Amy tries to seduce her beautiful English teacher

My name is Amy Cotter and this is what happened on my last day at school.

I took a deep breath and looked at myself the mirror. On any other school day I’d be wearing a very different set of clothes. The school code of conduct stated that all pupils should wear a uniform consisting of a white shirt or blouse and either black or grey trousers or a knee length black or grey pleated skirt. It was ok to wear a plain black sweater as well. Normally I’d have my black school trousers on with a pair of trainers and a baggy long sleeved white shirt, I’d have my long red hair tied in a ponytail which I’d shove down the back of my coat and very little make up. I never bothered with much in the way of lipstick and blusher, I don’t mean to be boastful but I do believe I’m an attractive young woman. So that would be all, it rarely took more than ten minutes for me to get dressed, make myself look somewhat appealing, and be out of the door on a school day. Today was very different though.

It was in fact the last day of school, at 3pm that afternoon I would no longer be a pupil at Hamilton Community School, there was an option for us to actually stay on for another year after today, all the people that chose to do so would be put in a single class and get the best tutors for a few days a week, but I had no intention of doing so. I would be a free woman, and I’d craved for school to end for so long but not for the usual reasons. Sure I wanted to be free, I was 18 years old and itching to see the real world but there was another reason. The last day of school would be my first, and last, chance to finally confess my love to the person that had dominated my thoughts and fantasies for the last four years; my English teacher Miss Sullivan.

Being head over heels in love with Miss Charlene Sullivan presented two problems for me, firstly there’s the fact that she’s a woman and I didn’t know for sure if she liked girls in that way, although I did, however, have a reason to think that she might be.

About a year ago I’d seen her in the parking lot behind the school with an attractive woman. I kept watching, or more accurately spying, on them and realised they were holding hands as they walked towards Charlene’s car, then, just as she opened the car door they actually kissed each other on the lips! It didn’t look like a particularly long or intimate kiss from where I had been standing but it did look to me like there was quite a bit of feeling there.

After the kiss ended Charlene and the mystery woman got into the car and drove away, my imagination was rife with sordid fantasies about what they got up to afterwards. Of course I could have read the situation entirely wrong, it might have been just a close friend or anything, time had jaded my memory and it was hard remembering exactly how intimate the kiss had been. That, however, was my one and only bit of encouragement I could take into today’s attempt.

My second problem was that she is my English teacher, so even if she did like girls and I was able to seduce her nothing could come of it because it would be illegal, even though I was above the age of consent she would get into a lot of trouble and most likely lose her job.

However, after 3pm I would no longer be her pupil. I still had no idea if she would react badly or not but I had to try, if I didn’t I’d hate myself forever. Every day at school I’d listened to her beautiful voice as she called out the class register in a morning (she’s also my class’ main form tutor.) During English classes I’d watch every movement she made, when she spoke to our class or read through whatever book we were studying at the time I’d dreamily let her voice travel through me and focus on her lips, every little curvature seemed to be intensely erotic to me, often the actual words escaped me and I rarely took notice of what she was actually saying.

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