An accidental flash makes wife popular with other campers

When I married my wife Katie several years ago, I assumed I was marrying a sexually conservative girl. Katie had only slept with a couple boyfriends before me, and she was never very adventurous. Occasionally I would try some kinky stuff in the bedroom, but it would be obvious she wasn’t thrilled with it, and we would eventually go back to vanilla sex.

But a few months ago, we went on a camping weekend that really opened up a new horizon of sexual experiences for the two of us. It started with us both taking a long weekend off from work and setting out for a nearby mountain lake that we usually visit. We intended to spend a couple days alone with each other, swimming and hiking and unwinding.

Unfortunately, when we reached our usual spot near the lake, we saw a big tent was already set up. Nearby were three young guys, who looked in their early 20s, a few years younger than us.

I thought about going somewhere else, but Katie really loved that spot, so we decided to just go ahead and camp next to the guys. We got out of the car and walked up to them. “Hey, do you guys mind if we camp here, too?” I asked.

“Not at all, mate, go right ahead!” one of them said. He introduced himself as Trevor, and the other two guys as Craig and Jake. They were Australian guys who were backpacking around the United States on a months-long trip. I have no idea how they could afford such a long trip, but it didn’t seem appropriate to ask.

They were very friendly, and we ended up chatting with them as we set up our own tent. Of course, I couldn’t help but notice the way they were eyeing Katie. She was wearing jean cutoffs and a tight white tanktop that tightly hugged her chest, and they snuck glances at her tits as much as they could. Not that I minded. Katie is beautiful and I was happy that she was getting admiring stares from other men.

After we set up the tent, Katie and I went for a hike around the lake. When we got back in the afternoon, Craig and Jake had left for a hike up the mountain, and Trevor was sitting by the lake shore sunbathing. He told us we were welcome to have dinner with them that night, and we accepted.

In the meantime, Katie decided she was going to go for a swim while I finished setting up our own cooking gear. She already had her bikini on underneath her outfit, so she just started taking her outer layer off. Her bikini was a fairly conservative cut, and yellow with red polka dots, but I still watched her as she stripped down. Her full C-cup tits jiggled a little in the top as she pulled off her shirt and then as she wiggled out of her shorts. I could feel myself getting a little hard.

She saw me looking and smiled. “I’m actually a little worried about wearing this with those guys around. It’s not too revealing, is it?”

“Not at all,” I said. “If anything you could wear a smaller one!”

She grinned. “Calm down, big boy. Wait for later tonight…”

She winked at me and walked away to the lake, making sure to wiggle her ass for my benefit. She walked past Trevor, gave him a wave, and then walked into the water.

I turned my attention back to the grill setup, occasionally looking back to see Katie. She was doing lazy swims and dips, occasionally diving underwater and coming back up again. From my angle, I could see Trevor looking her way a lot, seeing her wet bikini clinging to her curves and watching the water drip from her body. Couldn’t blame him for staring, I thought to myself.

What happened next changed the course of the whole weekend. I was looking down at the grill when I suddenly heard Trevor say, “Whoa!”

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