An accidental exposure leads to erotic adventure – Sharing My Wife Roni

The beginning of a remarkable adventure.

My wife and I married young…she was twenty and I was twenty-two.

Roni is a petite, five foot-two inches tall, one hundred fifteen pounds, with shoulder length medium brown hair and blue eyes. I may be biased but she has the most beautiful body that I have ever seen.

With a slim stomach, very sexy 34B breasts (about the size of two oranges), light brown half dollar sized areolas with perfect nipples that point slightly upward, an amazing full pussy and one hell of an ass!

I’ve always enjoyed showing her off in a bikini. I really enjoyed watching other men sneaking looks at her. After we’d been married for about two years, Roni took a job, as a leasing agent, at the apartment complex we lived in and we’d visit the complex’s pool quite frequently.

Since Roni worked for the apartment complex, she was the host of an ‘adults only’, complex-sponsored, pool party, once. It was such a thrill to watch her walking around, in her little bikini, and talking to all of those strange men. Of course, she had to make sure everyone was having a good time so she’d often stop and sit with some of the men who were there by themselves.

I really enjoyed watching as they tried not to stare at her sweet, little breasts as she sat in front of them. After a few hours, and quite a few mixed drinks, she announced it was time for the chicken-fight contest. The rules were, it had to be guys on the bottom and girls on their shoulders. The winner would receive a trophy and one hundred dollars off of their rent for the next month.

Since my wife was an employee, we weren’t allowed to participate. So, the teams were chosen and everyone had a partner except for one older gentleman. My wife told him she’d be his partner but, if they were to win, he’d only get fifty dollars off of his rent since she was an employee.

He agreed and the game began, with about fifteen teams to start the game. It was a free-for-all as all fifteen teams were in the pool at the same time, while the remainder of the party-goers cheered them on from the sides of the pool.

As I sat and watched my wife battle it out with some of the others, I couldn’t believe what I saw. While she was in the middle of the pack, one of the other girls was knocked off into the water. My wife’s back was to me at the time but, when she turned towards me, her whole left breast was exposed!

She was completely unaware and continued to fight on. It was such a beautiful sight to see…her pretty, full breast was out there for everyone to see. There was so much noise, and she was so focused on trying to win, she had no idea. She continued fighting, for a good five minutes, until she was knocked off with only four couples left.

When she resurfaced, she stayed in the pool to referee the remaining four. The water was only three feet deep so everyone had a nice view of my wife’s upper torso and I noticed a few of the guys taking pictures with their phones. I suppose I should’ve walked over and told her but I found it pretty arousing so I quietly sat where I was.

When the competition was over, my wife congratulated the winners and had them follow her to a table so she could present them with a trophy. Everyone at the party was looking at her as she handed them the trophy and people took pictures of the ‘winners’.

“Nice, tit!” someone finally shouted.

That was when the female winner noticed and told my wife her breast was completely exposed. Thank, God, Roni was pretty buzzed and simply covered herself and apologized for being indecent and everyone laughed it off. She came over and sat next to me after the trophy ceremony.

By : WallyTacker

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