An English girl, and what she’s willing to do on her date

A young couple have sex in the car, but only after the
girl makes a fool of the boy.

“Don’t do that.”

Jason’s hand paused on his passenger’s thigh, just below
the hem of her white skirt.

“Why not?” he asked, his North Atlantic drawl acquiring
a slightly strangled hint of frustration.

“Because it’s rude,” Jenny told him, frimly removing his

“Oh, God,” Jason groaned, sitting back and rubbing his

“What’s the matter?” his date asked. He stared at her in
amazement, trying to see if she was joking, but Jenny’s
pretty face was a picture of blank incomprehension.. Her
blue eyes were open wide, and her trembling red lips
parted slightly to reveal the tips of perfect, whiter-
than-white teeth.

“It’s all true,” Jason shook his head in disbelief.

“What is?”

“Uh, nuthin’ “Jason tried not to laugh. He couldn’t be-
lieve that at seventeen a girl who looked the way Jenny
did could still be so naieve. It seemed ridiculous. He
put his hands back on the steering wheel, checked the
gear stick and glanced across at his passenger. It was a
shame to give up on such a promising diversion, but
Jason was nothing if not a pragmatist. The excitement
and anticipation stimulated by their earlier flirting
had left his balls heavy and aching. If, as was becoming
increasingly obvious, Jenny was not going to do anything
to relieve the pressure, he intended to drop her home
and then do something about it himself.

With a last regretful look at the tantalisingly bare,
coltish legs exposed almost to her hips by the shortest
of short white skirts, and the shape of her pert tits
under her flimsy white shirt, he reached for the igni-
tion key. Somehow he knew that none of the models in his
extensive collection of girlie mags would compare to-
night to his fantasies about Jenny.

“Wait,” Jenny leaned forward and put her hand on his
arm. Looking round, he noticed suddenly how heavily she
was breathing, her breasts rising and falling entic-
ingly, close enough to touch. And was that the suspicion
of an erect niple he could just make out on the tip of
the left hand one?

“What?” he asked, raising an eyebrow skeptically. She

“This thing that’s all true… it wouldn’t be about En-
glish girls, would it?”

“Maybe,” he allowed.

“That they’re all prudes and virgins, and frigid to

“Something like that,” Jason said, licking his lips un-
certainly. Jenny looked at him earnestly for a couple of
seconds, then burst out laughing.

“Oh, God!” she gasped. “Your face – it’s absolutely
priceless! I just wish I had a camera… I can’t believe
you actually fell for all that!”

“All what?”

“All that crap about it being rude. You don’t think I’d
dress like this if I didn’t know what it was all about?”
she asked, tugging at her provocative hemline so that it
rode up just a little. “Do you?”

Jason gaped. Her action allowed him a glimpse of her
sheer white panties, and the clearly visible shape of
her soft mound within them. Below that he could see the
way the tops of her shapely thighs pressed fleetingly
together before parting again just below her sex.

“Um,” he said. “No. Not really.” He paused. “Were you
just winding me up, then?”

“Yes, of course!” she grinned. “Worked, didn’t it?

Jason took a deep breath and opened his mouth to vent
his anger at being toyed with like this. Then he stop-
ped as his libido kicked in, reminding him of other
frustrations which were in need of release. He grinned
back at her wolfishly.

“Yup,” he said, “you win – caught me pants down, no pro-

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