, “I’ll wash you,” I said with a smile. She liked the idea, and so I began lathering her sexy body; my soap slicked hands glided effortlessly over her wet skin. While being thorough with her entire body, I made sure to give extra attention to her succulent breasts; her sweet shaven pussy mounds; and her cute round buttocks.

After washing her and letting her rinse, I kissed her passionately. Melody loves to be kissed; with the shower water pouring down on us as I pressed her body against mine, it made the kiss all the sexier. Her breasts mashed against my chest; my hands grasping her bottom firmly; my cock pressing against her pelvis—there was no one in the entire world but her and me.

Breaking the kiss and looking into her beautiful greenish eyes, I asked, “Are you ready?” I assured her that I would go super slow, and told her to let me know if there was any discomfort at all.

She moved to the back of the shower, and with her back to me–her long legs spread slightly apart–she grasped the wash cloth bar above her head. Melody was in an “I’m ready to be fucked” position if there ever was one; this amazing creature, so submissive, so ready and willing…I got down on my knees and started kissing her ass cheeks. The feel of her soft skin against my slips and tongue, stirring the fire within me; I wanted desperately to play with her anus.

Reaching up, it was time to give Melody’s tight little anus the attention it deserved. I began simply by alternating between gently massaging, and kissing it. I’d let me tongue glide over it, flick it, and slightly prod it. I love the way my wife’s anus looks: so pretty and pink; and I’ve admired it many times from various sexual positions. Now though, it was wet and being prepared for more. While I was down there on my knees, looking up at my Melody’s gorgeous crotch and backside, I also couldn’t help but notice the water dripping from the bare wet mounds between her legs. Picture perfect…”She”–as I referred to her pussy–would need some attention as well…

Making sure to use plenty of lubrication, I slowly worked my middle finger into her tight ass-hole; little by little, taking my time sliding it in while I slipped my ring and pinky fingers into her wet cunt; she gave up a slightly louder moan as I did thi–three fingers now penetrating her body.

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Anal, A New Experience For Lovers

My wife Melody and I have wanted to experiment with anal sex for a while …

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