An Average Wednesday

As I said before, this Wednesday seemed to be a fairly average one. I had spent most of the morning tending to my duties around the house, picking up after myself, I did a load of dishes, sacked up the garbage for my brother to take out later, and swept the floor. After finishing my chores, I decided to go lay out by the pool and work on my tan for a while. It was summer and the day was gorgeous. Not too hot or humid and there was a slight breeze that would come along every now and then to cool you down if you were getting a little warm. So, I went up to my room and put on my bathing suit, and headed outside. As I was nearing the sliding door, I heard the lawnmower going and realized my brother was outside doing his chores by mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool. The mower was a bit loud, so I popped in my Bluetooth headphones and put on one of my favorite podcasts. I laid in a lounge chair and smeared some lotion all over my body so I wouldn’t burn. After I laid back and closed my eyes and surprisingly quickly dozed off.

Before we move on maybe I should fill you in a bit about my family, because this next bit is where it gets good. Don’t worry… it’s coming. My name is Lisa, and I am 18 years old. I live at home with my mom Rebecca and my brother Max. Max is 22 and became the man of the house after our dad passed away 5 years ago. Max took this pretty hard and took his new role very seriously. He felt a tremendous amount of pressure to provide for us and look out for us. He was very protective of his family and would do anything to keep us safe and happy. Max was about 6’ 4” and fairly muscular. I mean he wasn’t going to win any bodybuilding competitions, but he wasn’t very soft around the edges either. He did a lot of work around the house and in the yard and this led to a fairly dark tan, one I was envious of if I am being honest as I was typically very pale despite my best efforts.

Mom was in her 40’s and was still quite the lookers. I inherited a majority of her traits I guess because we are often thought to be sisters instead of mother and daughter. We both are about 5’4” and well I won’t be telling you how much we weigh because that wouldn’t be very ladylike now would it. But let’s just say we wouldn’t be called skinny but wouldn’t be called fat either. I think thick is the term I would use best to describe us. We both had nice full butts and both of us were either blessed or cursed with a rather large bust. Mine being an F and hers being a G cup. They are wonderful for getting attention from both men and women alike, but they are absolutely horrible on your back. But I digress…

I woke up to mom calling my name from inside the house so I got up and headed inside to see what was going on. She was standing in the living room with a man who she introduced as her friend Dave. I recognized this guy from the pictures my mom had shown me of him and knew he was someone she had been seeing for a few months. Mom took me aside and explained that she was planning on enjoying some “adult time” with Dave and didn’t want to be disturbed. I completely understood and told her I would just be hanging around and might watch some TV later. She smiled and turned to grab Dave’s hand and led him up the stairs to her bedroom. He chuckled as they turned to walk away and said goodbye.

I went and grabbed a quick shower and afterward, I came out to the living room to watch some TV. About 10 minutes into my show, Dave comes walking down the stairs and headed for the door. A huge telling smile across his face. He said goodbye for now and then out the door, he went. I was surprised after a few minutes Mom didn’t come down. I began to wonder what was going on and I went up the stairs to her room. Her door was shut, and I could hear her talking and what sounded like crying. I knocked on the door.

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