An innocent photoshoot turns into much more for a couple

My wife Kris and I were having drinks one night at a one of our favorite restaurants after a busy day. Kris is 42 and still in pretty good shape although she will tell you not nearly good enough. Fact is she is 5’4″ and maybe 140 lbs. She’s got shoulder length brunette hair, blue eyes, and a great set of legs topped off with a nice ass. She still turns the younger guys heads and if they miss everything else, her 36D tits usually get them. We were sitting at our table enjoying a drink when the waiter brought us each another one and told us they were compliments of the gentleman in the corner booth. We both looked at the same time and there sitting by himself was my old college roommate, Greg, from about 20 years ago. Kris knew him too as we had dated in college before getting married and he had spent many nights with us partying or hanging out watching movies. He saw us look over at him and with a big smile waved us over to his booth. We grabbed our drinks and joined him.

We hadn’t kept in touch much really after school other than maybe once a year. The drinks kept coming and the conversation seemed to flow just like it did back in college. Kris asked him what he was doing now for work. Greg paused for a second before explaining, “photography, I just moved my studio here to town about 6 months ago and things are really going well.”

“So do you do weddings, family portrait and things like that?” she asked.

“Ummm, I have,” he replied after an awkward pause. “Mostly now its contract work with some clients that are internet based.”

“Oh, I see. What do you take pictures of?”

I could tell Greg was getting uncomfortable with Kris’s questions, but he went on to explain.

“I take pictures mostly of models for adult type websites. Not hardcore porn or anything like that but what you would call soft core I guess.”

I could see the look of surprise on Kris’s face as she hadn’t expected that response. She didn’t know what to say to that so I broke the silence.

“That’s cool, do you do other requests like family portraits?” I asked.

“I sure do, I can basically do it all with the equipment I have. The money is really good with this internet gig though and I only have to work a couple days a week.”

“So you could take some shots of Kris and I? We’ve been thinking about doing that and maybe having a professional do some for us.”

“I sure can,” said Greg. “If you guys aren’t doing anything tomorrow afternoon, come down to the studio and we’ll do a few.”

“That sounds great,” Kris said excitedly.

We all had a few more drinks and reminisced about college before calling it a night. Greg jotted down an address on a bar napkin and handed it to Kris before we said our good bye’s. On the way home, we talked about Greg and his profession and had a few laughs. Here we were going to get our picture taken by a guy in the porn industry.

The next afternoon Kris and I dressed up in our best clothes and headed down to Greg’s studio. It was in a small mini mall type building with about 6 other businesses. Inside the front door, a woman behind a desk greeted us and told us to have a seat while she told Greg we where here. She disappeared down a hallway and came back a few seconds later.

“Greg says he’s just finishing up a shoot and if you want you can come watch while he finishes,” the woman said.

Kris and I both looked at each other and didn’t know what to think. I could tell by the puzzled look on Kris’s face she was curious and so was I so we both got up and followed the woman back to one of the rooms in the rear of the building. She led us to a large well lit room where we found Greg and a couple in their mid 20’s posing for the camera. Greg had his back to us as we entered the room and the couple he was photographing seemed to not even notice us. They were dressed in swimwear, the woman in a skimpy bikini and the guy in a pair of loose fitting trunks and nothing else. He was very tan and muscular and looked like he could bench press a Buick. The woman was gorgeous with long blonde hair and a near perfect body. Her skimpy bikini left little to the imagination, it struggled to cover her ample tits and the tiny patch of fabric that covered her pussy left me to believe she was shaved bare.

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