An unexpected night at the bar

Haven’t really had much time to write lately so this is only my second post but I’m really hoping to be able to write more soon and start posting a lot more.

So I had a really long week and decided to go out for a couple of drinks. Normally I wouldn’t go out to a bar alone but my girlfriend was out of town and most of my friends we’re going “clubbing” to try to pick up drunk horny college girls.

Clubs really aren’t my scene so I headed down to the bar a couple corners down from my apartment figuring they’d have a game on I could watch as I unwound from a crappy week.

I walked down to the bar not knowing how much I’d end up drinking. I walk in and forgot how much of an “old man” bar this place had become but I was more worried about drinking and they had 2 different hockey games on their TVs so I was good. I

ordered my usual rum and coke and grabbed a booth where I could see both TVs and also so I could avoid the small talk with the older guys scattered through out the place.

I get my third drink not too long after I got there and settle back into the booth when I catch a woman walking in out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t really pay much attention to her at first until I realized that she was turning the heads of every guy in the place.

I looked up and she was a 5’8″ with dark brunette hair that came half way down her back. Her smile lit up the room and her what I was guessing C size tits. She wasn’t dressed like she was going “clubbing” and walked into the wrong place or anything. She had on tank top with a shirt over and jeans not skin tight but tight enough to show off a wonderful ass. I imagine most of the guys around this place hadn’t seen a woman who looked like her in a long time.

I wondered what brought her into a place like this but didn’t dwell on the thought for too long and went back to watching the games. I did notice that most of the place went back up to order another drink as she reached the bar and ordered her drink. I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that most of these guys probably thought they still had a shot at her.

A couple minutes later, I was rather drawn into one of the games where a fight had started when I heard a soft voice ask if she minded if she joined me. I was far from being out that night to try to meet someone but I’m also far from stupid enough to turn down a woman as hot as her sitting with me. After introductions and finding out her name was Liz and a
minute of small talk she turned the talk to the hockey game and she actually knew what she was talking about. I was totally thrown off. Here was this hot girl, in a old man bar, that came to sit with me and knows her stuff about hockey.

I didn’t know what I had done to be blessed this much on a Friday night but I was going to enjoy it as much as I could.

After some more hockey talk and other BSing on random stuff we decided to order some food. At this point I didn’t know if I was dreaming or what but it seemed like every little while she was pulling her tank lower to show off her cleavage a little more to me. My mind started to wander into the things I would do to her if given the chance. This plus the alcohol which bulges makes me horny anyways started to put a noticeable bulg into my pants. I was glad we were sitting at a table and not at the bar at this point for sure.

A few minutes later our food and my next drink came. As we were eating the side of her foot kept on bumping into the side of my leg and she passed it off on having been drinking bulge it felt more than that. The certainly wasn’t helping the bulge growing in my pants.

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