An Oriental true touch

Kino Minscho is a five foot two, raven haired Japanese woman aged 24, her main feature are her nipples which when erect project over an inch from her large 36D bust. Living for the last six years in London as a personal assistant to a lawyer in a small firm of three solicitors.

Three years ago, she lost that position when the firm was taken over by a larger legal firm, for those three years she had sent out literally thousands of CVs without success and each rejection letter seemed to take away a little more of her self esteem and confidence. She remained intent on living in London, despite a fierce family row as her mother tried to get her to return to Japan.

Almost out of desperation, she had begun trawling the internet looking for job opportunities and a simple misunderstanding led to her finding Japanese porn. At first, she was disgusted by what she saw but she kept returning to the site repeatedly finding Bukkake, Japanese bondage, Rape of Japanese women and the one she found most interesting and sexually alluring was the Japanese groping videos. These videos showed Japanese women in Cinema’s, Buses, and trains, being groped, and partially undressed whilst travelling in crowded coaches or in a full cinema. These cinemas were not even porn cinemas. Secretly she longed to be groped in her daily travels, oh if only someone showed enough interest in me to want to grope me, she thought.

Whilst returning to these porn sites, she also came across story sites in which women, and not only Japanese women told their tales of being secretly molested whilst travelling. She could not believe that these things happen to non-Japanese women because the culture in Japan is to honor and respect those older than oneself and most of this groping seemed to happen to young women and it was being instigated by older men.

However, she also came over a story by Master Roy, a 61-year-old Yorkshire man living in London, telling his tale in how he took a promiscuous 27-year-old woman from occasional flasher to spending entire nights bound and gagged tied to trees in Epping Forest. This fascinated Kino, partly because it was carried out by an older man, partly because it involved bondage and nudity, but mainly because the stories all took place in London.

Kino found herself emailing Master Roy through the website and asking if the stories were true and would he be willing to tell her where the locations were in Epping Forest as the forest covers some 54 hectares of land. Master Roy replied and suggested meeting and he would take her to all the locations he could recall. Suddenly Kino felt scared but also experienced huge sexual excitement, and without really thinking the dangers through, she agreed to the meeting and even gave Master Roy her home address. As always Master Roy was an honest dominant male and totally trustworthy, so being trusted with her personal address and phone number was not unusual for him.

He phoned the number and the person answering the call spoke reasonably good English, even with the clear heavy foreign dialect, quickly a meeting was arranged. To protect her and himself, Master Roy chose a well-lit public space, a coffee shop at Kings Cross in London. As was his normal practice he arrived early not only to select a suitable comfy and discreet place to talk without being overheard, but also, he liked to study the person he was meeting. Watching them enter the shop and trying to identify him out the others in the shop.

Having heard her Japanese sounding voice, Master Roy watched for a single, Japanese women, whom after entering the shop would be keen to pick him out. Just five minutes before the agreed meeting time in walk a petite Japanese Girl with raven hair and deep soulful eyes. He immediately stood up and attracted her attention. Kino seemed to saunter over to him with confidence, not as he expected a nervous submissive style female. She approached his booth and held out her hand to shake his, he took hold of her slender hand and immediately felt the vulnerability of this sweet looking young woman.

By : Niteowluk2003

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