An adventurous wife gives her husband a new experience

“Would you like some ass fucking?”

“Well yes,” I said, “I didn’t think you wanted it.”

Jane gave my ass cheek a little squeeze.

“Dave, I think you’ve got it backwards,” Jane said. ” The ass fucking is for you.”

“No, I don’t roll that way,” I answered her.

“Dave, are you sure?” Jane answered, “because someone with as horny an ass as you have should try it at least once.”

Jane is my wife of 5 years. She is so beautiful and sexy. I’ll try to describe her and do her justice. Jane is 31 years old and is 5′ 9″ tall. Jane has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears her long hair with bangs kinda like Betty Page. Jane is slim and yet curvy at the same time. She has a round muscular ass and spectacular tits. I say her tits are spectacular, not because they’re big, but because they are nice sized and perfectly shaped. They have puffy pink nipples. Best of all, Jane is horny all the time, is up for anything sexually and is very adventurous!

Jane found out I have a horny ass one night while we were 69’ing. She started touching my anus and I unconsciously started to moan. I had never done this before, moan that is, and I wasn’t even aware I was doing it. Jane was. She would later tell me that she was surprised and found it very sexy.

When Jane pushed her finger into my ass she got another surprise. Instead of me protesting, my ass started to noticeably wiggle around on her finger. I remember her pushing her finger into my ass that first time and how good it felt. Of course having my cock halfway down her throat at the same time didn’t hurt. She shoved her finger all the way into my ass and started fucking motions. I came as hard as I ever have and sent a big load into Jane’s mouth.

We had sex the very next night, instigated by Jane. She had me lay on my back in bed. We had both taken our clothes off. Jane crawled up between my spread thighs and started sucking my dick. My cock quickly became hard. For those of you who care, my cock is just under eight inches long and about six inches around. Jane tells me that it is perfectly formed. She also has told me that she likes the way the head is just bigger than the shaft because she can grab the head of my dick with her lips and pull on it. Am I a lucky guy or what?

Jane couldn’t wait to experiment. She knew I had just taken a shower and wanted to play with my ass again. When Jane started rubbing my ass hole, I started to softly moan.

“You really like that, don’t you?” Jane asked.

“What’s that?” I said. “The blow job?”

“No,” Jane said, “you really like having your ass played with.” “You like it so much that you are moaning out loud.”

I told her she was crazy and she continued the blow job. I lost myself in the pleasure but noticed it when she again started to touch my hole. It really felt good and I secretly hoped she would stick her finger in like she had the previous night.

“Go ahead and moan if you want to,” Janie said. “I know it feels good for you and I think it’s sexy.”

When Jane pushed her finger into my ass, I couldn’t help myself. I let out a loud moan and started moving my ass around trying to help her finger reach deeper.

“Don’t hold back,” Jane told me. “I know it feels really good for you.”

“You’ve got a horny ass,” she continued. “I can tell by your moans and the way you can’t keep your bottom still that you love it.” “You have an ass that needs fucking.”

I don’t know if it was the finger-fucking or the way Jane was talking to me but I couldn’t help myself. I lost all control. I found myself moaning out loud and humping her finger.

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