An Oriental true touch

Kino Minscho is a five foot two, raven haired Japanese woman aged 24, her main feature are her nipples which when erect project over an inch from her large 36D bust. Living for the last six years in London as a personal assistant to a lawyer in a small firm of three solicitors.

Three years ago, she lost that position when the firm was taken over by a larger legal firm, for those three years she had sent out literally thousands of CVs without success and each rejection letter seemed to take away a little more of her self esteem and confidence. She remained intent on living in London, despite a fierce family row as her mother tried to get her to return to Japan.

Almost out of desperation, she had begun trawling the internet looking for job opportunities and a simple misunderstanding led to her finding Japanese porn. At first, she was disgusted by what she saw but she kept returning to the site repeatedly finding Bukkake, Japanese bondage, Rape of Japanese women and the one she found most interesting and sexually alluring was the Japanese groping videos. These videos showed Japanese women in Cinema’s, Buses, and trains, being groped, and partially undressed whilst travelling in crowded coaches or in a full cinema. These cinemas were not even porn cinemas. Secretly she longed to be groped in her daily travels, oh if only someone showed enough interest in me to want to grope me, she thought.

Whilst returning to these porn sites, she also came across story sites in which women, and not only Japanese women told their tales of being secretly molested whilst travelling. She could not believe that these things happen to non-Japanese women because the culture in Japan is to honor and respect those older than oneself and most of this groping seemed to happen to young women and it was being instigated by older men.

However, she also came over a story by Master Roy, a 61-year-old Yorkshire man living in London, telling his tale in how he took a promiscuous 27-year-old woman from occasional flasher to spending entire nights bound and gagged tied to trees in Epping Forest. This fascinated Kino, partly because it was carried out by an older man, partly because it involved bondage and nudity, but mainly because the stories all took place in London.

Kino found herself emailing Master Roy through the website and asking if the stories were true and would he be willing to tell her where the locations were in Epping Forest as the forest covers some 54 hectares of land. Master Roy replied and suggested meeting and he would take her to all the locations he could recall. Suddenly Kino felt scared but also experienced huge sexual excitement, and without really thinking the dangers through, she agreed to the meeting and even gave Master Roy her home address. As always Master Roy was an honest dominant male and totally trustworthy, so being trusted with her personal address and phone number was not unusual for him.

He phoned the number and the person answering the call spoke reasonably good English, even with the clear heavy foreign dialect, quickly a meeting was arranged. To protect her and himself, Master Roy chose a well-lit public space, a coffee shop at Kings Cross in London. As was his normal practice he arrived early not only to select a suitable comfy and discreet place to talk without being overheard, but also, he liked to study the person he was meeting. Watching them enter the shop and trying to identify him out the others in the shop.

Having heard her Japanese sounding voice, Master Roy watched for a single, Japanese women, whom after entering the shop would be keen to pick him out. Just five minutes before the agreed meeting time in walk a petite Japanese Girl with raven hair and deep soulful eyes. He immediately stood up and attracted her attention. Kino seemed to saunter over to him with confidence, not as he expected a nervous submissive style female. She approached his booth and held out her hand to shake his, he took hold of her slender hand and immediately felt the vulnerability of this sweet looking young woman.

Master Roy held on to her hand and brought his head down and lightly kissed her outstretched hand. He detected this action seemed to surprise Kino! He now simply asked her name and she hesitated for a few seconds as if trying to decide on flight or fight. In all his past dealings this reaction was the most common, with the person trying to decide, whether it would be safe to remain or should they retreat. Luckily for the pair of them she chose to smile and remain. Releasing her hand now, he gestured for her to take a seat and inwardly smiled when he saw that she hesitated just long enough to gauge whether she should be the first to sit or should she wait for Master Roy. At this stage she did not want to disrespect him.

Now seated opposite this man, her inwardly courage seemed to desert her, and she coughed slightly as if to clear a dry mouth and throat, Roy took this as a hint that she would like a drink, so he asked, “what would you like?” Kino replied cautiously “I would like to receive everything!” Master Roy smiled, “I meant what would you like to drink?” he replied.

“A large glass of Saki would hit the spot!” she responded. Again, Roy smiled and simply said, “But this is a coffee shop not a pub or liquor café!” She smiled for the second time, and now she seemed more at ease. Now Roy began, “You know who I am, do you not! I always expect full obedience and respect, and in return will respect and be courteous to you when not in role play mode. Do you understand?” Kino waited a short while as if mulling over her response before smiling and showing her gleaming white teeth and saying, “Yes that would be fine!” Roy quickly cut in and said, “I will decide what’s fine and what is punishable, you were merely expected to agree, by nodding your head.” Kino meekly nodded.

Roy ordered her a regular caramel latte and then turned the conversation onto her past, asking questions if insufficient details were left out. Then Roy leaned close to her and said, “Is there a cultural problem with you shaving your cunt hair and if not, are you shaved down there?” Kino swallowed hard as if trying make sure she sounded sure enough, and then she said “I have no problem with that if that is what you want, sir” Roy immediately felt a sense of her wondering why it was a topic of their conversation so quickly. Just then Kino’s drink arrived, Roy stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a fistful of coins and the waitress, picked out enough coins to pay for the drink and Roy added an extra £1.00 coin as a tip. The waitress nearly dropped her tip into Kino’s drink as she was clearly, openly staring at the rise and fall of kino’s breast.

“That will be all, thank you!” he said, almost having to pinch the waitress to bring her back to reality. She apologized and quickly left. “Tell me Kino, why are you seeking out open air bondage locations?” he almost whispered. “As you know, in my culture discipline and bondage are almost demanded of young women, who wish to become successful geishas, but in my situation, I want to discover something which seems to be missing and I can not put my finger on!” she said, “if that makes sense!”

Roy responded, “I suppose it will make sense once you find out what you say is missing!” He paused for a while before continuing, “I still fail to see, how you can decide something is missing and yet cannot tell me what that something is; but you can infer that it is to do with Bondage and discipline!” Roy mused.

“Yes, I can see why it would seem strange put like that, but let me try to explain, about three years ago, six girl friends of mine and myself decided to go on a girls’ only camping holiday in Ireland.” Kino began, “on the third day, we were fooling around with some rope, you probably know the kind, Strong and yet incredibly soft.” She continued. Roy interrupted her to ask if she meant Japanese silk bondage rope! “Yeah, that’s the stuff, well when it came to my turn the other six girls took turns in adding their own little bits of bondage, like girl one would secure my hands by my waist, girl 2 then roped my elbows behind my back and pulled the ropes tight, so my tits were thrust up and forward!” she continued, “Girl 3 then decided to bind my tits tight but in order to do so she had to remove my blouse and bra. Now to do that meant untying the ropes already in place, or as she decided, she cut my blouse and bra out of the way and then figure of eight tied my tits causing the forward parts of my breasts swelled.” She continued and it was clear to Roy, Kino was becoming excited just telling this tale. Kino’s breathing had become quick, and she seemed to quiver every now and again. Kino continued further, “I must confess the pain in my tits seemed to add to the excitement and she confessed that the thought of being powerless was also turning me on!”

Kino tried to calm her breathing before continuing, “The fourth Girl, double up her rope and then tied it between my tits and looped it down between my legs taking each end and then tying them tight at the elbow loops. Although this rope was soft, it still caused weird feeling in my cunt as it pulled tight.” Kino stopped and took a large drink of her Coffee, then composing herself she continued, “The fifth Girl then demanded I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, when I did so, she trapped my tongue between to round lollipop sticks, that were pressing together because of elastic bands either side of my tongue, now unable to talk or move, my cunt was already awash with juices, when the sixth and final girl placed a blindfold over my eyes. OMG, my mind went into overdrive, and I believe my hearing intensified four-fold, I genuinely believe I could hear the movement of the blades of grass in the breeze.” Once again Kino took her last sip of the coffee and then almost blushing, she continued.

“Then I do not know how many or which of them carried out the next stage, but I was clearly whipped with long stinging nettles, some hit my chin, some above my breasts, some on my breasts and then with all the girls laughing at least one of them pushed the nettle leaves into my cunt.” Kino gasped, “I was left there isolated from sight and sound with my body screaming for relief from those stings.” Roy almost felt sorry for her, until she said, “Those bitches knew how to turn me on, and what I needed before I knew it myself. They timed me from the ending of the nettling to the onset of my orgasm!”

Kino looked into Roy’s eyes, for some reaction or other and finding none, she continued, “Even after I cum, they left me tied up like that till morning, do you know how many times they made me cum during that long-isolated night?” she asked and then without waiting for me to answer she continued, “I lost count after sixteen, Sixteen times I cum and it seemed every one of those orgasms took longer to achieve and also took more energy out of me than the previous one. By morning I was a shaking wreck, but I could not deny, I had just undergone my greatest night of sexual energy!”

Roy smiled and asked, “So what are you hoping I can do for you, exactly?” It was kino’s turn to smile as she said, “make me cum more than they did, by what ever means you deem necessary!” Roy drained his coffee cup and standing he simply said, “follow me!”The pair walked from the coffee shop and took the bus back to Roy’s home, but instead of going in through the front door, he led her down an alleyway beside his house and slipping through the garden gate he took Kino to his workshop shed. Once inside with the door closed, Roy turned to face Kino and the slowly turned his head upward. He knew without saying a word that Kino would follow his lead. He suddenly heard Kino gasp. Good he thought she has seen it and now expects me to use it. He was looking at a six-inch square wooden pole fastened to the apex shed roof, and two large metallic loops were bolted to this bar. Whilst Kino was looking up, Roy retrieved two leather cuffs and attached to these a small chain of two inches in length made of 24-gauge cast steel were attached to the cuffs.

“Kino, my dear, I want you to think carefully now, choose for yourself a safe word, it should be a word that you can easily remember but not one which could come up in general conversation and tell me that word, it will be your way of immediately stopping any action taking place!” Roy informed her. “Yes Sir, that word would be Chivalrous, is that ok?” she replied. “Perfect my little slut. Now are you going to remove all your clothes or am I going to tie you up and remove them with my garden shears!” Roy demanded.

“I will remove them Sir!” she responded. Then she slowly began to unbutton her blouse, almost pausing to gauge my reaction as she went. “If you continue at that pace, bitch! I will rip the fucking things off you and add extra punishment to the action of this night!” Roy informed her.

Kino got the message and quickened up her fingers as she cast aside the blouse, a simple click and her bra cups parted revealing her almost pear-shaped breasts topped off with thick hard looking nipples. She slid the straps of the bra off her shoulders and tossed it on top of the blouse, rapidly followed by her long skirt and pink lacey panties. Now standing naked she was feeling vulnerable as she tried to cover her breasts and her cunt with her arms and hands.

Roy stepped forward and clipped the leather cuff to her left wrist and the other cuff to her right wrist. He then took her right cuff and pulled her arm up over her head and clicked the clip onto one of the bar loops. Then he did the same with the other cuff but to the other loop. Now totally naked and exposed, Kino was defenseless and fully aware of her fragility. Roy slowly looked this woman over and reached into her arm pit pinching her hairs between his fingers he gave them a generous pull, Kino squealed in pain. It is no good these will have to be shaved. Then he said as his gaze moved slowly downward; “Nice sized tits, look soft and fleshy, should take a six-inch needle easily. Nipples could be pierced maybe three or four times. Slender stomach should take a body shaping tied corset, I think I should get your waist down to 8 inches.”

He continued, “Cunt hair will have to come off, now would it be better to shave it or wax it.” He said stressing the word Wax, “Now waxing it would be more fun and I can promise you, that you would feel that far more than if I shaved it!” he laughed. Then parting her cunt lips between thumb and index finger he smiled, “Wow has anyone ever told you that you have a large clitoris, I reckon two or three piercings behind the head of that and two more piercings in your cunt lips will allow me the flexibility I am thinking of when it comes to play time.” Roy concluded.

Taking his right thumb, he placed its tip just inside her cunt lips and then straightening his right index finger he probed around until he met her anal ring. He pushed harder on his index finger and Kino began to feel her
Sphincter muscles begin to give way to the intruding fingertip. She tried to wiggle her way away from the searching finger but a sharp slap across her arse cheeks made her stand still. Roy felt guilty, he had not intended to hit her arse so hard and now as the red imprint of his hand began to appear on her arse, he began to regret his actions, but Kino let out a deep almost animalistic grunt of pure lust.

Roy withdrew his thumb and finger but made a deliberate action of pushing the same index finger that came from her anal ring up towards her mouth, without a word being spoken, Kino opened her mouth before sealing a perfect ring around the Finger and a deep sucking noise indicated that Kino was happy to suck the finger clean of anal juices.

Now the center of the master’s attention was Kino’s thick inch long nipples, he closed his thumb and index finger together pinching hard on her right nipple and at the same time he lowered his mouth over her left nipple. Sucking as hard as he could, had Kino gasping, closing his teeth on that nipple he gripped it tightly as he began to gently pull back stretching the nipple even further. No matter how hard he bit down on to the nipple, Kino did not use her safe word, he caught her wincing a couple of times before he finally let go of the nipple. Compared to the other’s mid red tone, the one just released from his teeth was fiery red and if anything appeared to be twice as hard as the first one.

Without drawing attention to his actions until the last minute, he swept her off her feet, Kino dropped suddenly taking all her weight on her bound wrists. Every time she tried to stand up, Roy would tap her behind the knee and watched her drop again. “Are you scared of the dark, my little bitch!” Roy asked. “No, Master. I am not afraid of anything!” Kino added defiantly. “I hope you are telling the truth, because when I leave this shed the light will go with me! But wait, I have not gone yet and there is still so much fun to be had!” quipped Roy. Roy now took some of the soft Japanese bondage rope, that he always kept in the shed; then he tied one end of this rope to Kino’s left ankle, before feeding it through the same stainless-steel loops on the roof bar. Now he pulled it tight, before lifting Kino’s right leg as high as he could, quickly he created a slip noose and slip this over her right ankle and secured it.

[For those not quite following this bondage.] when he let her right ankle go, it found the natural balance between Kino’s tied ankles, neither Ankle or rather foot, could reach the floor and all of Kino’s weight was on the two Leather wrist straps hanging from the same loops as her ankles now dangled. Also tying her this way meant that she would struggle to even try to close her legs. Roy turned to a drawer unit and took out a solid plastic box, placing this where Kino was able to see any object removed from it.

“Remind me, did we agree that your unwanted hair, would be shaved or waxed?” gestured Roy. There was a stony silence as it was clear, Kino was trying desperately recall if she had in fact agreed to either, method for removing unwanted hair. “What, no comment! I take it then you want me to choose!” Roy teased. “I’ll tell you what, I will shave your, under arms and wax that delightful cunt bush!” Roy smirked as he knew all along, he was going to wax her cunt pubes.

He opened the plastic box and took out a china oil burner, you know the thing, it is what you heat oil fragrances in to mask unwanted smells, but tonight it was going to be used to heat a larger basin of petroleum wax. Roy quickly brought out of the box, a small, methylated spirit burner; knowing this reached higher temperatures than the simple tea candles did, he primed the burner and even shocked Kino by deliberately setting fire to his index finger. Now because Methylated spirit burns at a lower temperature than most things, the illusion was that his finger was burning but in fact it was only the fumes of the spirit burning fractionally above his finger without heating the finger. Next Roy added the small metal dish containing this soft wax which when heated and then allowed to set, changing its properties.

By : Niteowluk2003

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